Cavalia is a unique and spectacular equestrian production that combines stunning acrobatic performances by both horses and riders, with breathtaking choreography, music, special effects, and cutting-edge technology. Created by Normand Latourelle in 2003, Cavalia has since then been thrilling audiences around the world with its beautiful displays of horsemanship and artistry.

However, due to the unprecedented global pandemic caused by COVID-19 last year and continuing into this year, there have been significant changes in how events are taking place worldwide – particularly for live shows that require large gatherings such as Cavalia. As a result of these changes, many fans have been left wondering whether or not Cavalia is still touring.

The answer is yes! Although some shows were canceled or rescheduled because of the pandemic on health concerns for their artists’ safety like many others did too; but they are finally back to performing in person again at selected locations while strictly following all necessary precautions required under current guidelines from various governments.

So if you’re looking forward to experiencing the magic of Cavalia’s incredible showmanship again after a long break due to public safety measures – keep reading for more details about where they’ll be next.

Current Tour:

Current Tour:
Currently conducting performances at temporary sites across North America starting May 15th through October 1st (2021). They will also travel around other countries later during post-pandemic times as per updates available nearby timeframes on their official website.

These North American shows will feature a mix of old favorites reimagined for new audiences along with never-before-seen productions starring over forty horses from different breeds hailing from multiple sources located outside Canada. In addition to the talented performers themselves- which range in age from twelve years up often blend elements of dance & acrobatics seamlessly into their equestrian displays including aerial gymnastics suspended high above ground levels!

Their signature “Big Top” tents have been temporarily replaced by outdoor arenas, allowing for better social distancing and ventilation in accordance with health regulations. With ample space to stretch out beneath the open sky of a beautiful summer day or starry night, visitors can enjoy the extraordinary equestrian displays performed on a grand scale, all while remaining safe from any risks due to crowd sizes or lack of proper ventilation.

Reasons Why Cavalia Keeps Touring:

Reasons Why Cavalia Keeps Touring:
Cavalia has continued to tour despite the many challenges that have arisen since COVID-19 first began affecting live events worldwide for several important reasons.

Firstly, their commitment towards providing joyous moments through equestrian art inspires audiences globally, motivating attendees to experience something new each time they come. Many visitors return year after year because of the quality production by artistic teams who work relentlessly seeking perfection at every detail around each show making it fresh and exciting compelling them forward again whenever possible at upcoming scheduled shows.

Secondly, Cavalia’s innovative approach toward equestrian spectacle keeps them ahead of other competitors making horse riding an almost fearless action into a synchronized dance form despite perceived hurdles any obstacles physically might present during performances. New and regular fans stay tuned about what next will be revealed/showcased being fascinating than ever before – even seasoned ride enthusiasts are awe-struck post-viewing their latest surprise extensions supplemented within core ideologies behind centuries-old practices led under frontier supervision techniques used by iconic riders worldwide leaving a lasting impression on each viewer not easily forgotten!

Finally – as Cavelia continues its touring schedule, they are also supporting various initiatives aimed at conservation efforts such as natural resources conservation & animal welfare; proudly dedicating twenty-five percent net revenue generated towards relevant forms focused projects internationally making positive changes felt for generations enduring into more radical resolutions over time ensuring eco-system longevity overall placed under careful supervision implemented throughout globalization maintaining resource utilization sustainability goals similarly instituting effective process improvements among local operators/managers/operators/caregivers thereby guaranteeing human resource sustainability and Animal welfare protection for their long-term partners across multiple countries.

Yes, ladies & gentlemen! Cavalia is still touring in 2021. Despite the pandemic disrupting events worldwide, this equestrian show has kept it’s spirit alive by performing art-inspired shows throughout different locations within North America amid mandated safety measures under varying regulations. They have demonstrated time and again how innovative approaches and a commitment to providing fans with unforgettable experiences can keep art thriving even during difficult times where perseverance truly pays off collaboratively recognising smooth-transition progression into future viewing opportunity restoration efforts brought forth due to these heroic & trailblazing industry leaders such as Cavelia.

If you’ve yet to experience the magic of this dazzling equestrian spectacle, there’s no time like the present! Check out their website or social media channels today for additional information regarding upcoming shows near you or adjoins territories globally. Don’t miss your chance to witness one of the world’s most extraordinary live performances; enroll yourself back towards history gaining exceptional edutainment that remains as timeless today as ever before – so book few tickets today and travel together on an adventure full of horses’ elegance or attend alone while leaving a lasting impression among friends inspired forward hoping resumption soon post-pandemic worldwide safely surpassing current challenges facing all industries alike!.