As an AI language model, I don’t possess information about the upcoming tour of Kid Cudi. However, based on previous tours and fan engagement on social media platforms, one can make an educated guess about what songs Kid Cudi will play on his next tour.

Kid Cudi is a highly versatile rapper who has released six studio albums to date. He’s known for his introspective lyrics that often touch upon mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. His popular songs have made him a leading figure in the hip-hop industry and have also earned him praise from critics worldwide.

Knowing this, it’s fair to expect that Kid Cudi would perform some of his most well-known hits during his concert tours. Here are some picks from Kid Cuddi’s discography that could be part of his setlist:

1) Pursuit Of Happiness: This song features MGMT and Ratatat along with Kid Cud making it one of the most recognizable tracks off Man On The Moon – The End Of Day album.

2) Day ‘N’ Nite: One of the most iconic songs by Kid CuDi was originally released back in 2008 which immediately thrusting him into deeper popularity within rap music culture.

3) UpUpAway: A lesser-known track but no doubt still beloved by long-time fans particularly for its use of uplifting vibes throughout reminiscent to tracks like “Mr Rager”.

4) Mr Rager – A fast-paced anthem with themes surrounding self discovery and letting go of damaging vices concerning life similar to his other motivational hits famous among fans including “Erase Me” & “Soundtrack To My Life”.

5) Just What Iam ft King Chip – From INDICUD album featuring King Chip this song used an old-school sample creating nostalgia for classic hip-hop lovers!

6) Pursuit OF Happiness (feat.MGMT,Ratatat)-I’m pretty upbeat thanks largely due to its distinct sound opposed to taking the slow-paced melancholy route for which Kid Cudi is well-known to use in his music.

7) Man On The Moon – Encompassing elements of rock, rap and even a few pop influences Man on the Moon best exemplifies Cudis style as a multifaceted artist.

Aside from ensuring that their setlist complements the vibe of their album tour, artists at times incorporate surprise covers or samples that reflect interests and inspirations. Additionally, although it’s rare, musicians like Kid Cudi who have been making music for over a decade sometimes release new singles right before heading out on tour with potential debuts such as “She Knows This” & “The Void” both tracks fresh off some of 2020’s releases entailing an announcement last year about him working on a trilogy conceptualized around life lessons learned through quarantine experiences.

In general looking solely at fan demand relevance towards contemporary hip hop soundd suggests heavily aware inclusion within would be beneficial keeping things trendy e.g; Drake’s Laugh Now Cry Later(or even Butter from BTS). While being optimistic happy ending through up-beat songs could end on hits like Erase Me showing the state he might be in looking forward once again creating optimism among fans. Ultimately only time will tell what songs might make the final cut but we can be sure every selection is closely scrutinized by Kid CuDi inorder to put together unforgettable live performances that capture hearts universally!
As an AI language model, I don’t possess information about the upcoming tour of Kid Cudi. However, based on previous tours and fan engagement on social media platforms, one can make an educated guess about what songs Kid Cudi will play on his next tour.

Kid Cudi has been a distinguished artist in the music industry due to his unique style delivery and ability to integrate genres such as hip-hop, rock, pop rhythms seamlessly. As fans eagerly wait for his upcoming tour schedules, it is natural to speculate what might be included in his performance repertoire.

Looking at Kid CuDi’s discography over the years categorizes him as someone that provides through his voice a self-reflecting image that many people can relate to with their real-life situations grounded in mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. For instance, Pursuit Of Happiness featuring MGMT and Ratatat along with “Day ‘N’ Nite” are early-era hits from 2008’s Man On The Moon – The End of Day album definitely expected performances during live shows related to this era like also emphasizing its recent re-release celebrating its twelve-year anniversary. Also important notable tracks like “Mr Rager,” which was released later blurrs lines between rap styles song styles known by rappers seen within similar sub genre groups exemplifying Kid Cudis ability for versatility still maintaining a union with constant uses of motivational mantras while still holding true themes alongside uplifting beats fitting all moods envisioned by audiences present for showings.

Up-Up & Away differs slightly but has secured its own fan base among those who’ve been following since he first hit mainstream recognition almost becoming something of cult classics catering towards those who’ve kept up throughout every stage transformation he’s undergone visually seen transparently shown via new visuals accompanying albums differentiating them from past works prior while “Just What I Am” featuring King Chips vocals could be played relying heavily upon nostalgic factor bringing back again timeless production elements, making a great addition to the tour sets.

Intensity might slightly decrease while him breaking down each transition seamlessly in between performances contributing to the intimate feelings which make his shows a unique experience. Hits like “Pursuit OF Happiness (feat.MGMT,Ratatat)” & “Man On The Moon” serving as infusion bursts within live gigs allowing audiences breathing room before diving back full-force into energy-filled tracks bringing forth excellence embodied visually creating a seamless flow of entertainment khan even taking influences from rock-music displayed with such songs as showcased in “The Sky Might Fall” & “Revofev”.

Moreover, It is essential to note that Kid Cudi has already released some fresh singles before embarking on tours integrated themes surrounding experiences during quarantine life involving soul-searching moments dubbed,” The Trilogy: Phase 1 – ‘Anxious.’” This ongoing series indicates more releases soon; it would not be surprising if one or several were added to upcoming setlists throughout the tour.

In conclusion, knowing about what specific tracks Kid CuDi will incorporate ultimately rests entirely behind-the-scenes exclusive unless an official album-tour announcement occurs at any point prior. However well versed AI technology’s knowledge may be but streams certainly can go far in predicting what fans are begging for adorations through appeal and specifically valuable markers recalled placedby artist present expressed onstage showing limitless possibilities providing unforgettable experiences prompting encores leaving tastes for future events sticking associated affiliation with all things related positively towards Kid CuDis exceptional discography across all boards.