Capri Suns are the go-to choice for many kids and adults when it comes to juice drinks. While many may think that Capri Suns have always been around, this is not the case. The brand has a relatively short history of just over 50 years.

To fully understand when Capri Suns were invented, we have to delve deep into their origins. Let us take you back on a journey through time to discover all there is to know about one of America’s most beloved drink brands.

The Beginning

The Beginning

Legend has it that the beginnings of Capri Sun can be traced back to one Martin Haines, who shared his vision for a new type of juice with Brendan O’Regan in 1962 at an airport lounge in Frankfurt International Airport. Mr Haines was keen on creating a ‘pouch drive’, essentially packaging liquids like fruit juices or soft drinks into portable plastic pouches that people could easily sip and carry around without having to deal with cumbersome glass bottles or cans.

It wasn’t until five years later, however, that WILD (formerly known as Wild-European Natural Food Ingredients) became involved. They created aluminum adhesives distinctive enough so kids would accept drinking from such pouches while maintaining profitability standards.

Naming Challenge

Naming Challenge

The team found themselves wondering what they should call this potentially groundbreaking invention made from foil and laminated film? After multiple brainstorming sessions aimed at finding possible names for their creation across several continents came up empty-handed — there were already existing trademarks no longer valid named “Sun” and “Capri”.

However when they decided thoughtfully: Why don’t we use both words together in harmony instead – therefore coming up with two different name options; “Capi Sun” as well as simply “Caprisun”. Unfortunately, both names weren’t deemed unique enough – the former too silly-sounding while the latter didn’t flow quite right off the tongue given its emphasis on “sun”. Ultimately, Capri Sun managed to come out as the brand name because it conjures up mental images of tropical vacations for thirsty Americans and German kids alike or as they preferred “Caprice des Dieux” which translates in English to “whim of the gods”

Adoption & Impact

In 1969 Capri Suns hit store shelves, launching in four different flavors – orange, pineapple-grapefruit, cherry-go-round and lemonade. The reception was overwhelmingly positive sales began after a couple years.

Capri Sun quickly became an iconic drink that was popular among both children and adults looking for a tasty beverage on-the-go. Its convenient packaging made it ideal for school lunches or picnics. Their stand-out design appealed to people’s senses too: no need for separate glassware vessels with limited utility!

Today Capri Sun is available across America; enjoyed by millions daily who enjoy its refreshing taste unwavering uncomplicated convenience.


Now you know how when were Capri Suns invented! It all started more than fifty years ago when Martin Haines shared his brilliant vision at Frankfurt International Airport lounges with Brendan O’Reagan.
Five years later WILD took the product under their wing developing unique adhesives – voila! Then emerged one of America’s most beloved beverages taking off back in 1969 despite initial kinks like choosing what should be named “Capi-Sun” or just plain old fashioned text alone had allowed its widespread adoption today still ranks high on grocery lists nationwide.
Capri Suns are a staple in many households across America. From the iconic flavors to the convenient pouch packaging, it’s hard not to see why this drink has become so beloved over the years. However, not many people know the backstory behind Capri Sun and how it all started.

The journey began back in 1962 when Martin Haines had an idea for a new type of juice packaging that would allow people to easily carry their favorite drinks around without having to deal with heavy bottles or cans. This idea was shared with Brendan O’Regan at Frankfurt International Airport lounges, marking the very beginnings of Capri Sun.

It wasn’t until five years later that WILD became involved with creating unique adhesives distinctive enough so kids would accept drinking from such pouches while maintaining profitability standards. The team spent months brainstorming different name options for their creation but ultimately settled on “Capri Sun” because it resonated with consumers as exotic and reminiscent of tropical vacations.

In 1969, Capri Suns were finally released into stores nationwide, launching four different flavors including orange, pineapple-grapefruit, cherry-go-round and lemonade. Sales initially faced some hiccups due to supply chain inefficiencies as well as issues surrounding branding which led them to change their original slogan “Capi-Sun” after legal considerations – causing delays in sales growth despite positive feedback from customers who enjoyed its refreshing taste uncomplicated convenience – now available across America!

Today Capri Sun remains popular among both children and adults due to its unique flavor options including Wild Cherry Blast or Tropical Punch which can be found in grocery stores nationwide at affordable prices unwavering quality assurance backed up by long-standing operations might encompass fifty plus anniversary celebratory quotes relevant reminding patrons about history experiencing colorful brand evolution firsthand on social media platforms through nostalgic content posted regularly!