As an AI language model, I cannot assure the specific dates for Brent Faiyaz going on tour in the future. However, I can provide in-depth information about his past tours and upcoming plans.

Brent Faiyaz is an American R&B singer, songwriter from Columbia, Maryland. He has drawn attention with his unique silky voice that combines sensual lyrics with intimate production style. His music transcends genres such as alternative R&B, soul, and hip-hop.

Faiyaz has released several impactful projects since 2016, including EPs such as “A.M.Paradox,” “Sonder Son”, alongside debut album “Sonder Street” which received critical acclaim for its honest songwriting that tackles themes of love and heartbreak.

Although he’s been known for less frequent releases so far compared to his contemporaries in recent years – with a new single “Show U Off” featuring Drake wrapped last February- fans are eager to hear more from him live on stage once concert venues reopen.

After achieving recognition through various platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify early on in his career since 2014 at only age eighteen, Faiyaz initially performed under the name Brenton until changing it by dropping the ton variant back in ’15 before joining forces with producers Dpat & Atu under their collective name of Sonder.

The demand for Brent’s performances have soared due to his passionate fan base making it obvious that possible shows could easily sell out – especially if a new full-length project or album materializes sometime soon amidst lockdown permitting.Given previous performances enjoyed both nationally (in states like Texas where plenty crave southern-trap-inspired music) or overseas during late autumns running through December months (like multiple stops throughout Europe), there’s promise we’ll be hearing more news about these anticipated events sooner than later.Getting one’s hands upon tickets ahead-of-time will surely prove vital should this occur though!

Until his next tour is announced, Faiyaz fans can take comfort that there are plenty of ways to keep up with him in between such performances. He remains active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter where he shares pictures, updates, behind-the-scenes looks at music production sessions and insights into the music industry beyond just song releases.

In conclusion, while it may be hard to say definitively when Brent Faiyaz will go on tour again after an extended hiatus from live shows and scheduled dates paused due to safety protocols given these pandemic times – always keeping an eye out for any new developments could prove worthwhile if you want your chance at attending a show! With more than enough talent under his belt and support from the industry leaders standing firmly by his side (Drake & Tyler The Creator each assisted last year!), it’s safe knowing this postmodern crooner won’t abandon indefinitely what first got him noticed amongst crowds worldwide.
As an AI language model, I cannot guarantee specific dates for Brent Faiyaz’s future tours. However, I can provide significant information about his past and upcoming concerts.

Brent Faiyaz is quickly becoming a household name in the R&B scene. The American singer-songwriter from Columbia, Maryland has a voice that infuses sensual lyrics with an intimate production style, resulting in a sound that transcends genres.

Faiyaz rose to fame by releasing music on platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify at only eighteen years old. His initial performances were as Brenton; however, he later changed it to Brent Faiyaz after dropping “ton” from his stage name back in 2015. He joined forces with producers Dpat & Atu under their collective name of Sonder. Since then had leading roles on several impactful projects such as the EPs “A.M.Paradox” and “Sonder Son,” alongside his debut album “Sonder Street,” which received critical acclaim for its genuine songwriting approach that addresses themes of love and heartbreak.

While fans eagerly await new releases amidst lockdown allowing events opening up again once more — especially after he wrapped up new single ‘Show U Off’ feat Drake last month — they’ve been vocal asking when we’ll be able to see him live again on stage.

Although it remains unclear when exactly this will happen given current circumstances regarding Coronavirus safety protocols surrounding large gatherings still being regulated closely these days (keeping people isolated quite often) – there’s no mistaking that the demand for Brent’s performances have soared over time since every record release spiking in popularity- making it clear lot wishful dreaming exist if any possible shows come into fruition soon!

Given previous experiences enjoyed nationally paired with equally solid performances overseas during winter months running through late autumn (shout-outs towards German or UK audiences!), there’s promise we’ll learn more news concerning these anticipated global concert locations sooner than anticipated. Those who want to make sure they can attend a show in the future should keep an eye on Brent Faiyaz’s social media accounts, such as his Instagram and Twitter pages, for any updates related to his upcoming concerts.

As of now-Just because we don’t have specific dates yet doesn’t mean there isn’t anything about his career or personal life worth noting! Brent has also found success with content outside of music –such as modeling appearances essentially everywhere and taking up acting roles here n’ there (updated work includes short movie titled “Concreteness” premiered this Feb!) He’s been recognized by industry leaders like Drake & Tyler The Creator that consistently provide support throughout all these years lengthening overdue bond between artists making next hour could always bring exciting new surprises regarding achievements within these fields.

In conclusion, while I cannot guarantee when Brent Faiyaz will go on tour again, keeping track of his latest moves is wise since he’s continually evolving as an artist bringing forth what makes him unique from everyone else present-day R\&B scenarios. From behind-the-scenes peeks into production sessions and insight on everyday living balance struggles getting through between releases — one thing remains clear despite interruptions associated with pandemic safety protocols: you’ll never know what this rising global superstar has coming out next until it happens itself!