Odysseus, also known as the hero of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, is one of the greatest leaders in literature. He was a wise and strategic commander who led his men through countless trials and tribulations during their journey home from the Trojan War. Odysseus displayed numerous qualities that made him an exceptional leader, including intelligence, bravery, resourcefulness, loyalty, and perseverance.

One of Odysseus’ most notable traits was his intelligence. He was famous for having a sharp mind capable of coming up with clever solutions to complex problems. For instance, when faced with the monstrous Cyclops Polyphemus in book nine of The Odyssey, Odysseus tricked him by telling him his name was “Nobody.” This allowed Odysseus to blind Polyphemus using hot embers without fear of retribution because when asked who was harming him Polyphemous replied “‘Nobody’, friends! Nobody’s killing me now by fraud” (The Odyssey 9:418-419). This small act illustrated how he used wit and cunning to save himself and his crew from certain death.

Moreover,intelligence combined with tactical knowledge helped give him an upper hand strategically over Troy.Rather than attacking them head-on which would have been suicidal given Troy’s vast army strength at that time;he chose instead to build a wooden horse where they were hiding inside it.. Once Troy had taken possession believing it merely an offering left behind overlooking trojan harbor only then did they strike.This showed mastermind preparations impeccable planning plus steadfast discipline in carrying out such tactics thus showcasing what makes great leadership..

While his intellect certainly contributed hugely towards success,Odysseusat times could be ruthless coupled with relentless demeanor on finishing tasks.He remained focused even under challenging circumstances which proved commendable.Being stuck on Calypso island initially gave rise to regrets till he began working tirelessly devising ways forwards.However if meddling happened,such as with Circe when his men were turned into pigs, Odysseus was quick to take action and devised a plan as it’s said that without a firm hand on the reins, any herd would scatter (settle down) in different directions.

Additionally,Odysseus’resourcefulness helped him navigate countless situations. Overcoming challenges such as navigating storms,harrowing sea creatures,victory over fearsome lotus plant which causes forgetfulness thanks to his mental grit combined with tactical skill all enabled him not only go through but also come out much wiser from experiences gained during those travels .The resourcefulness displayed here was due totapped immense reservoirs of intelligence combined with experience which he applied for self preservation and protection of teammates.In essence,this showed application of sheer talent towards being a natural leader.

Another key aspect making odysseus an accomplished leader is loyalty upheld throughout.High degree honourability demonstrated by Odysseus proved significant in earning respect plus willingness followers had towards executing tasks befallen upon them.Loyalty shown amongst crew propelled overall team morale,something crucial especially if one has no option but facing difficult circumstances like adrift ships or lack of food/necessites.This attribute surely played important role in serving the whole team well as it provided emotional support acting as glue holding together all parties despite adverse conditions arising..

Furthermore.Patience and resilience depicted consistently ranging from “Where there is life there is hope…” did wonders when dealing both harsh living contexts and enemies.He kept moving forward albeit slowly,determined never allowing formidable hurdles slow overall progress achieved.These qualities endeared himself even more to followers.Proper pacing,level-headedness,resolved demeanor all showing what attentiveness coupled patience accomplishes-results that cannot easily be shaken,and subordinates who willingly follow cause since they believe everything will work out eventually notwithstanding obstacles encountered .

Lastly,due diligence epitomized through meticulous attention every tiny detail.Asking for updates regularly,to fully comprehending efforts and life surrounding crewmembers always helpful especially when starting from scratch on an unchartered terrain.Taking into account swaying opinions plus weighing their consequences give collective input for informed decisions resulting in them feeling involved as well.Thus herethrough his commitment to keeping troops abreast with happenings did he go far into engendering trust/working relationship within ranks-a great leader indeed.

In conclusion,Odysseus is a model example of what embodies good leadership traits – intelligence carried by experience,resourcefulness,boldness combined with heightened focus towards objectives ahead despite hard situations,coupled with loyalty and defiance against all odds.Although it might seem that this happened eons ago the spirit displayed most importantly even today is relevant.Anyone willing to dwell deeper therein may draw valuable lessons which could greatly benefit self-sometimes swift decision making under pressure when threatened or undervalued..