If you’re a meat lover, then a juicy and succulent steak is probably one of your favorite treats. A perfectly cooked steak is the ultimate showstopper at any dinner table or restaurant, but it can be hard to determine what “medium well” really means – and how to achieve just the right level of doneness without undercooking or overcooking.

In this article, we’ll explore in detail what medium-well steak looks like so that you can impress your guests with perfectly cooked beef every time.

What Does Medium-Well Steak Mean?

What Does Medium-Well Steak Mean?

Before we delve into what medium well-done steak looks like let’s start by discussing what it means. When ordering a steak from a restaurant menu, there are generally four basic categories that you need to know: rare, medium-rare, medium and well done. Within each category lies some wiggle room – for example you might order “a touch more on the rare side” or “just past medium”. Generally speaking though here’s how they break down:

Rare – The internal temperature should come out between 125°F to 130°F (51°C to 54°C). It requires little cooking time on high heat.

Medium Rare – This internal temperature ranges from 130°F to 135°F (54°C to 57°C) which takes around two minutes longer than rare cooking time

Medium – With an average internal temperature of around “140-150 degrees Fahrenheit” (60°to65 °C), this is considered the ‘sweet spot’ for most diners who prefer their steaks pinker in the center.

Medium Well – The same cuts as above but larger sizes would require direct heat up front followed by indirect cooking till inside reaches “150-155 °F ”(79° C)

Well Done– Cooking until all visible pink color disappears and its reading shows“160-170 F”ultimatelyachievinga firm texture and leathery exterior.

Medium-well is the coveted step between medium and well-done, which takes us closer to 150°F (66°C). However, there are no hard and fast rules, so restaurants might have a slightly different definition based on chefs preferences as well as individual cooking methods.

The perfect grilling time will depend not only on your preferred level of doneness but also on the thickness of the steak being cooked on your grill or skillet. As a general rule, a one-inch thick steak needs around 12-14 minutes to cook until medium-well done temperature if grilled over direct heat with room temperature or warm meat. With this information in mind let’s dive deeper into what makes for an ideally cooked medium-well-done steak.

What Does Medium-Well Steak Look Like?

What Does Medium-Well Steak Look Like?

One of the most crucial aspects when it comes to determining whether your steak is perfectly cooked depends upon its internal temperature – but since you can’t see inside during cooking how do you know? The best way is by taking advantage of visual cues from the outside appearance that gives clues about greater internal changes happening while grading it against optimal structural benchmarks like flavor and tenderness Here’s an overview:


There are some key color characteristics that define medium-well steaks apart from other degrees of doneness like rare or even medium-rare: Myoglobin levels decrease corresponds directly with interior pinkness. Pink juice signifies undercooking while dark red can indicate improper handling before cooking.

The external portion must be seared till crusty brown while allowing adequate cooking throughout its thicker cuts; meaningno visible pink zones making its petals appear more uniformly colored all around and naturally juicier looking cuts without getting too dry.


Besides temperature, texture should serve as another important guide assessing browning patterns,textural resilience,rugged outer-charred surface away from raw areas especially near fatty sections promising tastiness whilst guarding against dreaded greyish layers forming along internal seams mostly due to excessive heat application,which drains the meat of its moisture.

Fat Content

One of the advantages of cooking at medium-well temperature is it lightly renders fat within meat fibers and enhances flavor resulting in an increased depth of juiciness that not only creates a succulent consistency but also highlights the meat’s unique character. However, overcooking too much can result in dryness making your precious steak tough and chewy so be mindful of this during preparation.


Cooking an ideal medium-well-done steak is truly a balancing act between tenderness;flavor retention-while properly searing without sacrificing internal water content.Aside from measuring its temperature to ascertain doneness visuallyexamineits color,caramelized-crust-patterns,the amount and distribution of fat,browning levels especially around edges where fibers fundamentally get heated quickly,and overall adherence to rigidity or flexibility benchmarks.Try different temperatures on distinct cuts for enjoyable revelation while looking out for other features that infuse taste. After mastering how to cook at medium well done-winning good grilling techniques will lead you authority in preparing delectable savory meals that are sure to impress every time by hitting just the right notes!