When you use Turo, the car-sharing platform that allows individuals to rent out their vehicles to others, you may come across additional fees on top of the rental cost. One such expense is the trip fee, which covers services like 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance.

But what happens if you decide to cancel your reservation or have an issue during your trip? Is the Turo trip fee refundable?

The short answer is no. According to Turo’s policy, “Trip Fees are non-refundable except in certain extenuating circumstances.”

However, it’s important to note that Turo also offers a Guest Refund Policy that provides some protection for renters in case of unexpected issues with their trips.

Here’s everything you need to know about Turo’s trip fee and when you might be eligible for a refund.

What Is the Turo Trip Fee?

What Is the Turo Trip Fee?

Before we dive into refunds, let's first understand what exactly the Turo trip fee covers.

Before we dive into refunds, let’s first understand what exactly the Turo trip fee covers.

The trip fee is essentially a service charge added on top of the base rental price. It typically ranges from around 10-20% of the total rental cost and helps fund various features offered by Turo:

– Support: The fee goes towards paying for round-the-clock customer service representatives who can help both renters and hosts with any questions or issues they encounter.
– Roadside Assistance: If something goes wrong with your vehicle (like getting a flat tire), Turo provides access to 24/7 roadside assistance through third-party providers.
– Security & Insurance: Part of the money collected from this fee contributes towards insuring host vehicles while they’re being rented out on Turo. This insurance generally includes up to $1 million worth of liability coverage as well as collision and comprehensive coverage for physical damage.
– Other Services: The exact breakdown of what this trip charge pays for isn’t entirely transparent but could include other services related logistics such as managing car drop-off and pickup, cleaning services if needed or other features.

When Is the Turo Trip Fee Refundable?

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, it’s rare to be eligible for a refund of your trip fee. However, there are several circumstances where you might be able to recover this additional expense:

– Extenuating Circumstances: This refers to exceptional situations that are unforeseeable or beyond the renter’s control. For example, You could apply for a partial refund of the trip fee (and potentially even rental cost) if your flight is canceled due to an extreme weather event like a hurricane or tornado.
– Cancellation by Host: If your host cancels on you last minute (or less than 24 hours before pick-up), then you may be entitled to a full refund of both your rental costs and the Turo trip charge.
– Poor Condition of Vehicle: If upon arrival at pick up location you find out that vehicle has significant mechanical issues such like check engine light is on immediately when picking up car. Or maybe there is extensive damage not visible with photos provided in listing(like un-reported dents/scratches/bad smell inside etc.), in this situation we suggest taking photos(specifically including odometer readings) & Videos documenting all unacceptable conditions immediately after taking possession of vehicle which will help expedite complaints process afterwards. Documented proof submitted as evidence may support issuing refunds covering your entire reservation cost + fees charged
– Overcharging: In case of any overcharges occurred during billing (of course unlikely but mistakes happen), request made through an entry in various categories in “Support Center” along with substantial evidence can help receive back all undeservedly charged fees

If none of these situations applied and yet still facing trouble please visit ‘support center’ section within Turo app/website which is where most guest-initiated requests for cancellations & refunds will go through.

How Does Turo’s Guest Refund Policy Work?

One thing worth noting is that Turo has a separate policy called the “Guest Refund Policy” which covers renters in certain circumstances where they experience unexpected issues during their trip.

Basically, this policy acts as an additional layer of protection for renters on top of what’s provided by each host’s individual cancellation and refund policies. Guest Refund Policy applies only to trips with a check-in time between midnight (UTC) on 2022-09-27 to midnight (UTC) on 2023-03-31 that are booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Here are some situations where Turo’s Guest Refund Policy may come into play:

1) Mechanical Issues: If you encounter significant mechanical breakdowns or safety-related issues during your rental period through no fault of yours, and host fails to provide an acceptable alternative vehicle within two hours after requested then you may be eligible for a refund. However it should be noted that if problem can be fixed via roadside assistance normally issue gets resolved without refunds.
2) Cleanliness Issues: If upon arrival at pick up location you find out vehicle is unsatisfactorily clean by either impurities left after cleaning process or other sanitation problems which affect driving comfortability, you are obliged to contact owner immediately who should quickly respond while also taking pictures & videos documenting condition – but failing appropriate action being taken inside 8hrs from reporting might leave guests entitled compensation.
3) Smoking/Nicotine Related Issues: It’s against Turo policy to smoke in vehicles rented through the platform. In case of smell present due smoking, vaping products or nicotine residue left behind such as ashes or stains; This could cause passengers having allergic reactions especially if renting different cars every week/month frequent heavy smoker issue reported although stated non-smoking in listing description .So it would require verification done from third-party vendor.Who focuses mainly on identifying whether existing smells result caused special cleaning expenses($250) needed afterwards.
4) Other Issues: There are a few other scenarios not covered above like situations where host fails to provide accurate contact information or the reserved vehicle is damaged or stolen prior to your pick-up. In such cases Turo may enact Guest Refund Policy provisions which can cover subjectively measured costs incurred by guests.

It’s important to point out that Turo’s Guest Refund Policy isn’t designed as a catch-all mechanism for any dissatisfaction renters encounter during their trip. Rather, it is meant to cover reasonable compensation claims made in clear cut circumstances. For example, cleaning fee might only be reimbursed if report submitted within three hours of pickup posted by guest group whom reported smoke odor/vape smell clearly visibly present throughout rented car via video documented evidence (doors opened and closed with microphone touched directly against headliner), repeated reimbursement request without substantial evendence however won’t help case as this policy expects reliability from both sides.

Even so, understanding how this secondary protection operates could give you peace of mind when using Turo for your next trip.


If you’re booking a vehicle rental through Turo, it’s important to be aware that the trip fee collected at checkout is generally non-refundable except under certain extenuating circumstances.

However there are some ways around e.g potential refunds due from cancellation by Host because of unforeseen issues/stressful services,Cancellation coverage through Guest Refund Policy where passengers have option submitting complaint files gained impartial perspectives regarding all central problems etc.feel free investigating into these avenues before booking ensures smoother renting experience while minimizing surprises & maximizing efficiency over conflict resolution!