My Hero Academia movies have been a huge hit among anime fans since the release of their first film in 2018. Since then, two more films have been released, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. Each movie has its own unique story that adds depth to the narrative of the series and provides additional character development for our beloved UA students.

But when should you watch these films? Here are some tips on when to dive into each movie:

But when should you watch these films? Here are some tips on when to dive into each movie:

1. Watch “Two Heroes” after season two

The first My Hero Academia movie, Two Heroes, takes place canonically between seasons two and three of the anime series. Therefore, it is recommended that viewers watch this film after completing season two.

In Two Heroes, we see All Might’s past come to light as well as get introduced to Melissa Shield, one of the few people who knows All Might’s true identity. The events in this film also provide some context into why All Might makes certain decisions throughout seasons three and four.

Overall, Two Heroes is a fun addition to the franchise that gives us more insight into our heroes’ past while introducing new characters with their unique quirks.

2. Watch “Heroes Rising” after season four

The second installment in the MHA movie franchise – Heroes Rising – takes place sometime during season five due to certain references made within the production queue (some mild spoilers ahead).

Therefore it makes sense for viewers only once they reach S4; however, if someone wants pure non-stop action minus plot threads from s5 they could jump right in too but may miss on various references such as Kaminari unlocking his quirk’s true potential here which is later explained thoroughly in Season 5.

Heroes Rising focuses primarily on class 1A tackling tougher villains much beyond their scale both power-wise & experience which enriches character arcs specifically pertaining Bakugo who despite being dominant was still wary of deuteragonist Izuku’s ability. The film furthermore presents an exploration between the sync-rate of two similarly powered quirks, introduces several memorable antagonists especially Nine & Hirokoshi (who we see forces Bakugou to adapt in unexpected ways), and provides a setting for our heroes to showcase their potential.

3. Watch “World Heroes’ Mission” after season five

The highly anticipated third My Hero Academia movie – World Heroes’ Mission – is set to release on August 6th this year. Sources via official synopsis it also claims that W.H.M will feature protagonist Deku entangled in an international incident where the villain organization Humarize has declared war on all Quirk-users worldwide thereby giving the young hero no choice but preparing to prevent this latest attempt at regression.

As with previous MHA films, it is likely best watched after completing season five as judging by sources released uptill now seems like putting out essential story beats from s5 like Deku expanding discerning his boundaries or conversation-based developments of other side characters may hamper comprehending some plot points which contribute majorly for story continuity!

In conclusion, before deciding when to watch each My Hero Academia movie many factors have to be kept into account! Canonical placements serve as good pointers but don’t undervalue witnessing integral behavioral carry-overs capitalization offers towards non-movie installments present in multiple setups throughout these movies’ runtime therefore watching at your convenience can barely add depth and character growth minus any requirement for keeping one installment idle before moving onto another!
My Hero Academia has proven to be a massively successful franchise in the anime industry, with fans all over the world eagerly anticipating each new episode and storyline. The release of the My Hero Academia movies, starting with Two Heroes in 2018, followed by Heroes Rising and World Heroes’ Mission, emboldens this success.

Each movie adds depth to the narrative of the series while also delivering exciting standalone adventures for our favorite UA students. However, one question that persists among fans is when they should watch these films. Here are some expert tips on what order to watch them in based on their canon placement within the story:

1. Watch “Two Heroes” after season two

The first movie in the franchise explores All Might’s past and introduces us to new characters like Melissa Shield while showcasing how heroes from around Japan converge for a technology expo held every year at an experimental island called I-Island.

The events that take place during Two Heroes occurred between seasons two and three of My Hero Academia television series as confirmed by its creator Kohei Horikoshi himself according to sources including interviews conducted throughout production phase & official canon literature offered via Viz media; it means viewers should preferably consume this chapter post s2 viewing & not beforehand else risk hurting their understanding about certain references/components introduced here.

Overall Two Heroes is a light-hearted yet meaningful addition to MHA’s narrative which teaches both character evolution prior major happenings compared with concurrent developments occurring simultaneously across all domains!

2. Watch “Heroes Rising” after season four

Heroes Rising marked Netflix’s declaration regarding exclusivity rights recently meaning no more licenses granted outside their purview thus making it an even larger event than initially thought!

Unlike Two heroes’ placement which fit into previous seasons logically (before S3), there’s been much debate surrounding where exactly does “Heroes rising” stand regarding continuity issues since quite a few incidents occur later covered in Season 5 marking specific character moments that are visible in the film. The best placement, therefore, falls somewhere amidst these two and after finishing S4. However, since most of the conflicts faced between 1A vs villains remain largely independent from plot developments of season five there’s no hard and fast rule here.

Heroes Rising sees class 1A visiting a remote island to help the locals with daily chores when they encounter new and powerful villains who test their limits and push them to their absolute extremes. It’s an action-packed adventure that also gives us further insight into our heroes’ minds while introducing new enemies and allies simultaneously.

3. Watch “World Heroes’ Mission” after season five

The third film in this franchise continues the epic storyline fans have come to love by presenting protagonist Izuku Midoriya embroiled within an international crisis where Humarize – a villain organization – declares war on all quirk-users globally.

We do not know exactly where “World Heroes’ Mission” stands yet regarding its canon placement; however, judging from initial reports it is safe to assume it will take place sometime after season five as many crucial character arcs centered around Deku expand comprehensively within s5 making some elements likely irreplaceable! Therefore we advise viewing this one post-fifth installment before moving any further lest you risk missing out on essential continuity points!

As with previous movies World Heroes’ Mission has high stakes which throw our young heroes up against some incredibly powerful foes setting things up for what could be another exciting adventure for eager fans worldwide!

In conclusion, each My Hero Academia movie adds depth while remaining true to their standalone narrative; however, considering multiple factors like how interwoven certain story beats (like character growths) are across different installments pushes a need for watching at appropriate intervals based on canonical logic-and fan preference too-! Make sure you follow our expert tips above when deciding which order these films should be viewed so that nothing is missed, and the storyline remains cohesive.