Matilda is an all-time favorite children’s movie that has captured the hearts of viewers since it was released in 1996. The movie is based on a popular novel by Roald Dahl, which tells the story of Matilda Wormwood, an extraordinary young girl with supernatural powers. Matilda endures daily torment from her neglectful parents and cruel headmistress at school but uses her unique abilities to fight back against their tyranny.

If you’re looking for where to watch Matilda online or on your TV screen, there are a few excellent options available. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at where you can stream or purchase the movie legally.


Netflix is one of the world’s leading streaming services, and fortunately for fans of Matilda, the platform offers this classic family-friendly title in its library. If you’re already subscribed to Netflix or looking forward to signing up for it shortly, good news: You have access to watch Matilda without paying extra fees.

All that’s required to enjoy watching this delightful film is a subscription plan. With affordable monthly rates starting at $9 per month (although charges may vary regionally) Netflix allows users in many countries worldwide access unlimited films such as “Matilda.” Simply search through Netflix’s list of titles through appropriate channels connected devices like laptops computers and smart TVs once signed in successfully; select ‘Matilda,’ sit back and enjoy!

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

In addition to being able subscribe Amazon Prime’s two-day free delivery perks service starting from about US$149/YR (depending on region), subscribers benefit from another exciting feature – access free media content! Amazon Prime Video gives users access not only thousands selection movies across all genres imaginable but also including newer releases as well as older classics such as “Matida.”

If you’re looking/asking yourself how can I watch Matlida?, simply Add Amazon prime video membership subscriptions buyers have premium advantage compared to showtime movie rentals as purchases are discounted in prime video by up to 50% – an excellent deal for those looking forward to watching Matilda over and over.


Another popular streaming service that offers legal, licensed access to children’s movies such as Matilda is Hulu. With a monthly subscription costing $5.99 per month with limited amounts of ads or $11.99 without ads (charges may vary slightly regionally), users can enjoy a vast range of family-friendly shows available on this platform, including “Matilda.”

Users outside the USA read should keep in mind the terms regulations for their particular regions when signing up since availability may differ.


If you’d like an alternative option besides streaming services like Netflix, another great way to watch Matilda Movie legally is via Showtime Anytime: You should have both subscriptions rights PayTV provider and mobie devices before gaining unlimited access series movies for about US$10/YR add-on bundles cost could always be variant based regulatory requirements Nonetheless it is still an affordable price, considering its library qualities . Simply look into vendor rights management contracts before purchasing if unsure about obligations regional differences pricing and options tags.

iTunes/Apple TV

iTunes/Apple TV

Owners apple computer/laptop operating systems or latest mobile phones with exclusive chances/downloads can rent/purchase pay-per-view versions through iTunes/Appstore/Apple TV Channels application programming interfaces platforms online stores Other compatible desktop/mobile devices include Windows computers Android Smartphones/tablets etc all dependent contractual agreements regulatory issues limitations algorithms price ranges with preference user customization settings It’s possible two people might pay different prices from what we’ve seen for example compared between friends on separate Apple ID accounts/devices looking and comparing best deals/channel subcriptions can help save you some money stay within budget …

Google Play Store/Movies & TV app

Similar options are also available on Google Play Store/Movies & TV app which allows users rental charges at least equal or exceed the price of a movie ticket per transaction with an additional opportunity for users to purchase full-length movies they consume “Matilda” and stored in authorized digital vaults for selected periods.

Additionally, Google Play Store provides a broader range of devices that can be used compared to iTunes (non-Apple options) plus more exclusive deals and additional language support are available depending on user location.

In conclusion, you never have to wonder where to watch Matilda Movie again with all these accessible options available! Fans of children’s films like this amazing classic have unlimited choices over which legal channels/media platforms provide access to their desired content types without necessarily breaking any copyright law regulations provisions set out by various local/international regulatory bodies. The most important consideration when choosing your preferred option(s) is depends on particular needs preferences budget constraints availability contracts/licenses internet speeds just naming some factors; therefore it’s essential always seeking familiarize yourself as much possible before making decisions some comparisons ensuring satisfaction watching delightful family entertainment film named ‘Matilda.’ Enjoy!