The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is a prominent organization that describes itself as the largest leadership honor society in the United States. The NSLS claims to provide its members with valuable opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and community service. However, many people have raised questions about the legitimacy of this organization on various platforms including Reddit.

In this article, we will explore whether or not the NSLS is legit by looking at its history, mission statement, activities offered to members, membership benefits and how it compares to other leadership organizations.


The National Society of Leadership and Success was founded in 2001 by Gary Tuerack while he was a student at Binghamton University in New York. According to sources found on their website archives from August 2012 show they had about 417 chapters across colleges nationwide which increased over time to more than 700 campuses throughout US today.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The NSLS claims on their website that their “fundamental purpose is to help people discover and achieve their goals”. They seek accomplish this through supporting individuals towards discovering what they are passionate about, setting goals that align with these passions but then also helping them develop skills necessary for achieving these ambitions. For instance one such skill might be networking which students learn through attendance at networking events provided by the organization

Activities Offered

Activities Offered

Students who receive invitations from NSLS can attend free orientation seminars where they interact one-on-one with an online mentor coach chosen specifically for them who guides attendees towards identifying personal strengths & weaknesses when it comes developing things like communication techniques or increasing productivity . The group also has chapter meetings where students get together regularly during academic year so can participate in programs such as workshops relating on career readiness skills like managing your financial budget realistically making use of social media or even tips around healthly lifestyles eating habits exercise etc.. Additionally many hosting institutions grant credit hours towards graduation requirements after completion which may suggest some level acceptance legitimacy.

Membership Benefits

The National Society of Leadership and Success claims that becoming a member offers many benefits including: networking with other members; gaining access to tools and mentorship programs to help them achieve their goals; attending exclusive events featuring motivational speakers, top executives, or celebrities speaking in fields like business entrepreneurship health wellness etc.; earning certification formal recognition on resumes & reaching career milestones quicker than peers who did not participate. Some additional benefits includ being eligible for scholarships which can provide significant financial assistance towards higher education costs , discounts and savings opportunities through various partner organizations across different industries (the company advertises over 300 different partners).

Is NSLS Legit?

While the purpose behind NSLS seems noble enough, there are some individuals on Reddit who question whether the organization is legitimate. Critics point out that it does require students pay a fee ($95) however extensive attempts at fraud have not been reported. Additionally the group activities cover an array of subject area broadly such as teaching them how better communicate but there may be sceptisim about defining specific actionable outcomes . Another critique is that many people say they were promised job-ready skills training after paying this fee only to find out courses offered weren’t specifically tailored toward fast-tracking job readiness even though providing professional support was one aspect promised under membership strategies such as yearly online seminars aimed at mentoring participants towards applying successfully jobs internships while still in college.


There are several alternatives for students looking to become involved in leadership organizations. One popular international program is called Toastmasters International organization established almost 100 years back said by multiple resources including Forbes magazine offering more personalized programs geared primarily around public speaking competencies before advancing into other leadership categories whereas other prominent groups offer programs tackling similar issues faced by professionals today specifying clearer goals facilitating evidence-based strategies during events tailored according person needs.


In conclusion , The National Society of Leadership and Success appears legitimate for most intents but nonetheless has received backlash from those expressing discontent about criteria required for joining which sometimes raises questions regarding outcome what proves being promised worthwhile or should a potential member look at more established alternatives perhaps with clearer results? Nevertheless there are various benefits associated with NSLS membership if one understands personal goals thoroughly before deciding to proceed.