Sky Tours is a popular online travel agency that specializes in providing cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals to travelers around the world. Since its inception in 1991, Sky Tours has grown into one of the leading travel booking websites on the internet today. However, with so many scams and fraudulent websites out there, it’s natural for potential customers to wonder whether or not Sky Tours is legit.

In this article, we’ll examine all aspects of Sky Tours’ operations and analyze their legitimacy as a business.


Sky Tours was founded in 1991 by a group of travel experts who wanted to provide affordable and high-quality travel experiences for everyone. They started small but quickly grew into an international company with thousands of satisfied customers.

Today, Sky Tours operates from its headquarters in Madrid. It offers flights to more than 5 thousand destinations worldwide at competitive prices. In addition to flights, they offer hotel reservations (including vacation rentals) and car rental services – either combined or separately – depending on individual customer preferences.

Is Sky Tours Legit?

Is Sky Tours Legit?

Yes! After extensive research of their website’s terms & conditions page along with reviews posted by past clients online leads us to conclude that sky tours are legitimate operators within the tourism industry globally.

In reality, several communication channels available alongside transparent refund policies make it easier for users seeking assistance from them – increasing trust between providers/customers!

Website Security Measures

Website Security Measures

The first thing customers should check when booking any flight website is security features offered– such as HTTPS protocol being used across pages displaying confidential user information– which displays if your data will be transmitted securely encrypted over SSL/TLS connections (preventing phishing theft cases). You can look out specifically for these checks whilst visiting

● Verified secure connection: https certificate ensures secure browsing experience
● Fraud prevention technology: Regular monitoring against unauthorised activity
● PCI Compliance certified: Payment Gateways Provided

This is a clear indication that Sky Tours adheres to all industry standards on the internet when it comes to security.

Pricing Policies & Comparison Analysis

With Sky Tours’ unique pricing algorithm, customers will be able to see all available flights in one place while comparing them jointly for different routes across multiple airlines. The search method can filter by price range or preferred time schedule as well – making sure clients get the best deals possible when flying!

However, it’s vital to check out competitors’ prices before submitting credit card details despite claims lower rates may potentially apply. Whilst they often have reduced costs compared with other travel booking platforms, some additional ‘hidden’ fees’ might apply– including Airport taxes and entry visas, among others – which are only listed at checkout stages within payment pages. Customers need always read the associated small print whilst navigating through their website since missing necessary information could prove problematic postbooking(independent of Airlines policies).

Customer Support Services

Sky Tours is known for its customer support services 24/7 via phone or email-based communications options with medically trained travel managers ready alike experts providing valuable destination-specific advice – thus ensuring tourists’ comfort throughout their journey.

So far, no adverse incidents reported regarding poor quality assistance from any agents working there towards those seeking prompt-proactively offered solutions facing issues (such as delayed/cancelled flights)

Cancellation & Refund Policies

A major issue faced by several travel agencies nowadays involves refunds procedures after cancellations arise–and here Sky Tours seems genuinely supportive!

If you cancel your ticket more than 24 hours before departure (or received airline approval), most airlines refund at least part/paid fare/s(some organizations also offering freeofcost cancellation) minusprocessing costs; However,Sky Tour offers financial reimbursement according each carrier policy- so users should verify if standard fullrefund applies beforehand.

Finally, If an airline cancels your flight amongst extenuating circumstances i.e., bad weather advisory warnings securing alternative travel arrangements required – they’ll work directly to guarantee a suitable substitute arranging hassle-free flights or paying back payments already made.

Final Verdict

From extensive research, sky tours were found completely legitimate regarding their high-quality services provided globally. With an emphasis on transparency through communication channels, refund policies upholding standard airlines’ practices for reimbursements whilst secure browsing guaranteed(especially beneficial given today’s data-leak potentials), there’s little question about Sky Tours’ lawfulness today!

Sky Tours ensures client satisfaction from the beginning till their journey ends- with clear pricing comparisons and always available customer support team members readily assistance whom actually well-trained experts within the industry. All these create much confidence in users ensuring optimal choices to suit individual budgets & needs when booking travels across destinations with them as a preferred provider!