Del Taco is a fast food chain known for its Mexican-inspired menu. The company’s tagline, “UnFreshing Believable,” suggests that Del Taco uses fresh ingredients and serves healthy food items. However, the question on many people’s minds is whether Del Taco is actually healthy or not.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the nutritional content of Del Taco’s menu to determine if it is indeed a healthy dining option.

What Does Del Taco Offer?

What Does Del Taco Offer?

Del Taco’s menu includes various tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, burgers, fries and shakes. Plus they have vegan and vegetarian options as well which makes their customer base wider.

While some of these dishes may seem like indulgent treats rather than nutritious meals but there are options that has good nutritions specially when consumers choose them wisely off the menu .

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information

To get an overall idea about how healthful (or not) Del taco food actually can be before examining each item in-depth Some Nutritional values are mentioned below:

– Protein: Ranges from 5 grams – over 28 grams.
– Sodium: Almost every item contains high amounts between 350 and over 2k milligrams per serving.
– Fat: Not all fats in foods should be avoided but they still add up quickly calorie-wise even if they’re mostly considered “healthy” ie avocado paste used .

With the above background information now let us look at few examples :

Tacos & Burritos

Some of del taco’s most popular items are tacos and burritos ; both contain beans as the protein source. Tacos have around **150 to 200 calories** while burrito(one wrapper itself) can easily go beyond **1000 calories** plus packed with more fillings including rice or fries leading to carb overload + sodium feast also .

Quesadilla –

The cheddar cheese quesadilla (one full-size one) has 540 calories, which comes mostly from the cheese used. It also contains **1,080 milligrams of sodium** . This item may be a good protein source for vegetarians and people who are low-carb/ high-fat diets.

Vegan Options

Looking at vegan options on this menu shows some choices that can certainly claim to fall under the “health food” category:

– Veggie Works burrito: With rice, black beans, avocado, salsa fresca all come loaded in this burrito , for around 600 calories total.
– A vegetarian Crunchwrap Supreme: Wrapped up with seasoned Beyond Beef and shredded lettuce etc provides ~400 calories.

In contrast some items on Del Taco’s menu have no redeeming nutritional value whatsoever :

Fries & Sweets

Del taco fries contain around 350-plus !milligrams of salt(meeting daily recommended maximum intake). Plus calorie count almost touching half day’s consumption mark easily! Shakes are thick enough to serve as dessert or more appropriately a sundae but there is no need to say that they’re not something you should indulge in regularly .

Is There Any Low-Calorie Option Of Major Items?

There are definitely many ways consumers can cut down excess calories and sodium by customizing their order –

Some examples include:

– Swap out salsas instead of cheese.
– Have tacos “Protein-style” i.e., wrapped in lettuce or eaten sans shell
– Ditch sauce packets like ranch dressings or Mayo based ones while ordering helps since each packet itself adds an easy few hundred mg worth extra salt !

So Is Del Taco Healthy Or Not?

The answer is complicated as it largely depends upon what someone orders off del taco’s gigantic menu showing over-the-top fast-food delights along with relatively healthy dishes like veggie-centric one – at times side-by-side onto same page!

While it is clear that deli taco does offer healthier options (vegetarian / vegan dishes ) while other items ranging from fried foods to sugary shakes should be avoided as much as possible.

However, with that said – the take away point is what one eats there or anywhere for that matter depends on choice(s) made and size of portions consumed . Hence it’s definitely possible to make a relatively balanced meal from del taco thankfully 🙂
Del Taco is a fast food chain that has been around since 1964 and prides itself on offering Mexican-inspired cuisine with fresh ingredients. Their tagline, “UnFreshing Believable,” suggests that their menu items are made from wholesome, natural ingredients. However, many people wonder whether Del Taco’s offerings are actually healthy or not.

To determine whether Del Taco is a viable choice for health-conscious consumers, we need to take a closer look at the nutritional content of their menu. While some options may seem indulgent or high in calories at first glance, others offer good nutrition – particularly when customers choose carefully from the menu.

Firstly let’s consider Del Tacos offerings – The menu includes various dishes like tacos, burritos,nachos ,quesadillas,burgers,fries and shakes.They also have vegan/vegetarian options which makes sure they cater to all sections .

Nutritional Information

Taking an overall view of the nutritional information available about Del taco’s meals :

– Protein : Varies between different sauces/ingredients used but can go upto over 28g as well .
– Sodium : almost every item contains amounts varying in range between 350 milligrams up-to over 2k mg/serving.
– Fat : Although not all fats used in food should be avoided but it slowly adds up calorie-wise even if it’s considered “healthy” i.e., avocado paste.

Examples –

Tacos & Burritos

The popular items on Del taco’s recent menus include tacos and burritos.The protein source usually stands out as beans.Few details about this categories mentioned below:

• Tacos arrive /served with around **150 to 200 calories** as per item whereas burrito (one wrapper ) easily crosses beyond **1000 calories** by packing more fillings such as rice/fries that eventually lead to substantial carb consumption + salt intake overload too.


The most common quesadilla made by Del Taco contains cheddar cheese only with wrap outside. One quesadilla packs around **540 calories** in it, majorly sourced from the cheese used & includes whopping 1080 milligrams of salt /sodium per serving.

Vegan Options

Del Taco’s menu does offer various vegan options which show they are keen on providing healthy alternatives as well. Some examples of healthier vegan choices included:

– Veggie Works burrito: Filled with black beans,rice, avocado and salsa fresca filling comfortably under 600 calories.
– Vegetarian Crunchwrap Supreme that utilizes seasoned Beyond Beef + lettuce coming back loaded with ~400 cals .

At the same time, certain items on Del Taco’s menu aren’t suitable for balanced diets at all :

Fries & Sweets

The fries offered by this chain contain over 350 milligrams of salt/sodium intake limit set for an entire day! The calorie count easily touches portions considered within almost half a day too ! Shakes available there can be perfect enough to satisfy as dessert or sundae craving item but not something one should indulge in regularly.

Any Low-Calorie Options Available In Popular Items?

There are multiple ways through which excess consumption of calories/raw sodium could be avoided if customers choose accordingly.Some popular yet easy to opt swaps include:

• Choosing salsas instead of high-salt cheese
• Ordering tacos “Protein-style” (wrapped in lettuce)
• Skipping sauce packets containing excessive amounts like ranch dressing or mayo type ones since each packet adds few hundred mg worth extra salt!

So Is Del Taco Healthy Or Not?

It depends upon a variety of factors – including what you order from their diverse food offerings . For example, while some veggie dishes present good nutritional value together with other relatively healthier meal alternatives , fried sides should be avoided whenever possible due to excess sodium/ carbohydrate use.

However,the key takeaway is mindfulness and choice when deciding what you eat – whatever the venue, whether making a balanced meal at Del Taco or elsewhere should always rely upon sensible ordering strategies and portion control.