My Hero Academia is a popular anime series that has gained immense success and iconic recognition globally, thanks to its relatable characters, unique plotline, and thrilling action sequence. Since the release of its first season in 2016, My Hero Academia has developed an ardent fan base who eagerly await each episode with bated breath.

Building on this popularity, the creators released numerous movies to continue the story’s legacy. These movies have managed to create quite a buzz among fans and enthusiasts alike. However, as an avid follower of this series or someone who wants to try it out for the first time, you may be wondering: where can I watch My Hero Academia movies?

In this article – we will explore some of the top platforms available for streaming My Hero Academia films.

1) Funimation

1) Funimation

Funimation is one of the most popular anime platforms worldwide due to its vast collection of anime titles and original production portfolio. The platform hosts many famous Japanese animations like Dragon Ball Z and Attack On Titan- but it also offers all four MY HERO ACADEMIAs Movies!

Moreover – Funimation allows new subscribers free access for two weeks upon sign-up! After which monthly membership subscriptions are available at $7.99/month or $59.99/yearly subscription (at discounted prices). This platform provides an extensive list of options such as dubbing choices into English besides giving English subtitles; hence there are no language barriers in enjoying any content offered on their site by non-Japanese speaking audiences too.

2) Hulu

Hulu began operations way back in 2007 when online streaming was still relatively novel around the world. It sports a considerable library consisting mostly of TV shows like Game Of Thrones (yes GOT), Friends & Comedies like Brooklyn Nine-Nine beside Anime animation – including none other than ‘The fourth My Hero Academia movie’.

One fantastic feature about Hulu is it gives users a chance to modify their subscription choices- you can choose, subscribe to TV Channels like HBO and Showtime alongside more mainstream options such as Disney+, ESPN, TBS amongst others for an extra fee. Incredibly user-friendly and free of Ads for life Memberships at $11(lowest plan) per month.

3) Amazon Prime Video

3) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming platform provides a flexible payment option that allows subscribers access to mufti-device usage – PLUS *sorry it deserves a couple of asterisks*, the first HD season episode is FREE too! This platform features ‘Heroes Rising,’ one of My Hero Academia movies in its extensive anime archive; however, this may require purchase or renting because not everything on Amazon Prime video is included with your membership cost!

*PRO TIP: Before subscribing individually via other platforms try getting the coveted Amazon prime bundle which comes with unlimited delivery services too –including same-day deliveries & all sorts.”

4) Netflix

Netflix, initially regarded as solely a film-streaming website ” has now expanded into producing great quality animations in recent times. It offers some fantastic Anime series like Naruto plus sophisticated shows like ‘The Witcher’ & movies such as Zack Snyder’s Justice League . Despite featuring fewer anime animations than some other sites on our list- it houses two out of the four MY HERO ACADEMIA films.

Netflix boasts hundreds and thousands of hours worth of content from different categories worldwide- not forgetting creative collaborations with big filmmakers such as David Attenborough (Planet Earth). With packages ranging from$8/monthly,* Standard-$13/Monthly*& Premier-18monthly there surely does exist something for everyone!”*can only be used on 1 screen**Can be streamed in HD*

5) Crunchyroll

Last but definitely non-trite(but certainly underrated)- Is CRUNCHYROLL. Granted Crunchyroll does come fourth behind Funimation when counting their range combined. However, it still holds an impressive archive of anime- INCLUDING all four my hero academia movies!

Crunchy roll provides some shows that are unavailable on different platforms; this is because they have a broader selection of niche first-time releases and may not cater for those after blockbusters or more mainstream filmmaking.

That said – something unique about crunchy rolls’ platform is its Crunchyroll store (Yep!) This enables fans to purchase officially licensed merchandise items like Funko Pops or your favorite Manga comic book.

To gain access to their massive combination catalogue and services, users can opt-in either for basic ($7/monthly), premium which eliminates ads, options in streaming quality HD among other things at$9/Monthly/ Month along with offline downloadable services too.

Final Thoughts

To sum up: the above platforms offer fantastic selections based on our research to stream My Hero Academia films. Hopefully, this piece has offered needed guidance in selecting what option works best specifically for you now or even future subscriptions! Just be sure not to miss out -Finally watching Izuku Midoriya & his friends fighting off villains in an absolute grandeur animation style!”