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Planet Fitness has become one of the most popular gym chains in recent years due to its non-judgmental atmosphere and affordable prices for members. The company opened its doors back in 1992 and had grown tremendously since then, having over 2,000 locations across the United States and Canada in 2021.

One common question that many individuals ask is regarding the age limit for Planet Fitness membership. In this article, we will dive deeper into what determines someone’s eligibility to join Planet Fitness and what services are offered at their facilities.

What Is The Minimum Age Limit For A Planet Fitness Membership?

What Is The Minimum Age Limit For A Planet Fitness Membership?

For any individual looking to take up a membership with Planet fitness, they must meet specific eligibility requirements set by each location’s management.

In most cases, there isn’t a minimum age requirement as per the global franchise guidelines of Planet Fitness; however, certain restrictions exist depending on your local branch’s policies. Some club franchises have rules preventing children under 13 from using their equipment without adult supervision because it can pose a safety risk (e.g., touching hot equipment surfaces).

In general practice within US locations where no clear cut-off exists: minors between ages thirteen (13) – fifteen (15) years old must be accompanied by an adult member or guardian when working out in some Franchise regions like Alabama have also implemented specific policies related to age and membership types —meaning juvenile-oriented packages cost slightly less than typical arrangements catered towards adults(older than sixteen).

However acceptable exceptions apply these regimes during weekdays past midnight early mornings ranging from five am till eight am “have terms waived”. Hence minor training may not overlap with heavier crowds made up mostly from mature members who pay full charges monthly($10-$21 dues onward plus extra fees optional perks/trainer sessions as add-on options.)

How Does Youth Access Pertaining To The Planet Fitness Facilities Work?

How Does Youth Access Pertaining To The Planet Fitness Facilities Work?

As mentioned earlier in this article, in general practice minors do not have access to the facilities without an accompanying or supervising individual of age.

Some establishments allow a parent/guardian-signed membership consent form for a kiddo that wants to use their facility. This applies mainly after meeting requisite prerequisites such as having no medical health hazards or conditions that require less strenuous activities (e.g., mild asthma with breathing exercise mandates). Subjecting these regulations will determine if being deemed too young for solo workouts may not apply due to results from medical examination and signed waivers enlisting parental responsibility should anything go wrong within the fitness establishment’s premises.

Youth representatives under eighteen years must abide by all off-limit areas like steam rooms, lockers; on-site children’s playpen(“PF Teen Zone”)supervised by trainers specialized in prepping the teenage demographic between thirteens-sixteen-year-olds needing exercise guidance.

What Services Are Offered By Planet Fitness For Teens And Adults Alike?

One of the differentiators between various gyms today is what they offer beyond standard gym equipment sets. This can range from personal training sessions guided by professionals/senseis familiarized with each branch layout specifically tailored workout programs based on your current fitness levels customized meal plans, integrated apps you can download onto smartphones/tablets tracking progress/results against target metrics set out during consultation meetings before application submitted such features aim easier navigation around facilities promoting faster feedback towards improving overall wellness goals.

These services provided above enable minors joining members experiencing difficulties accessing them more than those 18+. Hence parents/legal guardians are encouraged to keep track of their child full experience regularly discussing it jointly concerning performance outcome assessments maintaining open-ended communication driving better expectations via reasonable gains over time witnessed through updates they receive on active disputes resolved in favor shortly thereafter receiving them alert messages regarding improvements made nationally involving relevant policy changes related to safety and hygiene guidelines post-Covid-19 era.


Planet Fitness is a fabulous workout establishment providing individuals of all ages and backgrounds with top-of-the-line equipment, professional guidance, the latest technological fitness advancements, 24/7 availability in some areas due to location setup like Longmont offering flexibility membership options ranging from single use passes or yearly contracts. Ultimately following guidelines formulated by respective franchise managements distribute rules addressing adequate usage principles toward minors’ health/safety. Which inadvertently holds a public note emphasized through it’s frequently recurring slogan “Judgment Free Zone” welcoming people willing to take their health into their own hands seriously regardless of external factors such as age,race,nationality,color or physical traits – at Planet Fitness every individual’s journey towards fulfilling healthy lifestyle awaits!