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Ticketmaster has long been the go-to ticketing platform for fans who want to see their favorite artists perform live. With its vast network of events and concert venues, Ticketmaster offers a one-stop-shop for both event organizers and music enthusiasts.

One of the most sought-after features provided by Ticketmaster is artist presales. But what exactly are artist presales? How do they work? And why are they so popular among fans?

This article will dive into these questions and help shed some light on how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to secure your tickets before anyone else does.

What Is Artist Presale On Ticketmaster?

What Is Artist Presale On Ticketmaster?

In its simplest form, an artist presale refers to a period of time when artists or bands offer special access codes that allow fans to purchase tickets before they become available to the general public. These unique codes may be distributed via fan clubs, social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook, email newsletters, or other forms of direct marketing.

Typically lasting anywhere from 24 hours up to several days prior to public sale dates; these pre-sales enable dedicated fans like yourself early access (sometimes with discounted pricing) so you can get first dibs on seats at concerts for your favorite performers – often with opportunities for VIP seating options not offered during general availability sales periods later.

Given competitive demand across worldwide tours each year though thousands beyond free gift giveaways come calling trying their hand at these valuable deals – making it critical that interested buyers act quickly upon finding where those secret signals enter correct boxes!

Many times only certain credit card holders may qualify if partnered rewards programs are included easing path further down offshoots also confident customers relax knowing trusty & efficient payment methods processed safely Transactions stored accordingly backed by strong customer service teams ensuring all rules followed closely.

How Does Artist Presale Work on Ticketmaster?

How Does Artist Presale Work on Ticketmaster?

If you’re lucky enough to have a pre-sale code, here’s how the process works:

1. Log into your Ticketmaster account or create one if you don’t already have one.
2. Search for the event page where your favorite performer will be playing.
3. Select the appropriate ticket type and number of tickets you want to purchase.
4. Enter your unique presale code in the designated field at checkout.
5. Complete your transaction by entering all required payment and personal information.

Once completed, this means that you’ve successfully reserved seats prior to open public sales dates – but they are not considered “finalized” until actual delivery via email or hard copy postal mail depending upon chosen mailing preferences during checkout placement within time available before show(s) date arrives hopefully things going without a hitch!

Why Artists Use Presales

The music industry is highly competitive, with thousands of artists vying for attention from fans around the world while keeping track of market demand across multiple facets can become quite cumbersome! As such, artists must adapt their marketing strategies continually – including use of smart artist presale campaigns alongside more traditional advertising methods like social media mentions which allows both established acts & up-and-coming performers alike aim directly at core supporters during early stages growth development preppng them better positioned organic reach when promoting future events times as they grow ahead above others using it effectively positioning themselves as dedicated supporters’ long-term favorites delivering additional benefits feasible transactions between partners sharing sale profits further expanding fan base participation over time helping develop increasingly intricate collaborative networks amongst wider audience ranges lastly interaction improvements due increased trust developed can keep customers coming back routinely thoughtfully produced potentially rewarding forms repeated business relationships yields tangible results eventually maturing interests cultivated through numerous successful shows sold out crowds year after year – resulting increased revenue ultimately supporting artistic endeavors along way making everyone involved happy with positive end-to-end outcomes solidifying industry security for years come.


In conclusion, artist presales on Ticketmaster are an exceptional opportunity for music fans to secure their seats before the general public can purchase them at face value. By taking advantage of pre-sales codes or even having exclusive credit card access; fans gain early access and seating options with ease while artists’ collaborate successful transactions helping cultivate deeper customer appreciation coupled with trustworthiness streamlined communication channels allows everybody involved benefitting from more effective commerce targeted goals.

Never miss your chance to grab high-demand tickets again by registering to follow related artists’ social media accounts, email newsletters, And joining relevant fan clubs leading up events!