As a military service member or veteran, finding affordable and convenient vacation options can be challenging. This is where the Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVC) comes into play, offering discounted vacation packages to eligible military personnel. However, with so many fraudulent schemes circulating online, people tend to question whether AFVC is legit. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the AFVC – its history, how it works, who’s eligible, what makes it unique and why it’s indeed legitimate.

What Is The Armed Forces Vacation Club?

What Is The Armed Forces Vacation Club?

The Armed Forces Vacation Club is an exclusive leisure travel program specially designed for active-duty members of the U.S. military and their families at a reduced cost. As a part of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (one of the largest hospitality companies in the world), AFVC provides access to private resorts around the globe with room rates that comparatively lower than standard commercial pricing — sometimes even up to 50% discount over regular consumer price.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Becoming an AFVC member requires specific eligibility criteria that include:

• Active duty service members

• Honorably discharged veterans

• Reservists/ National Guard Members

• Gold Star Families

When verification is complete and registration approved by Wyndham vacations club directors on behalf of all verified applicants based on eligibility requirements set forth by exchanges including RCI & II then new members receive login credentials via email which provide them access to browse inventory available during their use period(s). They filter available resort accommodations based on factors such as location preferences or date ranges desired for stay.

It’s therefore crucial when discussing armed forces vacation club legitimacy; only those eligible through above-stated criteria should apply in good faith; application process may start but halted before payment proceeds if supporting documentation shows otherwise regarding qualifications upon review from assigned membership specialist teams.

Why Choose The Armed Forces Vacations Club?

-Affordable Rates: With an annual membership fee starting at as low as $60, all eligible members can access AFVC’s growing list of available accommodations around the world. Access to resorts and hotels that are typically not affordable for military or veterans.

-Unique Offers: The Armed Forces Vacation Club’s properties range from popular tourist destinations like Hawaii, Orlando, Caribbean islands to rarely visited ones like Mount Rushmore or Rocky Mountains in Colorado with a variety of options such as condos, cottages or apartments for families.

-Short-Term Vacations: Since most service members have busy schedules due to deployment and assignment requirements, AFVC caters to short breaks by offering reservations in various time zones including weekends getaways outside peak high season times if only having shorter windows allowed while serving active duty i.e., taking advantage of once-in-a-lifetime trips and getting the most out of limited leave days.

Benefits Of Using The Armed Forces Vacations Club

• Member Discounts – Members receive global discounts on rental inquiries without specific request rules or other booking qualifications attached—vacation benefits offered exclusively through AFVC exchange facilitating programs operated by Wyndham worldwide vacation organization.

• Wide Range Of Options – With thousands of resorts dispersed geographically across 100 countries globally available via phone calls center for support; confirmed reservations processed electronically upon availability status simultaneous review before sending confirmation letter email containing resort information package making it easy quickly plan vacations based on schedule preference convenience styles preferred accommodation type.

• Great Customer Service & Support Team – The AFVC website is straightforward and user-friendly designed site where members can make requests online via chatroom staffed around-the-clock plus an FAQ section answered offering opportunity resolve questions/concerns expeditiously. A toll-free number is likewise always available for direct customer assistance should any issues arise during usage process travelers’ experience hasbeen nothing but positive regarding their interactions with representatives handling them directly help desk claims department complaints disposal need promptly addressed always striving offer resolutions satisfaction progress partner base inclusive entire military community.

Is The Armed Forces Vacation Club Legitimate?

Based on AFVC’s ability to provide an affordable vacation price and the consistency of its services over time, it indeed is a legitimate vacation club. It boasts numerous positive customer reviews from thousands of members who have enjoyed their vacations using AFVC both domestically and internationally. The Wyndham brand stands behind this travel service provider appealing membership discounts unique offers perfect for military servicemembers veterans alike exploring the world – safely comfortably with loved ones even for short breaks that they only can take when serving our country.

Final Thoughts

The Armed Forces Vacation Club undoubtedly provides military individuals with access to exclusive discounted leisure travels options worldwide, making it possible to maximize enjoying free time while staying within their budgets. If you are eligible based on the eligibility criteria mentioned earlier regarding your position as active duty personnel, honorably discharged veteran, or reservist/guardsmen wanting to explore different areas worldwide; look no further than storing up memories through experiencing new surroundings at excellent prices offered by an organization like AFVC operated proficiently resort networks globally appreciated by everyone who has taken advantage of such possibilities said program avails in light creating unforgettable experiences during lawful travel periods individually groupwise family level.