The Black Phone is a highly-anticipated upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Scott Derrickson. It stars Ethan Hawke and Jeremy Davies in the lead roles. The film, which revolves around the story of a young boy who is abducted and imprisoned by a serial killer, has generated a lot of buzz among horror fans worldwide.

One question that many people are asking about this movie is whether it will receive an R rating from the Motion Picture Association (MPAA). After all, horror movies tend to contain explicit violence and gore, making them unsuitable for younger audiences.

Although The Black Phone is yet to be released as of writing this article, we can make some informed guesses based on what we know about the movie so far. Here’s everything you need to know about whether The Black Phone will be rated R:

What Is An MPAA Rating?

What Is An MPAA Rating?

Before we dive into our analysis of whether The Black Phone will receive an R rating or not, let’s first familiarize ourselves with what an MPAA rating means.

The MPAA (Motion Picture Association) assigns ratings for films based on their content. These ratings provide guidance for parents and other viewers who want to know what they may see or hear when watching a particular movie. Here are the main MPAA rating categories:

- G: General audience

– G: General audience
– PG: Parental Guidance suggested
– PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned; some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.
– R: Restricted; Children under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian.
– NC-17: No one under 17 admitted

Why Might A Movie Be Rated R?

A film might earn an R rating because it contains scenes or themes that could impact younger viewers negatively. For example, if there’s too much blood and gore in a movie’s fight scenes, violent killings involving guns or knives have been shown on screen in detail then its unsuitable for children under 18 hence it may get an R rating. Other themes that could trigger an R rating include sexual content and drug use.

What Do We Know About The Black Phone?

The Black Phone is a horror movie based on the short story by Joe Hill in which a young boy named Finney Shaw starts receiving calls from beyond the grave when he’s kidnapped by a serial killer. Ethan Hawke will be playing Lawford, who had a similar abduction experience as Finney during his own childhood. It’s worth noting that the source material for the film was published under Joe Hill’s pseudonym of “Joe King.”

Based on trailers and interviews with cast and crewmembers, we know that The Black Phone will contain elements of suspense, terror, and psychological horror that are typical of many R-rated thrillers—terrifying phone calls from kidnapper/killer(s), discussions of traumatic experiences due to being abducted or held captive in childhood etc.

Will The Black Phone Get An R Rating?

Although there has been no official confirmation about whether or not The Black Phone will be rated R yet but judging from some known factors like its genre (horror-thriller) which mostly contains gory scenes involving violent acts and blood alongside explicit language or nudity it is highly likely it might receive an R rating upon release.

That said if it does end up receiving this classification, it doesn’t mean you should avoid watching the film entirely because again Hollywood films often have age restrictions lifting off their respective audiences considering them mature enough when they reach certain ages so still parents can guide their children carefully before exposing them to such contents .

In conclusion, while there has been no official announcement regarding The Black Phone’s MPAA rating yet but considering its genre and known details about what to expect including graphic violence alongside explicit language usage/nudity throughout most films falling into these categories tend towards higher maturity levels hence they might likely receive make an “R” rated certification.
The Black Phone: A Highly-Anticipated Horror Thriller Movie

Scott Derrickson is a well-known name in the horror movie world, having directed popular films such as Sinister and Doctor Strange. His latest project, The Black Phone, is set to terrify audiences with its spine-tingling storyline and stellar cast.

Ethan Hawke takes on the lead role of Lawford, a man who shares a traumatic past with young Finney Shaw (Mason Thames) after being abducted himself as a child. When Finney becomes kidnapped by an unknown assailant that locks him up in the basement of his isolated structure only to start receiving mysterious phone calls from beyond the grave. Fearful for his life and desperate to escape before it’s too late, he must use all his wits to outsmart those who wish him harm.

Jeremy Davies also stars in this film as “The Grabber,” the unidentified serial killer abducting children through twisted means involving blackbirds.

As we eagerly await its release later this year (as yet unscheduled due to Covid19 issues), one question remains on our minds: Will The Black Phone receive an R rating?

Understanding Film Ratings

To understand whether or not The Black Phone might be rated R by MPAA requires knowing how these ratings work. Essentially, they are intended as guides for parents or other viewers worried about content within said movies.

There are five basic categories assigned by MPAA:

– G – General
– PG – Parental Guidance Suggested
– PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned
– R – Restricted
– NC-17 – No Children Under 17 Admitted

Typically applied because of explicit material like graphic violence/gore scenes depicting brutal killings using knives or guns alongside sexual themes and profanity usage making them more suitable only for mature viewing audience hence getting restricted classification during certain screenings per cinema guidelines .

Why Might The Black Phone Be Rated R?

The Black Phone is a horror-thriller movie. This genre typically contains graphic violence, gore, and disturbing images that may not be appropriate for younger audiences. In addition to these themes of terror and psychological trauma experienced by potential victims or survivors conversely the perpetrators also sometimes get graphic depictions ala showing violent actions they’ve done so far.

While still unconfirmed whether or not The Black Phone will carry an R rating upon release – there’s no denying that its content foretells ominous signs when it comes to this possible classification since genre conventions typically fall within R-rated territory anyway due to their bleak subject matter catering more towards adult viewers able to handle said contents analytically .

What We Know About The Black Phone

From what we know about this film from individual character reveals such as Finney Shaw being held captive by a kidnapper who marks him with blackbirds right down to interviews with the cast and crew, trailers showcasing suspenseful elements like threatening phone calls combined with eerie imagery make clear that The Black Phone is designed primarily for mature/18+ viewing audiences which means ‘R’ rated films are intended *for* them.


In conclusion, while there has been no official confirmation yet on whether or not The Black Phone will earn an ‘R’ rating; given everything already mentioned it’s highly likely it might come under this category because of its horror-thriller elements combined with explicit language usage/nudity throughout most stories classified within similar genres.
Parents should use discretion in guiding children before exposing them too young impressionable minds hence should still pay close attention prior deciding whether one can handle the intense material presented accordingly in any “horror” movie.