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When it comes to traveling and booking hotels, one of the biggest concerns people have is whether or not the travel site they are using is reliable. After all, there are countless online travel agencies on the internet these days, each claiming to offer the best deals at unbeatable prices.

One such site that’s been gaining popularity in recent years is Formerly known as International Ltd., this Chinese-based company has been around since 1999 and has grown to become one of the largest online travel agencies in Asia.

But how does stack up against other OTA giants like Expedia and More importantly, is it a dependable source for booking your next hotel stay?

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at’s features and user experience to determine just how reliable and trustworthy it really is when it comes to making hotel reservations.

What Is Trip.Com?

What Is Trip.Com?

As mentioned earlier, was founded in China back in 1999 as “Ctrip,” which stands for China Travel Reservations Network. The company quickly gained popularity among Chinese travelers looking for affordable flights and lodging options both domestically and internationally.

Over time, Ctrip expanded its offerings beyond airfare tickets alone by adding cruise bookings, car rentals, train fares, visa services – basically everything related to tourism.

Eventually renamed as in September 2018 after a series of mergers with other companies like Skyscanner (a UK-based meta-search engine) and Qunar (another Chinese OTA), its goal remains providing users with comprehensive flight + accommodation packages backed by safe payment methods & excellent customer service etc..

Is Booking through Trip.Com Safe And Secure?

Is Booking through Trip.Com Safe And Secure?

When booking hotels through any third-party website or OTA (Online Travel Agency), safety should always be top-of-mind. The last thing you want is to end up with a reservation scam or not know what steps to follow if something goes wrong on your trip.

Here are some of the safety and security measures put in place by

1. Encrypted communication: Whenever you visit, all data exchanged between your device and their servers is encrypted with TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer) standard protocol. This makes it difficult for hackers or cybercriminals to intercept any sensitive information like payment methods used during booking etc..

2. PCI Compliance: This stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which refers to a set of specific requirements companies must adhere to when processing credit/debit card payments online. has been certified as PCI-compliant since 2004, meaning they take all necessary precautions in keeping your financial information secure.

3. Customer service availability: In case you experience any issues while using – be it payment problems, confusion regarding reservations that were made, cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances- they offer 24/7 customer services via live chat support system & telephone hotlines staffed exclusively by highly-trained travel consultants Fluent English & Chinese language skills; so there will always be someone available who can help answer questions related both before/during/after trips!

These three factors alone assure potential travelers that booking through Trip.Com isn’t risky or fraudulent compared to going directly through hotel websites-direct bookings come just as quickly penalized.

The Pros And Cons Of Booking Hotels Through The Site

1. Competitive prices: One of the most significant benefits of using third-party OTA’s like is that its users have access to exclusive deals not found anywhere else Or sometimes at least much cheaper than direct-to-hotel purchases particularly during promotional seasons.

2. Wide range of hotels worldwide: You’re likely find every style from boutique properties famous chains spanning all continents with conveniently multiple filters specifically customized for your own personal preferences and specific needs.

3. Transparent booking and cancellation policy: One of the most beneficial attributes that this platform has is its well-detailed policies related to changing, canceling, or revoking their hotel reservations; offers several flexible options & even refunds are available under certain circumstances as detailed on the website Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages.

4. Multiple payment methods accepted: Another advantage of booking hotels through is the myriad of payment methods offered card payments by Visa / Mastercard American Express or bank transfers through Paypal; this feature certainly caters to travelers in different countries across diverse financial opportunities who may have difficulty procuring accommodations due to lacking other acceptable forms of currency for direct payments at check-in/out.

5. Rewards system: If you book frequently through and buy several flights or hotels stays, This online travel agent rewards guest’s loyalty program called “PointsPLUS” automatically earns points which can use while making next bookings after within a period up-to three years from initial sign-up date.

1. Location accuracy issues: A few users complain about inaccurate location information available on some hotels listings detailing accurate distance estimations away from popular centers around town “may be questionable sometimes.”

2. The customer service language barrier issue since it is based in Asia offering services globally- English-speaking customer support may not always be easily accessible especially during peak tourist seasons when everyone wants immediate attention regarding itinerary amendments/issues etc..

The Verdict: Is Trip.Com Worth Booking On?

After analyzing all elements discussed above involving security measures comforting user experience confidence overall pros and cons associated with using tour provider-booking sites, we have come into conclusion Yes! Trip.Com poses one of the strongest contenders among third-party ecommerce businesses taking over international tourism guarantees convenient transactions supported by high-tech protocol security encrypted data together with dedicated help desk assistance staffed by reputable agents fluent interchangeable communication expertise bilingual English / Mandarin provides quality comparative pricing outcomes through a broad range of hotels worldwide; Plus, the Rewards System special features make it stand out as not only convenient but also potentially saving money in long term.

There is no perfect travel reseller OTA which can suit every potential traveler. Still, if you’re someone looking for affordable stays with excellent standardization and are willing to take advantage of their “PointsPLUS” reward program or have loyalty points with credit cards offered by participating banks- will definitely meet your expectations on booking reliable hotel alternatives from anywhere knowable globally.