My Hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hero Academia in Japan, is a popular anime series that has gained a huge following over the years. While the TV series has already made its mark on fans worldwide, it’s no surprise that the franchise decided to expand and release movies as well.

The My Hero Academia Movies are some of the most highly anticipated films for fans who want to see their favorite characters from U.A High School come alive on the big screen. The movies add more depth to the storyline while introducing new villains for our heroes to face and new allies for them to befriend.

Despite being standalone stories with alternative plotlines and scenarios compared to the original manga or TV show, one question keeps popping up: when should you watch these movies?

Let's look at each movie below:

Let’s look at each movie below:

1. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

1. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Released in 2018 between season 2 and season 3, this movie was set after Season 2 but before Season 3. It serves as an origin story of sorts showcasing how All Might and David Shield (Melissa’s father) met during their younger days. This bond between two of the smartest minds had created unique technological advancements decades ago which would soon become relevant again due to unforeseen circumstances.

This movie is great for those who want more backstory on All Might outside of what we have seen in seasons one and two. Also, it features plenty of comedy bits featuring class A1 students having fun at I-Island theme park with surprises along thier way like loveable Melissa shield’s high tech hero item upgrades etc.This film doesn’t directly connect with any particular arc or event in both Season 2 or Season three so watching it anytime will not create confusion.

However, if this is your first time diving into MHA universe we recommend starting from episodes episode1 – 25 of season one then jumping straight into “TwoHeroes” before continuing with episode 26

2. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Released in December 2019, this movie takes place after season 4 but a few months before the Cultural festival and Endeavour Agency Arcs. When the heroes of Class A are deployed to an isolated island as part of their training responding to a high-risk scenario that requires them to face off against the powerful Nine and his follower group who aim to restructure society.

This film also sets up some potential conflicts for future seasons since it showcases Izuku’s character development growth as well Bakugo’s rivalry partnership dynamic.This movie is best watched at any time after you’ve finished Season 3 and Season 4 episodes up until Episode12; which serves as a transition point where Deku, Bakugo & Todoroki were on their winter break heading back into school.

In conclusion, each MHA Movie has its own standalone story that can be enjoyed regardless if you have watched every season or just starting out. However it’the animated movies should be seen according to timeline mainly Two Heroes between season two and three while Heroes Rising fits more closely within the events showcasing developments mostly post-Season four depending on how far along do you want your anime journey extended from watching an adaptation alone. Regardless though, whichever order they decide watching these films will certainly enhance thier love even more for our favorite quirks wielding students like never before!
The My Hero Academia franchise has taken the anime world by storm, captivating viewers worldwide with its unique storyline and lovable characters. From the TV series to the manga, fans just couldn’t get enough of this exciting superhero-themed universe.

So, when it was announced that there would be movies in addition to the TV show and manga, fans were beyond excited. The My Hero Academia Movies offer a new perspective on our beloved characters while presenting different foes for them to face. Their stories have captivated audiences worldwide and left us wanting more.

However, with multiple films out now, many fans are wondering when they should watch each movie in relation to the rest of the franchise timeline. We’ll break down everything you need to know about each film below!

1. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Released in 2018 between seasons 2 and 3 of the TV show, this movie tells an origin story centered around All Might and David Shield (Melissa’s father). It explores their past together as fellow scientists who created technological advancements that would soon become critical under unforeseen circumstances.

While this film does not directly connect with any particular arc or event within either season two or three of MHA’s TV adaptation it provides some fantastic backstory on All Might outside what was shown previously in Seasons one & two episodes.This lighthearted entry also features class A-1 students enjoying themselves at I-Island theme park with all sorts of surprises up their sleeves like Melissa shield’s cutting-edge hero item upgrades.

If you’re looking for more insight into All Might’s past or just want another fun adventure featuring your favorite students from Class A-1 then “Two Heroes” is an excellent place to start! However we strongly recommend watching episodes episode1 – 25 of season one first before tuning into this feature if you are starting fresh tso that certain character traits personality quirks don’t seem lost from jumping right into the “Two Heroes” movie.

2. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Released in December 2019, this movie follows Class A’s heroes on an isolated island for a training exercise. This takes place following Season four yet prior to The Cultural festival and Endeavour Agency Arcs.Their peaceful retreat is quickly interrupted by Nine and his crew of loyal followers who are seeking to restructure society their way.

This action-packed film was praised for giving deeper insight into Izuku’s character development while also showcasing more growth within Bakugo’s relationship with him as well.This entry could be watched fluidly after watching season 3 episodes up until episode 12 which serves as the transition point where Deku, Bakugou & Todoroki were on winter break returning back to school.

So if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure that showcases our heroes at their very best “Heroes Rising” would make a fantastic addition served up postwatching Season4 segments!


All in all, My Hero Academia franchise is rich with lore and exciting storylines that continue to captivate viewers year after year. The anime adaptations have been excellent thus far, and movies like Two Heroes or Heroes rising only add even more depth to its universe storyline. While each movie provides standalone entertainment value; We do suggest getting your feet planted firmly by starting from the episodes progression order mentioned earlier before hopping right unto either one of these two choice flicks but most importantly having fun along en route!