The Mandalorian is a hit television series that has captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline, action-packed sequences, and intriguing characters. Set in the Star Wars universe, the show takes us on a journey through an outlaw galaxy where people are struggling to survive amidst the chaos of war and uncertainty.

One question that many fans have been asking since the release of The Mandalorian is “Where does it fit in the Star Wars timeline?” To answer this question, we need to take a closer look at the events that occurred in both primary movie trilogies (the Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy), as well as other related works such as novels, comics, and animated series.

The timeline

The timeline

For starters, The Mandalorian is set approximately five years after Return of the Jedi (1983) which ended with Luke Skywalker defeating Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine thereby restoring freedom to the galaxy. This places it squarely within what’s known as “the New Republic era,” or more specifically six ABY (“After Battle of Yavin”) meaning 6 years following Episode IV: A New Hope (1977).

It’s crucial to note that there were various factions vying for control over different parts of space during this period. The Galactic Empire had just collapsed following its defeat by rebels from Alliance who destroyed second Death Star above Endor planet; meanwhile other forces stepped up trying asserting themselves across multiple sectors left unoccupied by Imperial presence.

Besides these major powers fighting against each other for dominance over liberated territories things start getting tricky if one looks deeper into how long it took for particular planets/systems/communities/factions etc., being free from Imperial rule or not before taking sides too strongly while watching Mando galloping across planets meeting characters coming from specific backgrounds.

Here comes another tidbit directly impacting Mandalorian chronology – you may already know what followed after collapse: without any united governance vacuum led to rise new factions like First Order or New Republic but there still were holdouts from Empire itself not willing to accept their overlords’ disappearance.

So, while Mando is running around taking on seedy characters and completing bounties for his latest job, we know what was happening elsewhere. Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian, and others worked tirelessly to create the new democratic government of the Galaxy: The New Republic. Feelings were very mixed about this development – some people were worried that it would lead to chaos and endless civil war; yet others saw it as a chance for a fresh start without constant shadow of Imperial tyranny looming over them.

As one can see Mandalorian’s era has been particularly turbulent with remnants of old empire grasping power alongside scrappy groups fighting against oppressive forces leading almost guerrilla lifestyle trying keeping their homelands safe from raiders etc.
To deploy more light on events between Return of Jedi Episode VI in 1983 and The Mandalorian season 1 aired in 2019 here’s quick rundown:

– Following the Battle of Endor (Return Of Jedi), Rebels assembled under resurgent Alliance army defeated Emperor Palpatine’s remaining forces at place now called “Jakku”. This event essentially ensures victory over Galactic Empire by securing previously leaderless state within reunited Senate;
– Over time rebel group becomes known across galaxy as Rebel Alliance before becoming official New Republic constitutionally acknowledged entity created after defeat last acted Death Star;
– While building up representative democracy new threats emerge including territories controlled by remnant Imperial faction but also other groups such as criminal syndicates like Black Sun working smugglers Han Solo – these still had loyalists among lower-level bureaucrats capable enough to plot moves that fulfill already set objectives regardless if they meant joining fringe factions just waiting given moment strike hard!;
– After twenty year truce period extended even longer under First Order invasions everything leads us back into the present where story turns focus onto titular protagonist traveling with some cute Mandalorian sidekick trying staying out in front balance between Old Empire and current world order portrayed by New Republic sides.

As for The Mandalorian, it moves us forward from these events into a time when the galaxy is still reeling from the chaos of war. In this era, old loyalties have shifted and new alliances must be forged if anyone hopes to survive as various schemes lie waiting to unfold around every corner.

In conclusion

In conclusion

The Mandalorian takes place five years following Return Of Jedi amid political landscape that’s highly fluid after decades-long campaign seeking freedom lasted decades creating multitude uncertainties can severely impact individuals just like our eponymous hero. Various factions are vying for control over different parts of space while everyday folks are doing best they can simply living a life under circumstances molded by this changing environment where every decision carries an incredible weight.

Popular trivia regarding celebrity directors making episodes or famous logo fanservice aside – understanding Mando’s timeline provides crucial context letting us better appreciate show protagonists’ motivations, experiences in Star Wars universe so far. This adventure among bounty hunters bears promise that there may more stories to be told before political turbulence finally settles down across galaxy far away…