As the world becomes more digitally advanced, there are massive opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to scale their business operations. One of the latest trends that have grown in popularity is online retailing. It has become increasingly popular because it opens up a new channel for people to sell products and services through.

However, as with any growing trend, this naturally attracts fraudsters looking to take advantage of unsuspecting merchants who may not know much about digital marketing.

One such example is Innovation Refunds which seems like an ingenious service at first glance, sowing confidence among merchants by providing them solutions to handle their Amazon sales tax refund claims while keeping them informed about the whole process end-to-end.

But, before you get excited and fall prey to this scammer’s bait, let’s find out if Innovation Refunds is legit or just another way for hackers and scammers trying to make money by stealing your sensitive data?

What Is Innovation Refunds?

What Is Innovation Refunds?

Innovation refunds promise a comprehensive solution for amazon sellers that simplifies the typically frustrating sales tax refund claim process into something seamless and quick – all done directly from within your Amazon seller account.

It claims that they make requesting refunds a hassle-free experience through effective use of technology combined with knowledgeable staff who will provide guidance along the process.

The main aim of innovation refunds is clear: help Amazon sellers avoid all legal obligations in regards to Sales Tax collection while promising its users complete transparency during each step up until receiving payouts once they’ve obtained settlement reports from relevant state authorities where each individual sale took place under certain circumstances depending on performance metrics chosen by themselves or how frequently they had been audited previously compared against other competitors potentially reducing risk exposure via improving financial outcomes over time should everything go according plan

How Does Innovation Refunds Work?

How Does Innovation Refunds Work?

Using their proprietary software platform built alongside regulatory experts’ knowledgebase can identify discrepancies between actual payments made vs what was actually owed resulting in potential missed revenue streams due incorrect tax reporting calculations when listing items sold online.

Once an order is placed by a customer, innovation refunds interface automatically sends data into their system: product details, price points (taxable vs. non-taxable), fees paid to Amazon for transaction facilitation purposes along with geographic information about where transactions were completed from.

This then passes through automation algorithms that can identify quantifiable discrepancies leading to sales tax obligations for sellers. This information then gets compiled into state reports after which payments are calculated within appropriate states’ databases, followed by claims once Innovation Refunds validates recipient identities etc., essentially downloading the funds onto its platform before disbursing them through ACH integration back into customer accounts potentially reducing risk levels& liability in terms of complying legal requirements moving forward.

Is Innovation Refunds Legit?

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