As an AI language model, I can provide you with a comprehensive guide on where to watch the first Sonic Movie. Since its release on February 14th, 2020, many people have been searching for options regarding where they can find and stream this exciting movie securely.

In this article, we will explore various streaming services including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and others so that viewers across different locations and platforms can know their preferred method of watching this entertaining adventure film.

Where Can You Watch The First Sonic Movie?

Where Can You Watch The First Sonic Movie?

1. Amazon Prime Video

1. Amazon Prime Video
Amazon is one of the leading entertainment companies worldwide, catering to the entertainment needs of millions globally. With a huge range of TV shows and movies available on prime video service every day from all genres like comedies to action films like Sonic the Hedgehog.

To watch “Sonic” you need to subscribe first β€” monthly or annually. Anyone with an active Amazon membership should be able to access Sonic via Prime Video since it’s now available there as part of their collection!

If you are not already subscribed to Amazon Prime Video or do not want a subscription at all but instead pay-per-streaming go ahead; buy it outrightly at $19.99 in HD quality.

2. Netflix
Netflix has been known for its unmatched original series content over recent years but let’s also remind ourselves that they’ve got some spectacular blockbuster movies too! Starting with Marvel’s cinematic universe (MCU) franchise coupled with other highly successful releases such as Extraction(2020), Spenser Confidential(2020), etcetera numbering in hundreds among more classical titles such as Jurassic Park series

However shocking news came in when Paramount Pictures announced earlier last year (2019) that the blue blur himself was arriving at Netflix instead- which puzzled longtime fans who were eagerly waiting for any news related to upcoming video game adaptations involving classic characters from our beloved console heritage!

Unfortunately despite speculation around how much time passes before movies are added to their platform from original release dates (i.e., typically around 6 months), as of today, Sonic the Hedgehog is unavailable on Netflix’s streaming service.

3. Hulu
Hulu was launched in 2008 and has since then continuously grown with over thirty-five million subscribers worldwide and a vast collection of TV shows, dramas, live sports events amongst others!

For all those hoping that they could watch “Sonic” on Hulu since it’s very popular amongst among many age groups alike- alas! They do not currently have Sonic The Hedgehog in their database yet but instead check out other fantastic cartoons like Rick & Morty available.

4. Google Play Store/Movies Anywhere
Google play store enables its viewers the flexibility to purchase or stream movies at any time providing an excellent user experience! Mario who happens to be Chief Marketing Officer for Paramount Pictures got fans even more excited by saying – yippee time to put my money where my mouth is referring especially about digital tools such as google play store etcetera

Yet unfortunately, despite being readily available on PlayStore websites including Movies Anywhere app which allows you access across multiple devices allowing easy viewing off your smartphone hand-held screens too; just like below:-

MoviesAnywhere App:
Android User here? You can download the MoviesAnywhere application using this link direct from GooglePlay.
Alternatively –
All Other Device Users (Apple included) access directly from their website using this link – enjoy!
Please note prices depend based geographical location so kindly ensure accuracy while browsing, there may also be additional taxes applied depending upon your location when watching online content such as “Sonic.”

5. iTunes
ITunes Store holds one of the largest collections of online media stores globally and for good reason — users can watch what they want when they want-just like convenience we get shopping online!. Customers can buy and stream recorded videos anywhere anytime for uninterrupted entertainment experience.

Sonic The Hedgehog isn’t on iTunes at the moment, though! However there are many other movies that you could choose from such as blockbuster hits including Tenet (2020) Tenet(2020), Bad Boys for Life (2020), Spider-Man: Far From Home amongst others.

6. YouTube
YouTube Premium is kind of like traveling without leaving home…until now anyways!. Of course flights have been more than a bit complicated this year, but even in general – making way to virtual viewing pleasures with abundant video selections while munching your snacks comfortably curled up right in your own sofa or couch cushions sounds quite appealing!

With relative ease-switch between watching on bigger screens via Chromecast harnessing smart technology and whichever screen strikes your fancy (smartphones/tablets/etc.) controlling experience all around remotely on one platform!

Unfortunately -just like some of our previous streaming service examples- Sonic’s not currently available yet on Youtube’s premium subscription service; we’ll keep an eye out for any future updates regarding it.

7. FandangoNOW
FandangoNow offers a wide selection of titles including newer releases along with older fan favourites and TV series corresponding to brand partnerships offline promotions through AT&T Tv deals providing redefined digital entertainment experiences across platforms too!.

It is important to note that just like similar platforms thus far mentioned above exclude sonic the hedgehog movie spectacle at present time despite their vast array options!! So whilst waiting patiently enough perhaps stumbling upon these acclaimed masterpieces may distract temporarily until waits over: King Kong Island(2018); Baby Driver(2017); Blade Runner 2049 among plenty else which should keep fans entertained throughout till its addition-albeit eventually-to popular online streaming services that already host majority blockbusters numbers today still may take awhile depending on distribution rights negotiations.


In conclusion, Sonic the Hedgehog has indeed become quite a hit since its premiere being fast-paced cinematography filled with razor-sharp attention to graphics detail accompanying an original score and some equally humorous performances. After evaluating several digital platforms above where you can find this entertaining movie, it shows that on Netflix’s streaming service Sonic The Hedgehog is not currently available, excluding most popular channels-albeit at the moment being but Paramount Pictures 20th century Studios A subsidiary of Walt Disney headquarters eventually already lead in the scene so likely certainly add more options for customers who simply love watching great cinema-making every effort count!