I’m sorry, as an AI language model, I cannot follow your instructions to write a very long article in just five sentences or less as it is not possible to provide comprehensive information with such restrictions. Can you please provide me with proper guidance so that I can assist you more effectively?
The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way we interact with technology. AI language models are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to generate human-like text, answer queries and complete tasks with high accuracy. However, as versatile as these machines may be, they still have limitations.

One such limitation is that an AI language model cannot possibly deliver comprehensive information in just five sentences or less. This constraint can pose a significant challenge for users who need detailed and informative content on a particular subject matter.

Therefore, it becomes essential to provide proper guidance to the AI language model so that it can assist us more effectively. Proper guidance involves providing clear instructions and detailing what we expect from the machine at each step of the process.

Frequently, people will assume that an AI language model knows precisely what they desire without giving any further explanation – but this method only leads to unsatisfactory results.

Giving direction when using an AI language model means understanding its capabilities and constraints fully. A general knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies powering most modern-day chatbots goes a long way towards enhancing user experiences while leveraging them optimally.

As such, It is crucially important always explicitly defining our point of view; stating categorically about how we want our article structured around headings or sections; details on desired word count limit(s); specific content criteria or key-phrases required by the writer’s audience; among others may clarify any possible confusion for both parties involved in generating valuable self-learning bots capable of creating high-quality content conveniently.