Email, short for “electronic mail,” has become one of the most important and widely used communication tools in the world. It is hard to imagine our lives without it, as Email has revolutionized almost every aspect of how we communicate and interact with each other.

But when did this revolutionary concept come into existence, what was the story behind it, who invented email? Let’s take a deep dive to understand all there is to know about the history of email.

The Invention

The Invention

While email might seem like a recent invention that arrived along with modern technology such as smartphones and laptops, its roots can be traced back more than 50 years ago. It started from humble beginnings as an idea proposed by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson in 1971.

Tomlinson was working at Bolt Beranek & Newman or BB&N (now known as BBN Technologies), which was contracted by the US Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) – an early predecessor of today’s Internet – to develop a way for researchers on different computers around the country to send messages quickly.

It wasn’t easy since each computer had its proprietary software that cannot interact with others across networks. So Tomlinson developed a software program called SNDMSG that can allow users on multiple computers connected through ARPANET to send messages. However, there remained one major problem: how could you differentiate between target addresses?

That led him to create what he called “the little appreciated @ symbol,” which ended up becoming one of the most well-known symbols globally.@ came in handy because no command use it yet plus sent exceptional intent; “@” meant “at” wherever I’m going next requires your attention”

The first-ever Email message

The first-ever Email message

As soon as he realized this feature could work perfectly well within his new system using “@,” he proceeded further. According Tomilison,
“The test messages were entirely forgettable.”Then again why would they be a very long dramatic email wouldn’t fit comfortably on the displace of a screen. And so, on August 30th, 1971 at precisely 10:30 pm, Tomlinson sent himself the very first email message to test out his landmark invention.

The first Email was short and sweet but monumental: “QWERTYUIOP.” Yes, you read that right — The symbol for “@” wasn’t even there! But as soon as the system worked perfectly fine Tominison knew what an achievement he had made.

What Was Email Like In The Beginning?

From that humble beginning in 1971, Emails have come a long way in evolving over time making them more user-friendly and widely utilized. However, email technology remained limited until the internet became publicly available. Eventually; computers started communicating with one another globally allowing individuals not solely those associated with government projects to link up worldwide.

Even after Emails are invented they aren’t part of daily routine until it became accessible through personal computers (PCs) available during the early years of home computing back in late ’80s.

When did emailing become popular?

Inbox Zero or nearabout didn’t exist due to comfortable email storage space nowadays which we take for granted. People used terminals rented from mainframes that needed new additional applications built from scratch called “mail reader” to transfer offline communications electronically between users without attending keyboard-based communication sessions within dedicated computer-room facilities required previously

These models appear quite unrelated today’s accessibility through smartphones but early emailing systems were typically only used by organizations or corporations like universities/government agencies initially before being adopted by individual consumers slowly It was almost fifteen years post-invention till Internet Service Providers enabled individuals access emails easily via their home PCs starting around mid-’90s

Why Is Email Important Today?

Nowadays people use modern devices like laptops & smartphones to compose read send sort/search various multi-media types which cause difficulties in keeping things organized once you deal with substantial email communication daily significant investments must be made to keep Email well maintained, like backup and server redundancy solutions.

Despite the criticisms surrounding Emails such as unsolicited mail/spam issues that they face making big Companies and users worldwide developed modernized methods for blocking these types of messages; this messaging tool still remains one of the most important mediums across various industries globally. In fact it’s not just useful for emailing friends/family but used all forms of work environment no matter how advanced today’s technology being applied now including text chats or instant messengers etc

In Conclusion:

Emails have come a long way in their million times evolution journey since Ray Tomlinson sent out his first message. From SNDMSG program, @ symbol to easy-to-use apps along with spam filtering and multi-media access features can say emails truly evolved into something indispensable without which we can’t imagine our personal or professional lives nowadays!

So when was email invented? It all started back on August 30th, 1971 at exactly 10:30 PM; Ray Tomlinson tested the very first Email Sent himself Signup QWERTYUIOP – The rest is history!