Only the Brave is a powerful and emotional movie about a group of firefighters known as the Granite Mountain Hotshots who battled wildfires in Arizona in 2013. The film was directed by Joseph Kosinski and stars actors such as Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, and Jennifer Connelly. It is based on real events that happened to the Granite Mountain Hotshots team. As with most movies set in specific locations or regions, fans want to know where Only The Brave was filmed.

It’s crucial for both locals looking to find filming locations of interest (enabling them to follow their favorite projects) and travelers who want to visit sites from their favorite shows/movies when they plan their itinerary.

Where Was Only the Brave Filmed?

Where Was Only the Brave Filmed?

The filmmakers behind ‘Only The Brave’ chose New Mexico because it has long been one of Hollywood’s go-to destinations for Western productions due to its scenic landscapes and tax incentives. Despite being an Arizona-based story filmed in New Mexico, “Only the Brave” does make an effort at re-creating Prescott’s local terrain relatively accurately.

This means it doesn’t precisely replicate every detail down to each tree so you might notice some discrepancies if you’ve visited any area along this part of Arizona before, but there are plenty of similarities too!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Although some scenes were shot elsewhere near Albuquerque was also used for shooting outdoor sequences around makeshift homesites used during firefighting missions & training grounds utilized by the guys playing members of “Granite Mountain.” Alamo Ranch played a huge role in shooting many scenes involving brush fires across its huge undulating geography spreading over 7 square miles! All-natural elements are present within this area right up until those prairie sunsets – ideal photographic opportunities galore amongst rural backdrops scattered throughout central regions Of NM capital city like Bluewater Highway stretches out westwardly showing natural beauty beyond measure all year round; dramatic storm-casts skipping over distant horizons.

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque

Only the Brave also filmed a few scenes in Los Ranchos, which is a part of Albuquerque. During the movie’s opening sequence, some shots were taken from Isleta Pueblo terrain. Moreover, some firefighting action sequences were also filmed at Valle Grande Pond situated within Valles Caldera Preserve near Patricio Ruiloba and San Miguel County – other sites that functioned as hotspots where relentless fires lit up spectacular sunsets!

Santa Fe National Forest

Several scenes featuring woodland expanses on fire have been shot in various New Mexico regions like Santa Fe National Park or Independence Trail located north of Santa Fe. Shots periodically included fantastic cinematic views of fiery outcrops against authentically rough wilderness backdrops around this area rich with geological crevasses and canyons making for staunch landscape contrasts throughout each new vista uncovered.

Most notably are some highly visual day / nighttime vistas capturing flames roaring through dense woodlands shot just minutes away from Artist Point vista lookout & hike trail offering breathtaking natural panoramas encompassing Rio Grande valley expanse stretching towards Northern New Mexican mountains providing an unparalleled outdoor experience to visitors.

Cochiti Dam

One more iconic location intertwined within extensive filming locales employed throughout Only The Brave has got to be Cochiti Dam located at Sandoval County enabling filmmakers access right alongside & atop viewpoints overlooking Arizona landscapes showing remarkable detail amidst its enormous widths capable accommodating both aircraft & pedestrians simultaneously while used extensively such as when having actors boarding helicopter transport bound for Prescott’s airport during the film’s heart-wrenching climax sequences!


Without any doubts whatsoever “Only The Brave” is one big cinematic masterpiece every fan should see without hesitation; Dripping with emotional intensity sparked by true-to-life heroic battles fought by dozens upon dozens emergency personnel who valiantly risked their lives hoping to save communities ravaged by wildfire infernos claimed countless victims highlighting just what a true Brotherhood stands for even under the harshest contingencies.

Overall it’s fairly easy to note that Only The Brave filming locations have been spread out across New Mexico, where tax incentives have made this movie one of numerous productions filmed there; firing up entire hidden cache recording facilities which oversaw their setups only confirm NM as Hollywood’s extra hub! Filmmakers employed these terrain-enriched natural wonders to great effect injecting cinematic moments with stunning sunsets & ravines thickly forested terrains – All adding further dimensions mixing both landscapes and thrill-inducing actions sequences into visual marvels setting films like “Only The Brave” apart from many other productions resting on bland storylines or low energy!!