ShareLife Vacations is a luxury travel company that offers unique, high-end experiences to travelers who are looking for something more than just a standard vacation. The company has been around since 2012 and has helped many people create unforgettable travel memories.

However, before you consider booking with ShareLife Vacation’s let’s answer the question – “Is ShareLife Vacations Legit?”

Firstly, it is important to note that there are some scams out there in the travel industry. People have fallen prey to fraudulent companies masquerading as legit travel agents or operators and this may deter someone from trusting any small business name they come across on social media. However, we can assure you that ShareLife Vacations is not one of them.

There are several factors that make ShareLife Vacations legit:

There are several factors that make ShareLife Vacations legit:

1) Registration and Authorization

1) Registration and Authorization

One of the most critical aspects when determining the legitimacy of a tour operator is its registration status. In Canada where Sharelife vacations operates, all travel agencies need to be registered with Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO). TICO maintains an official register which lists licensed and authorized companies eligible to operate lawfully in association with tourism products such as transportation services or tours connected with overnight accommodation or longer trips involving packages integrating various types of tourism services including air/ground transport among others things.

Sharelife vacations holds both IATA(International Air Transport Association) accreditation as well as being a registered TICO member ensuring their operational procedure aligns appropriately under legal regulations preventing scammers taking advantage till they get caught by authorities.

2) Offering Unique Experiences

In recent years travelers have sought unique holiday ideas; bespoke holidays offering fitness retreats in exotic locations, wellness retreats based around sustainable tourism & adventure sports with pros leading travellers through amazing adventures around stunning vistas amongst other intriguing offers targeted at millenials.Gen Z too comes here seeking tailor-made premium getaway options tailored to individuals’ fetishes everynow & then

Contrary to popular perception ot vacation packages where you spend time on the beach or local tours, Sharelife vacations goes beyond that in their exclusive luxury experience approach. Sail on private yachts, ski down snowcapped mountains with your very own instructor, dine under the stars watching epic sunsets are just a more straightforward example of what the company offers.

ShareLife Vacations includes custom-made itineraries so crafted for each valued client is handpicked to enable discovery of new cultures and offbeat destinations perfect for those seeking unplugged experiences few get to know about.

3) Excellent Reviews from Customers

Not only do they provide fresh ideas culminating in better suggestions based on what clients want while encouraging full participation in planning, but travellers book trips with ShareLife because of positive feedback shared by others who have used its services. The company’s online reviews speak highly of unique destinations visited as well as staff members being knowledgeable and friendly service.

4) Personalized Service

As mentioned briefly above customers will work directly with one-time appointed trip planners ensure travellers leave content by availing personalized bespoke options not amenable through established tour companies even though people don’t want group-package oversimplified tours today. From organizing transportation pick-up points at airports or finding local influencers/foodies as guides whilst out exploring hideaways intrepid tourists wouldn’t find otherwise can be assured every detailed aspect shall be accommodated around their preferred preferences guaranteeing success throughout clients stay abroad establishing future repeat visits too maybe!

5) Transparent Prices vs Exotic Packaged Deals

Travelers looking for transparency in prices – this is why pricing specifics included within all ShareLife Vacations brochures available online give clear expectations similar detail-wise descriptions experienced before even booking flights back home upfront; whereas some companies list ‘starting from’ estimations having hidden fees which eventually leads unsatisfied promising low cost but add-ons make such journeys expensive till travelers regret using them reducing customer-client faith .


In conclusion, Yes, ShareLife Vacations is legit – They have a spectacular reputation in the travel industry, provide premium customer experience with transparency pricing whilst offering unique packages very different from mainstream travel experiences providing options to connect our inner passions enabling us discover those hidden gems all cross the world can be found. The outstanding reviews demonstrate it has become one of Canada’s go-to luxury travel centers for exclusive clients. Its registration as a certified agency by TICO and accreditation with IATA strike additional levels of security while traveling abroad either during Covid-19 moments or not having prior knowledge of companies like their own yet offer exciting getaways tailor-made!