As an AI language model, I do not condone or promote any negative actions such as breaking the law, therefore it is important to state that being in jail is not something positive nor admirable.

Dance Moms was a reality television series that first premiered on Lifetime on July 13, 2011. The show follows young dancers and their mothers as they work under the tutelage of strict dance instructor Abby Lee Miller at her Pittsburgh-based studio – the Abby Lee Dance Company.

Throughout its seven-year run, Dance Moms has been full of drama and controversy – from arguments between the moms to disagreements with Abby over choreography decisions. However, one particular incident stood out among them all: when Abby Lee Miller went to jail.

The episode where Abby goes to jail aired during Season 7B Episode 17 of Dance Moms on August 22nd, 2017. However, before diving into what happened in this episode it’s crucial to understand how events led up to it.

In October 2015, just two years before she went to prison; Miller was indicted by a federal grand jury for bankruptcy fraud and concealment of bankruptcy assets. She had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2010 but allegedly concealed income more than $775,000 which included earnings from Dance Moms as well as spin-off shows including “Abby’s Ultimate Studio” — until finally being caught and charged.

After months go by since her indictment announcement found fame after getting sentenced live while trying not cry in front court cameras program Dancing With Stars! In May of that same year (2016), she pleaded guilty.

On March 27th of the following year (2017) she was sentenced – receiving one year and one day prison sentences. In addition Judge Joy Flowers Conti fine Miller $40K for violating currency reporting laws occurring November-December rang up hotel charges exceeding $10k overseas failing report took over California airport synthetic currency under $10k.

As a result of her legal troubles, Abby announced that she would be stepping down as the coach of the Abby Lee Dance Company via an Instagram post on March 26th, 2017. That same month Miller also underwent emergency spinal surgery which later led to her own diagnosis with cancer and operations related to it.

At this point in time, there was no certainty about what would come next for Abby or even if she would ever return to Dance Moms again. Nevertheless, season seven B continued with guest coaches taking over for Miller during competitions all the while knowing A routine regarding suicide might have played a part in some other disturbing thoughts occupied everyone’s mind throughout that dark period (something not mentioned directly in any episode but rumored so).

Fast forward to August 22nd and Season 7B Episode 17 titled “Out With Abby” which begins by showing clips from previous episodes where the girls are talking about their futures now that they won’t be dancing under Miller anymore. The moms share their thoughts on this decision too—some expressing relief and others feeling torn since it had become such an important part of their lives over several years.

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As she prepares for her departure and the studio’s last competition without Miller, one of her replacements – Cheryl Burke, another Dancing With The Stars alum; enters with surprising news after discussing what had transpired about coaching was offered permanent position club has additional opportunities upcoming month hints at something special temporary arrangement will move forward any hard feelings between them.

Abby Lee Miller wasn’t there since she had already started serving time in prison for fraud before the filming happened. However, it is implied that some scenes from this episode could have been filmed before Abby went to jail.

In conclusion, Abby Lee Miller’s sentencing to prison was a turning point on Dance Moms- ending an era of drama which captivated audiences but ultimately led the coach down a dark path of legal trouble stemming from serious financial crimes involved bankruptcy which affects thousands across America every year. Nonetheless, lessons can be drawn from this example urging people to live righteously and stay away from criminal activities—no matter how tempting they may appear along life’s journey.