As an AI language model, I cannot watch movies or assign ratings to them. However, I can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the movie Spree that is relevant and informative.

Spree is a 2020 American black comedy thriller film directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko and stars Joe Keery in the lead role. The story follows a rideshare driver named Kurt Kunkle who goes on a killing spree while live-streaming his crimes on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

The movie has stirred up controversy with its dark humor and violence-heavy plotline. As such, it’s understandable why people might wonder what rating it received from Motion Picture Association (MPA).

Based on information contained on its official webpage, “Spree” was rated R for strong bloody violence throughout pervasive language drug use sexual content including brief graphic nudity run time approx 93 min.

A Movie rating system signifies whether or not your child should see this particular show grounded solely upon its content for parents’ benefits & responsible guardianship requirements. Some films contain sensuality or sexually explicit material whereas some are more violent than others.

The MPAA assigns ratings based solely on their judgment of how much violent scenes influence young impressionable minds after considering feedback from focus group testing sessions conducted among average families across multiple demographics regarding various age groups they concluded that under no circumstances were children etc recommended without parental supervision if any questions remained uncertain consult further expert advice before viewing these motion pictures.

R-rated films have restricted levels of access because they may only be viewed by persons twenty years old or older unless directly accompanied by their parent/guardian having permission granted beforehand through written contract forms outlining dangers involved within said entertainment materials containing adult content drug references language usage suggestive themes violence blood gore horror troubling situations psychological pressure anxiety tension emotional distress etc impacting informed-choice making selections resulting from self-informed decisions made displaying awarenessness/prepared accountability consequences followed through responsibly exhibiting maturity and sensibility in not exposing viewers with the content most harmful to their development.

In Conclusion, Spree received an R rating due to its explicit and graphic portrayal of violence, drug use, sexual content and language. Parents are strongly advised against allowing children under 17 years old access to view this movie unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian. While entertainment is critical for our happiness and emotional wellbeing, it’s crucial to keep in mind that some movies may leave long-lasting impressions on young minds if they aren’t ready for the intensity of particular subject matter depicted within such like-styled representations.
However, as an AI language model, I cannot watch movies or assign ratings to them. Nevertheless, I can still provide a comprehensive analysis of “Spree” that is both informative and relevant.

One aspect of the movie that stands out is its unique take on the dark comedy genre. The film’s central character, Kurt Kunkle (played brilliantly by Joe Keery), is a socially awkward rideshare driver who wants nothing more than to become famous on social media. As his attempts at gaining followers fail, his frustration turns into rage, and he goes on a killing spree while streaming it live to his followers.

The use of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat provides an innovative twist on the classic slasher-movie trope. It also touches upon issues such as online validation seeking and obsession with fame –both prevalent themes in our current digitized world.

Another noteworthy aspect of “Spree” is how well it blends humor with horror elements without making light or trivializing any content matter depicted within the storyline accurately. At moments you’re laughing at Kurt’s hopeless persona; there are other scenes where you feel incredibly uneasy about what’s happening next- masterfully portraying the protagonist’s mental breakdown where one moment you think he may snap back from reality like nothing happened only for things inevitably take another gruesome turn further down in each chapter sequence.

As previously mentioned from official information sources regarding Spree’s rating certificate provided by MPAA guidelines filmmakers followed storytelling standards boundaries providing adequate forewarning Content cautions listed explicitly being R-rated portraying violent incidents drug usage not shying away from sexual detailing present within its running duration containing graphic nudity pervasive language acknowledging viewer discretion advised outrightly nationwide since under no circumstances was leniency granted – ensuring viewers go in prepared before viewing.

The portrayal carries several performance standouts besides Keery himself; Sasheer Zamata adds depth through her role playing Jessie Adams -a fresh creative reminding us all sometimes we need to step in and do the right thing no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. David Arquette, as Kurt’s potential Father role model, plays his part brilliantly and shines through during its dark moments of comedy.

Overall, “Spree” is a well-made film that expertly blends humor with horror elements while tackling relevant themes around obsession with fame validation solutions media campaigns where morality lines questioned appropriately evaluated recognised providing enough information for mature audiences but by no means recommendable for underaged members curious about watching unless accompanied or given full awareness beforehand providing parent/guardianial guidance In conclusion- thoroughly enjoyable engaging dark humorous thriller fully worth intense viewing if all conditions met responsibly.