The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has long been known as one of the most popular entertainment companies in the world. For years, fans have enjoyed watching their favorite wrestlers battle it out in the ring, performing stunts that often defy belief. However, behind all of this glamour and spectacle is a very serious issue: wrestler safety.

In order to protect its wrestlers from injury and harm, WWE established a Wellness Policy in 2006. This policy is designed to ensure that all wrestlers on the roster are adhering to strict guidelines regarding drug use, medical procedures and other issues related to their personal health.

The purpose of this article is to explore what exactly WWE’s Wellness Policy entails and why it is so important for both the company and its performers.

What Is The WWE Wellness Policy?

What Is The WWE Wellness Policy?

Simply put, The World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) wellness policy seeks to promote safe practices within professional wrestling by establishing standard rules with which every member involved must comply – whether they are athletes or employees working backstage at events.

Its primary goal is ensuring each individual wrestler’s overall health holistically beyond just testing them for performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids but also tending towards matters affecting mental wellbeing like stress management programs being implemented after several past tragedies involving former employees who were believed struggled with depression before passing away by suicide like Jon Huber aka “Brodie Lee” last year where he was loved across social media platforms due mainly because aside from his skills inside the ring; he was such an engaging character pack full amazing personality which showed when instead of taking out his anger on others whenever feeling under-appreciated always chose video games sometimes humorously calling himself “the Zombieman”.

The policy covers various aspects including not only performance-enhancing measures through substances related things but also non-substance abuse problem areas another feature unique about WWE’s objectives on personnel workplace policies compared competitors might overlook dealing alcoholism treatment programs introduced alongside free rehab resources in case a member needs them. Moreover, the policy also has provisions that support wrestlers with counseling or advice programs related to psychological issues.

Why Was The WWE Wellness Policy Introduced?

Why Was The WWE Wellness Policy Introduced?

The primary impetus behind the introduction of this wellness policy was to protect WWE’s athletes from potential harm. Wrestling is an intense sport and, as such, carries some inherent risks for its performers.

From regular contact injuries to long-term health issues triggered by steroid use and addiction problems—these are just some of many various possible threats common practice members face daily when they compete inside professional wrestling circles.

Therefore, via adhering to set-out guidelines under this policy – promotion officials can help minimize negative influences conditions hence ensuring wrestler’s safety even outside of their active career years when not on payroll due various financial arrangements leading stars may agree upon like royalties associated merchandises rights; what happens further along their lives after being forced retire early due execution fatigue which could result in physical conditions requiring extra medical attention months decades follow up into retirement stages former employees existent pension plans otherwise inaccessible without unionization payouts that were lost before major diffences from worker classifications working under several other federations mainly independent ones where getting medical insurance mostly impossible.

How Does The Wellness Policy Work?

Under the WWE Wellness Policy guidelines are well laid out detail-oriented framework covering every aspect it involves since every presenter must go through periodic evaluations starting with consultation periods prior joining organization assessment validity obtained any applicable prescriptions then running another testing bound regulations covered subsequently until trailing period procuring stringent results entry-wise continuing throughout annual tests all while fully providing resources assistance attendants required gaining passing status.

In the event wrestlers test harmful substances traceable in their system levels exceeds constraints permitted legally under rules violation penalties enforced often varying factors severity first-time offenses through mere suspensions firing outcomes ensuing multiple recurrences probationary statuses given leading conclusions possible depending circumstances surrounding extenuating variables present .


WWE’s commitment towards promoting safe practices amongst beneficiaries such as wrestlers as well employees working backstage provides standards appreciated their industry. This informative article has helped readers understand what the Wellness Policy is, its importance towards welfare, and how the policy works.

The unique features in which WWEs wellness policies retain have set itself from other entertainers in this field like introduction alcoholism treatment programs committed free rehab resources counseling and advice psychological problems-oriented combine both mental physical well-being of active athletes it protects- promoting responsibility on not just athletes but also each individual worker participating this performances who shares environment performance members. Ultimately, these measures ensure that professional wrestling can continue to be enjoyed for years to come – without putting anyone’s health or wellbeing at risk.