Dune, the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel, is one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2021. Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049), Dune boasts an all-star cast including Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa and many more.

As with any major movie release in today’s age where movie theaters are not accessible to everyone as usual due to social distancing protocols amidst the coronavirus pandemic. However even before that there was always a tussles between brick-and-mortar theater releases versus streaming services where audience get their first dibs at watching new movies but yet that debate continues under this current situation how a big budget installments like dune will be affect from both parties – Streaming or theatrical release?

Let’s delve deeper into what options you have for watching dune.

Let’s delve deeper into what options you have for watching dune.

Option 1: In Theaters

The traditional way of watching your favorite new release were through theater screenings however since it is still uncertain when theaters will reopen again for everybody – given varying levels of lockdown regulations and consumer confidence – this might not be the best option because theatres are reopening slowly only in certain regions around the world starting from United States up until some countries’ Asia Pacific region.

However if going out to cinema halls don’t bother you then it’s a matter of simple research on finding out which cinemas near you open dune starting September 3rd onwards in US (where they chose specifically get cinema releases prior).

Currently AMC Theatres publishes comprehensive directories across US so do check if any other nearby theatre chains are running showtimes for dune such as Regal Cinemas or Cineplex (with estimated time frame opened early October) These days drive-ins screenings remain popular especially amongst those who prefer arranging private trucks with friends or family members although digital projection processes can reduce cinematic resolution quality overall resulting a downer for night scenes and cinematic aspects which demands original theatrical experience.

However Covid-19 fears remain prevalent among the public so you must follow all necessary protocols by checking on safety guidelines at your local theatre to assure that it’s safe to enjoy them with appropriate social distance, masks mandates, and sanitization standards are maintained consistently throughout the showtime duration.

Option 2: Streaming Services

It is becoming more common today for big-ticket motion pictures movie studios to release their films directly on popular streaming services especially during time of pandemic where more people preferred homebound options. Dune does not escape this trend as Warner Bros , one of Hollywood’s biggest production company in whole world continued their deal made last year with HBO Max ensuring that the film would release simultaneously both in theaters along with HBO Max subscribers in United States only however owning its streaming rights overseas might have different terms depending on various broadcasting deals around regions worldwide.

This means if you subscribe to HBO Max already – whether through web-apps, smart TV or set-top boxes such as Roku or Apple TV devices – you can watch dune at comfort of your own home without even stepping it outside while still being able refund within $30 days upon subscription cancellation (as long as physical copy not owned prior).

HBO hasn’t released any confirmation yet about availability details but since they are now owned by AT&T corporation – involved into running multiple broadband service providers under its umbrella including Spectrum – chances are VOD partner views out there using classic cable or satellite connections could also access rent-from-home titles via their usual pay-per-view process although prices may vary per region based upon regulatory norms affecting digital markets thus verifying before hand becomes necessary

However this comes at a cost. You will need an existing subscription plan at least worth $14.99/month which includes few other plus movies aside from new major blockbusters available instantly after cinema release dates though many unknown third party apps from mobile phone stores linking claim easy accessability to HBO Max in exchange the security and legitimacy of those app sources remains largely unverified.

Option 3: DVD/Blu-Ray Release

Lastly you can wait still one more time after all the other options exhaust – have some patience as you will eventually be able to purchase DVD or Blu-ray copies of Dune anywhere that movies are sold , most likely during festival seasons for sale timing offers.

This is a good way for viewers who prefer physical media ownership than just digital ones similar to book lovers and CD collectors however this trend slowing down with lackluster revenues from last year compared to Netflix’s accelerated streaming growth proves that market size isn’t as big anymore thus results can vary depending upon studio policies on typical windows releases alongside audiences preferences.

Warner Bros’ routine policy on home video rental revenue sharing rights acts limits tendsto limit availability exclusivity duration periods before target release dates but furthermore they might opt against proceeding with it at all if theater residuals don’t match minim standards met set by unions like Screen Actor Guilds up until this point no official word explained by them regarding their manufacturing plans concerning dune hard copy merchandise so dates unknown yet.


Dune promises to be a cinematic spectacle, but there are various ways to view it. As mentioned above, you can either watch it in theaters, stream it from your home through an existing HBO Max subscription plan (Keep checking streaming service updates for T&Cs) in US only or wait for copies sold later via disc formats etc around worldwide retailers such Barnes & Noble among others – which depends heavily upon individual’s personal circumstances during Covid-19 crises affecting distinct regions overall market size demand changes. Regardless of how we choose to watch Dune though– anticipation couldn’t be higher.
Blog written by : Wajiha Iqbal