“Where is a Place to Call Home” is an Australian television drama series that was produced by Seven Network. It premiered on April 28, 2013, and ran for six seasons until the final episode aired on August 26, 2018. The show was created by Bevan Lee and was set in the fictional town of Inverness between the years of 1953 to 1961.

The picturesque filming locations contributed immensely to the popularity of this hit TV series. Although many people think that “A Place to Call Home” was filmed in New South Wales as it’s where the story takes place, various locations provided an authentic taste of country life beyond its borders.

Let's take a closer look at some of these stunning locations used during filming:

Let’s take a closer look at some of these stunning locations used during filming:

1) Camden

Camden is located about one hour south-west from Sydney. A small township with tree-lined streetscapes and old sandstone administrative buildings retains its colonial charm that makes it quintessentially Australian. While “A Place To Call Home” stays true to history and themes throughout its run time, it shot most scenes outside Inverness’ supposed city limits at Camden Showground or around St Johns church which adds depth graphically throughout episodes with scenic views lining up from any camera angle captured.

2) Wallacia

2) Wallacia

Wallacia is another beautiful suburb found only half-hour away from Sydney CBD (Central Business District). It’s undoubtedly one extraordinary location perfect for capturing both urban-packed vibes and rural countryside scene dominance executed across numerous episodes in this famous drama series “A place To call home.” Playing host as ashooting locationfor earlier periods reliably vividly conveyed how rising post-war populations resulted in evocative memories within audiences’ minds once again generated n living rooms worldwide – intact full attention-worthy entertainment value when viewed alone or alongside loved ones waving through iconic moments shared via trusted screen devices crafted around Whallacia’s landscape offerings.

3) Gosford

Gosford is a charming town that sits just north of Sydney on the Central Coast. The scenic views here were used for seaside shots in some episodes showing glamourous beach scenes with far-reaching and unfettered oceanic horizons, and truly breathtaking scenery was an added charm factor to “A Place To Call Home” drama series from season 2 onwards.

4) Bowral

Bowral being located almost two hours south of Sydney was crucial to manifest portraying country living’s finest symbols where upper crust individuals harbor secrets brewing untold odds and secrets beyond belief. Its rural milieu does bring ample opportunities to shoot serene pastoral landscapes interspersed throughout the drama’s episodes. Numerous locations shot within southern highlands hinterland utilized this vast area accordingly, lending its location scouting advantages coupled with numerous bucolic pursuits between break times verily elevated all involved professionally but also as fellow Australians.

5) Wildes Meadow

Wildes Meadows walking trails score amongst Australia’s most romantic settings aptly suited for heart-stirring storylines like “A Place To Call Home.” Renowned for breathtaking beauty encompassing mountain ranges running parallel alongside rustic remnants of settlements erected fortuitously among vast meadowlands has been deployed optimally throughout – creating an exclusive tapestry visual spectacle set about quasi-rustic idyllic environs yet fictional amalgamations unique only Australian storytelling values herald predominantly Here lie endless potential possibilities niftily crafted into multiple chapers showcasing unfolding emotional conflicts executed adeptly by crew members trained to always deliver eye-catching visuals complimenting well-placed inspirational pieces.

6) Berrima

Berrima offered filming crews a range of ideal elements needed while working out lingering specifications avid fans couldn’t wait seeing unfold eventually once aired publically during TV serial broadcasts. Pre-war heritage structures impeccably reinstated across relevant periods depicted in “a place call home” did make vivid memories summon up previously felt empathy reflective our past, it promised a ‘reflected past’ sensation to watching audiences as prevalent themes touch base each season. With its well-preserved heritage village often seen through iconic camera angles capturing both light-hearted and potentially challenging scenarios for viewers in suspense, Berrima’s beautiful scenery helped build the show’s successful setting.

7) Windsor

Windsor is found within Central region NSW alongside Hawkesbury River’s gentle tributaries that leave an indelible mark on many of “A Place To Call Home” actors portraying small town dramas rife with hardship yet relatable conflicts. This was one essential location used when referring to the property investments depicted around this period showpiece whose seemingly posh surroundings belie unseen inner struggles then rampant among wealthy upper echelon households.

In conclusion, “Where is A Place call home Filmed” dramatically created multiple scenes perfectly fit for storyline execution reflecting captivating country lifestyle flourished throughout Australia now compared or better known worldwide? The series encompassed traditional meets contemporary values driving demand toward innovation-driven future entertainment spheres indeed grounded local productions solidifying them amongst world leaders dominating all regions ever-emerging media space – paying homage respective locations fortuitously incorporated led us to feel like these landscapes enveloping drama were part of our day-to-day life, promising unforgettable experiences whenever we got involved!