As the cryptocurrency market continues to gain momentum and popularity, a new player has emerged – Tectonic Crypto. But the question on everyone’s mind is whether Tectonic Crypto is legit or just another scam.

To answer this question, we will delve into what Tectonic Crypto is, its history and track record, and analyze the company’s business model.

What is Tectonic Crypto?

What is Tectonic Crypto?

Tectonic Crypto describes itself as a “next-generation blockchain investment platform” that aims to create value for users by generating massive profits through various crypto investments. The company offers its investors an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency mining and trading with the promise of receiving lucrative returns on their investments.

Tectonic also offers cloud storage services where users can store digital assets without worrying about potential data breaches or hacker attacks. The company claims that it values transparency and security above all else.

History & Track Record

History & Track Record

The first thing people should consider when evaluating the legitimacy of any investment firm is its history. Fortunately, Tectonic’s history allows us to perform some diligence checks easily.

Tactical Trading Technologies Inc., which owns (the official website for Tectonic), was registered as a Canadian corporation back in 2018. Since then, there have been no reports related to fraudulent activities from government regulatory agencies such as Ontario Securities Commission(OSC). This means that it might be safe for Canadians to transact with their service under OSC guidelines (however not certified).

Secondly,the founder or team behind tctcrypto are not disclosed publicly on their website except Shahbaz Ahmed who according LinkedIn,is CEO.However,Finding detailed information regarding them would still be difficult at this point since social media seems silent about an identity match between him/claiming entity&TCTCRYPTO which usually shouldn’t be like so if you do real business long enough online(Some sort of presence must exist more than usual shills,reviews etc)

Furthermore,TCTCRYPTO’s website dates back to May 2019, however, this may not mean anything since many successful companies today have been launched in recent years. Still on track record of the platform,a quick analysis on Trust Pilot sees it holding an Excellent rating,having a near equal share of good and bad comments which gives them neither an awful nor favourable reputation balancing all views.

Business Model

Now that we have examined Tectonic Crypto’s history let us unpack their business model. When investing in cryptocurrency through Tectonic Crypto, users have the chance to earn returns through mining and trading activities.Reports show they use collective pools like Nicehash for cloud-backed Bitcoin mining(about 300PH/s as stated)assuring investors attractive profits starting from $100 but generally these payouts dependent upon ROI fluctuations over time.With respect to Trading,TCTCRYPTO also reportedly invests heavily into several established blockchains due to its firm belief of long-lasting value.At this point a concern would be the lack of elaboration around their mechanism & robustness of Trades on major exchanges,detailed feasibility reports or algo-applied gains shown historically if any(yet).A worthy mention is each investments are said are quoted in USDC highlighting predicted transparency in the short term albeit investors must state risks involved with volatile pricing changes coupled with inherent difficulty predicting price trends far too ahead(Important factor).

Tectonic claims it will offer frequent updates regarding market trends detailing information revolving around blockchain(s),weekly/monthly activity results served alongside educational insights.However,this claim cannot subsist until actually proven by carrying out content generation continuously showcasing technical expertise,informed advice(no scams/promising unattainable unrealistic outputs), etc while maintaining strict fundamentals.

Is Tectonic crypto legit?

After examining what has just been discussed,the answer is not fixed as being positive or negative.Moreover,the fact that important bits like detailed transparency policies,team details,certifications awarded regulatory bodies,business sustainability goals etc are somewhat shrouded in obscurity leaves many damning side-eyes for a potential long-term investment.

On trustpilot we see good and bad comments almost at the same share featuring on tctcrypto’s profile which is usually indicates something reasonable about it however seeing monetary gains described as ‘Too Good to be True'(even if revealed to bring decent profits after a while) calls for caution.A wise course of action would be doing due diligence,talk with people who have transacted with the platform,follow up periodically frequently updating yourself and don’t allow anyone rush you into making rash decisions since cryptocurrency inherently is an unpredictable fluctuating market. Personal judgement should ultimately make users decide whether or not tectonic crypto offers value worth investing in. But it goes without saying that no crypto-based investments can ever guarantee 100% security from scams,messages suggesting acceptance of risks ought to be kept tightly in mind.