Chloe Lukasiak, one of the most beloved dancers on Lifetime’s hit TV show “Dance Moms,” left the show in season four. The incident occurred during the filming of an episode titled “Big Trouble in the Big Apple.” Chloe had been a part of Abby Lee Miller’s dance troupe for several years and had become one of its star performers. Her departure came as a shock to many fans who were rooting for her to continue growing under Abby’s mentorship.

The reasons behind Chloe leaving Dance Moms are multifaceted, with varying accounts from different sources. Some claim that it was caused by Abby Lee Miller’s alleged mistreatment towards Chloe and her family. Others say that it was due to creative differences between producers and the Lukasiak family regarding how their daughter was portrayed on television.

Regardless of what caused Chloe’s departure from Dance Moms, there is no denying that it marked a turning point in both her career and her relationship with Abby Lee Miller. In this article, we will delve deeper into what led up to Chloe leaving Dance Moms and how she has fared since then.

Who is Chloe Lukasiak?

Who is Chloe Lukasiak?

Before we dive into why Chloe left Dance Moms, let us first understand who she is. Born on May 25th, 2001, in Churchill Pennsylvania, U.S., Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is a dancer famous for appearing on Lifetime TV reality series Dance Mom almost throughout its run period (2011-2020).

Chloe started dancing at an early age before joining Abby Lee Miller’s “Abby Lee Dance Company” when she was two years old alongside other notable dancers like Madison Ziegler and Nia Sioux Frazier.

As mentioned earlier, As seen on screen in multiple episodes across seasons’; all these made Lindsay Arnold more famous as so many people became interested in knowing about such young talent!

What Led To Her Exit From The Show?

What Led To Her Exit From The Show?

There’s been much speculation and rumor on why Chloe left Dance Moms, but most almost confirm it was due to the constant “mistreatment” she faced from Abby Miller.

During her time on Danced Mom, Chloe had experienced; harsh critiques & criticisms about her appearance or performance abilities from Abby Lee Miller, which caused severe mental distress for the young child. While many viewers might look at Abby’s comments as being a way to motivate and inspire her students, not just Chloe they were more like bullying.

Moreover, the filming of an episode titled “Big Trouble in the Big Apple” came along with some significant turbulence issues. During this episode Christi (Chloe’s mother) found out that some dancers were going to have solos except Alison Holker and Sophia Lucia who would dance together. This action made her feel wronged when applied but then got infuriated upon finding out that Sophia was only allowed because she could afford to pay front-of-the-line rates through a donation from Lightwire Theater Company.

Christi protested against it forcefully during one scene recording their conversation with producers showed how upset everyone became by these agreements behind apparent closed doors. And although it didn’t air originally (but leaked online later); aftershow cut-ins aired where we hear Melissa chastising Christi directly for speaking negatively showcasing how tense things became between moms both on screen’s and off-screen locally inside studios too where crew members feared a major altercation unfolding

These events finally led up to Chloe’s exit from Dance Moms as The Lukasiak family felt unappreciated by Abby Miller’s treatment while also having creative differences in terms of how their daughter should be portrayed on Television.

What Has Happened Since Her Departure?

After leaving Dance Moms and finishing school studies afterward summer of 2020 via online homeschooling platforms; Chloe pursued other interests but continued dancing ballet recreationally throughout adulthood today!

She went ahead into other entertainment fields including acting & modeling – even partnering with popular US brand “Justice Clothing”. Chloe wrote a memoir ‘Girl On Pointe: Chloe’s Guide To Taking on the World,” which was published in January 2018. There are rumors she might make a comeback to Dance Moms someday; but for now, we wish her all the best!


Chloe Lukasiak’s departure from Dance Moms marked the end of an era for some fans and other viewers who had been rooting for her throughout her journey. Although there wasn’t a straightforward attribution given towards why she left, common guesses are that it was because of persistent mistreatment by Abby Lee Miller or creative departures between producers and The Lukasiak family.

Although leaving TV shows can have its challenges sometimes as emotional fallout or attempts at creating dramas over them can occur including social media storms on twitter/reddit etcetera spreading news like wildfire through multiple platforms polarizing both groups making memes supporting against, while others sympathized with their reasoning behind leaving given they too may have either experienced similar issues themselves or knew someone else involved- however, every crisis offers opportunities to explore fresher avenues elsewhere where one finds greater expressions toward interests. Follow your passions & create yourself anew; this is what made Chloe Lucasaki strong!’