Jojo Siwa, the bubbly and talented dancer that stole the hearts of millions with her fierce personality and jaw-dropping dance moves, had a long run on Lifetime’s hit show Dance Moms. Jojo joined the series in its fifth season as part of Abby Lee Miller’s elite competition team.

Despite being known for having a go-getter attitude, fans were shocked to see that Jojo would eventually decide to leave the show after several years of dancing under Abby’s tutelage. But what was the episode where she officially announced her departure from Dance Moms? We’re here to break it down for you.

Jojo Siwa first began dancing when she was just two years old. She fell in love with hip hop dance styles and quickly made a name for herself as a talented young dancer. In 2015, she auditioned for Lifetime’s Dance Moms during its fifth season taping- but failed to make it on the show.

However, fate would have it that Jojo’s star power caught producers’ attention soon after Season Five premiered. They invited her back on Season Six of Dance Moms as part of Abby’s ALDC Jr Elite Competition team- where she proved herself by giving standout performances week after week – often winning solos and duets against other competitors.

As time went on throughout Season Six, Jojo continued making headlines not only because of her talent but also due to how confident and outspoken she was at such an early age – already proving why many viewed her as destined for success in both sport or entertainment industries alike..

That said- There were some signs indicating change might be coming when TMZ reported back in June 2016 that Siwa had signed a deal with Nickelodeon Networks – which indicated this may lead towards taking less classes & appearances as an ALDC junior member under mentorship from Abby Lee Miller especially since footage leaked online seems showed potential conflict between them too; As Studio Head Coach did not appear to be happy with Jojo’s involvement in other projects outside of the show and had concerns it may interfere with her ability to perform at her best.

Fast forward a few months later, on September 20th during Season Six episode thirteen (titled “ALDC Does Vegas”) – one that will forever go down as the last episode we saw Jojo Siwa partake in under Dance Moms – Abby is put up against Kendall Vertes after their mothers begin quarreling about who gets the solos for their daughters.

After challenging dance rehearsals caused knee pain & feeling emotional due to tensions between Miller’s team members- In front of everyone present including cameras, JoJo confessed she was no longer interested in taking classes or competitions without some creative control over what she performs while on set.

Abby Lee wasn’t pleased since that attitude would likely prevent ALDC from winning future competitions (as Abby puts it: “I’ll never forget this moment when my dancers let me down”); But mentioned Synergy with Nickelodeon again which by now became clearer as extra commitments likely made scheduling harder than ever before. Also previously revealing her intent towards pushing young talents such as Mackenzie Ziegler much more than Siwa prompting viewership speculation if that was among many reasons behind JoJo wanting out too…

So there you have it – September 20th, Season Six’s thirteenth episode entitled “ALDC Does Vegas” featured an emotional farewell from the talented dancer known as Jojo Siwa who announced she’d be stepping away from showbiz rivalry life amidst disagreements about creative freedom and having greater say over self presentation choices onstage. Fans were left shocked but always eager for whatever new adventures lay ahead for this unique talent!
Jojo Siwa is a name that has become synonymous with talent, energy and infectious personality. This young dancer first gained recognition as part of Abby Lee Miller’s team on the hit show Dance Moms, but it was her impressive skills combined with her bubbly attitude that made her stand out from the rest.

From a very tender age of just two years old, Jojo had shown an interest in hip hop dance styles and this led to a passion for dancing which she pursued throughout her childhood. When Lifetime first approached Jojo to take part in its highly popular program Dance Moms during Season Five taping in 2015, many believed that this would be an excellent breakthrough opportunity for her.

However, while she initially failed to make it onto the show upon auditioning at age eleven – Jojo didn’t let this deter her ambition towards pursuing dance as a career choice, casting producers were quick enough to spot potential from interviews where they noticed great positive feedback form fans about seeing JoJo perform online too such as YouTube videos and social media posts featuring clips showcasing both skill & unique personality alike .

It wasn’t until Season Six of Dance Moms when Abby Lee Miller offered Siwa another chance by inviting her back onto ALDC Jr Elite Competition team- whose involvement truly put distance between herself among talented teammates like Mackenzie Ziegler who’d been consistent members since earlier seasons.

As the weeks went by on Season Six of Dance Moms – viewers began experiencing something special whenever Jojo appeared on screen thanks to iconic performances including fan favorites like “Boomerang” tribute references plus other creative choreography choices (which often involved glittery outfits or bows) – all flashes reminiscent with what we now know today; A signature representation behind JoJo’s authentic spirit cemented further still through Nickelodeon series appearances followed later afterward along with continued success within other industries thanks again largely due recognition factors specific towards aforementioned initial award winning attention-grabbing routines weighing heavily in personal brand identity.

However- as much as Siwa shined during her time on Dance Moms, it was also apparent that there were challenges she must overcome in the entertainment industry; Some of which were highlighted by her conflicts with Abby Lee Miller. As reported back in June 2016, however after signing up with Nickelodeon Networks came increased expectation surrounding frequency of appearances plus other relevant scheduling difficulties like potential broadcast content viewing timelines not aligning well amid taking classes or competing at high levels (as well movement beyond ALDC).

It wasn’t long before tensions between Siwa and Abby began to escalate over who gets what solos for their daughters until It all came to a head during Season Six’s thirteenth episode “ALDC Does Vegas” where Jojo announced that she would no longer be participating within Dance Moms showbiz rivalry life due creative differences triggering acceleration towards an abrupt final departure from the Lifetime series altogether following having reached understanding both parties required freedom & independence respectively necessary develop then grow best.

In conclusion – despite facing obstacles such as these while playing an important role on Dance Moms, Jojo Siwa remained true to herself throughout it all and continued working hard towards achieving new goals beyond this chapter. Her infectious personality combined with impressive dance skills has undoubtedly won many hearts around the world making her one of the most recognizable faces across various platforms today. Whatever JoJo chooses next we can guarantee excitement will follow; She is one fierce talent everyone can agree should never be underestimated!