The Maze Runner movies are a series of science fiction action films based on James Dashner’s The Maze Runner book series. The books and movies follow the story of Thomas, an adolescent boy trapped in a mysterious maze with other boys as well as Teresa, the only girl among them.

Many people want to know where they can watch the Maze Runner movies and this article will provide an expert outline on places you can stream or purchase this iconic movie franchise.

Streaming Services

Streaming Services

Several streaming services offer access to The Maze Runner franchise. Here are some platforms where you can easily stream these movies:

1. Netflix:

1. Netflix:

Netflix is offering all three parts of the film series namely, ‘The Maze Runner’, ‘Maze Runner: Scorch Trials’ and ‘Maze runner: Death Cure.’ This platform offers its users premium content that includes popular television shows, documentaries, classic movies as well as original content produced by Netflix itself. One drawback about Netflix is that availability depends on your location – some regions may not have it due to licensing agreements.

2. Hulu:

Hulu subscribers in the United States who prefer watching maze runner movies online without cable can also enjoy streaming both “The Death Cure” and “Scorch Trials”. Although Hulu’s rates might be slightly higher than those offered by other subscription streaming services like Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max; it provides live TV programming options for $45/month if one desires additional features beyond just streaming entertainment content from their catalog library .

3. Amazon Prime Video:

With Amazon prime video service plans starting from just $8/monthly, customers get unlimited access to thousands of popular tv shows/movies including ‘The Maze runner’ trilogy while paying lower rates compared with any other provider mentioned here minus Disney+ which is comparable but has different sets of benefits for subscribers too.

4. YouTube Movies & Shows:

YouTube Movies & Series offer ads-free videos together with high-quality formats such as HDR/SD/UHD options. The cost required for this service is not fixed, as price per movie or season may vary.

Free Streaming Websites:

On the other hand, some platforms offer free streaming of movies online however it’s important to note that in most cases such websites can contain malware and viruses that might damage your computer systems if you’re not careful. Often these websites are considered piracy.

1. Putlocker

This platform provides a large collection of movie titles from different genres including science fiction movies like the Maze Runner series all at no charge. Many people view Putlocker as an illegal site due to copyright infringement issues; bear in mind that there are alternatives with lesser risks available on the market today.

2. Popcornflix

Another great place to watch maze runner movies is Popcornflix where all three “Maze Runner” films are available for free streaming without subscription fees whatsoever! Quality maybe low but it’s completely safe and legal making it one of our top picks if you’re looking for a hassle-free viewing experience online.

Purchase Options:

If none of these options suit your preference, physical copies release by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment which includes DVD/Blu-Ray versions of each film make enjoyable alternative options too besides digital ones available through Amazon Prime Video or Youtube TV Serives libraries mentioned earlier Specifically, here are some popular places where one could purchase their very personal copy today irrespective of format preferences;

– Google Play Store: Here users enjoy easy seamless access once they’ve purchased content from their library via play store profile accounts; rentals cost around $3 while purchases range under $15 (some discounts may apply based on promotions being offered).

– Apple iTunes: Just like Google Play Store – Once users buy movies they own them permanently and can stream them instantly directly from within app itself whenever needed across multiple devices provided they signed up using same credentials during initial setup process fee schedule similar too varies between $5 -15 depending upon preferred edition choices included while purchasing.

– Amazon: Whether it is physical disc or online streaming service, both of these options can be found on the Amazon platform’s official website; purchasers will own content indefinitely however those opting to rent must view within 30 days once streaming process is initiated else time limit expires without any refund requests permitted thereafter. Prices range anywhere from $2 – $20 depending upon version chosen with added subscription costs where users get bonus perks like free prime delivery too minus movie ticket season pass discounts otherwise overlooked by other providers in competitive price negotiation practices game today.


In a nutshell, there are numerous options available to people looking for ways how they can watch Maze Runner movies. From paid subscriptions offered by Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video to various free websites such as Putlocker and Popcornflix available either through their computers or mobile devices right at fingertips making ad-supported access super convenient.

Many fans prefer buying DVDs/Blu-rays because it gives them something tangible that they can hold onto forever which also comes with special features that aren’t included within mainstream release versions on most streaming services too! Thus what matters most is choice – selecting a preferred option based on one’s individual needs whilst considering relevancy factors like region availability restrictions among others before going ahead with final decision-making processes.