Carvana is one of the latest wave of companies that’s revolutionizing car buying. Based in Tempe, Arizona, Carvana has streamlined the car-buying experience by shifting much of it online—a trend that has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic—and offering perks like free delivery and a seven-day return policy.

One way Carvana sets itself apart from traditional dealerships: It accepts trade-ins. In this article, we’ll break down how selling your used car to Carvana works so you can decide if it’s a good option for you.

How does trading in work at Carvana?

How does trading in work at Carvana?

Step 1: Get an estimate

Step 1: Get an estimate

The first step is getting an estimate for your vehicle. You can do this quickly and easily on Carvana’s website by entering your car’s make, model, year, mileage and features . If all goes smoothly , you’ll instantly receive a preliminary offer which will not change barring obvious disclosure issues. There’s no cost or obligation to appraise through CVNA.

Step 2: Schedule a pickup or drop-off
If you like our offer after reviewing pending inspection of your vehicle disclosures via pictures then simply respond “accept” to obtain purchase agreement contract or any other further logistics communication from us per State DMV regulations around title transfer paperwork signing process. We’ll come pick up the car for inspections either outside your house or work parking lot depending upon convenience as state laws allows while discussing any special needs with regards related documents handling etc.

Alternatively some states also permit bringing their vehicles to one of our vending machines / customer care centers – but others may find it more convenient having us coming to them directly instead accordingly as per distance location considerations

If dropping off in-person appeals better just confirm appointment date/time well ahead providing both phone contact details exchangeable access info so team member agreed arrangements are clear when we arrive.

A helpful tip – take out all personal items/belongings/car mats/extra key sets that don’t go with the car you are selling so as to make Visual and Mechanical Inspection smoother

Step 3: Verify vehicle condition
At car inspection, Vehicle is checked by a trained inspector for accidents , physical damage , operational issues etc. Any discrepancies along with realistic lower offer number may be communicated immediately after evaluation pictures/reports submission or made via post inspection phone update.

Sellers who accept the brought-forth counteroffer will continue through Carvana’s process without any additional fees. However those declining our updated offer due differing on seller disclosed pre-pickup inspection representations related concerns can choose between having their vehicle returned back at no cost ( standard processing time frame of upto2 weeks apply depending upon location) or sell us their trade-in accepting modified terms offered.

If for any reason, Carvana declines to purchase your vehicle based on final review result – we’ll gladly provide documented non discriminatory documentation stating specific reasons around it if required by regulatory authorities while additionally advising other available alternatives options.).

Step 4: Finalize deal
Once everything is verified and both parties agree upon a fair price buyers are requested to sign over their title certificate and submit all applicable DMV forms at handover of car keys/paper agreements. During this time an expert Care Advocate can carefully answer queries regarding next steps ensuring full understanding across both sides upfront all transactions so there for no surprises downchain from delivery shipment logistics.
Carvana purchases very wide range of vehicles but worthy watching this video first here-

How does Carvana determine trade-in value?

Like many dealerships they also rely mostly on industry-standard resources such as book value guides like Kelly Blue Book (KBB™), Edmunds™, BlackBook amongst others only – but combine individual-specific criteria assessments too – hence transparency in portraying actual market trends insights become crucial .

Factors include age/mileage/condition/market conditions at time of appraisal, location and demand all go in consideration after initial briefing level remote inspection till final platform readiness verifications before authorization to complete transaction occurs

Some other details that influence Vehicle Offer Factoring Calculation may include:
– odometer reading (higher mileage generally means lower offer value)
– presence of accidents or previous damage history
– routine maintenance history (Make sure to click “Yes” if your vehicle has had regular service completed – these records can be an asset towards getting the best offer possible. )

Historical Auction Sales Data records along with Customer reviews and feedbacks help fluctuation analysis /community oriented approach .
Carvana is committed to doing everything it can to deliver for its customers quality, convenience , confidence pricewise – including fairer trade-ins which benefits folks much more than traditional dealerships tend toward on average.

What are some alternative ways to sell a car?

You might prefer selling your car through private sales or used-car trades-in but both have their pros/ cons so let’s review those too-
In Private Selling situations key rewards seem most often by maximizing potential sale/gown money wise since there mobile versions offers like CarMax™ appraiser tool latest comparison websites making transactions easier than ever before other support groups apps etc while also giving way more flexibility timing-wise.
However this requires putting considerably more effort into process compared instead trading cars especially nearest offered CCNA existing vending sites surely they do confirm overcharged credit valuations then creating personal online posting advertising managing buyer outreach/review showings attentiveness towards proper documentation/delivery title transfer completion payments final handover de-registration road permit handing legally initiated .}

As far as dealerships, you’ll normally have less control over price negotiations but quicker paperwork processing efficiency service somewhere applicable – taxes/liabilities paid upfront minimal long distance social interaction physical contact exposure issues too relative normal buying experience does come handy if someone’s looking not investing extra time resources in researching niche cash offers.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, Carvana provides a straightforward way to trade in your car online with clear and concise step-by-step procedures while pricing potentially giving you more competitive offers than alternative options offered by competing players or even greater care/ attention towards COVID-safe Process implementations. Although it may not be for everyone , given vagaries of individual circumstances personal choice still plays larger role as best “fit” all round especially working through COVID times/new normal workflows .

However As Deric Cahill quoted- “Selling a vehicle shouldn’t take weeks, require dozens of phone calls or involve haggling over unrelated add-ons.” So stick to principles which match these objectives – transparency/simplistic speed/services consumers desire without compromising on standard requirement related safety-net features sellers require implicitly .