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How to Watch Room on the Broom Movie 2: A Comprehensive Guide for Fans of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Room on the Broom is a beloved children’s book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, first published in 2001. The story follows a kind witch who invites various animals to ride on her broomstick, but soon encounters some challenges from a dragon who wants to eat her. The book has been adapted into many formats, including stage plays, musicals, animations, and films.

In 2012, the British animation studio Magic Light Pictures produced a half-hour animated film based on Room on the Broom, directed by Max Lang and Jan Lachauer. The film was broadcasted on BBC One as part of their Christmas schedule and received critical acclaim for its faithful adaptation and charming storytelling. The voice cast includes Gillian Anderson as the narrator/witch (replacing David Tennant), Rob Brydon as the cat/bird/frog (reprising his role), Martin Clunes as the dog/magician/fisherman (replacing Timothy Spall), Sally Hawkins as the bird/squirrel/mother (replacing Josie Lawrence), Simon Pegg as the frog/prince (replacing Martin Freeman), and Timothy West as the dragon.

Since its release, Room on the Broom movie has become a classic holiday treat for families around the world. It captures both the gentle humor and suspense of Donaldson’s original text while adding more visual details and musical numbers that enhance its appeal for young viewers without compromising its simplicity or message of cooperation. If you are one of those fans who want more magic in your life or know someone who needs an enchanting distraction from reality at this time, you can watch Room on the Broom movie 2 online now!

Wait…I hear you say: “There’s a Room on the Broom movie 2? How can that be possible when the first movie covers the whole story?” Well, my dear reader, let me introduce you to the Room on the Broom sequel known as The Snail and the Whale. This film is based on another delightful book by Donaldson and Scheffler, published in 2003. It features a tiny snail who hitches a ride on a humpback whale’s tail for an epic adventure across oceans and continents, encountering wonders and dangers along the way.

The Snail and the Whale has also been adapted into various formats such as stage productions and TV shows. In 2019, Magic Light Pictures released an animated film version of The Snail and the Whale directed by Max Lang (again)and Daniel Snaddon (who previously worked on Stickman adaptation). This new production was broadcasted initially in BBC One during Christmas season like its predecessor. Since then it has gone through numerous airings around different countries including United States where Amazon Prime acquired rights to stream it online.

Now that you know about Room on the Broom Movie 2: The Snail & The Whale, let’s dive into our guide to watching it:

1. Find out where to watch

1. Find out where to watch

As mentioned earlier, one of your best options for streaming Room on the Broom Movie 2 is Amazon Prime Video. If you already have a subscription to this service or use their free trial period option; then all you need is search “Room On The Broom” which will show both movies available including “The Snail And The Whale”. Follow instruction prompts after clicking play button next to any title selection if don’t want automatic playing feature enabled otherwise get ready for some fun!

Alternatively, if you prefer physical media or don’t have access to online streaming services like Amazon Prime Video there are other routes of finding copies but might take more effort depending your location and local shops. First, try checking nearby stores that specialize in children’s books or educational materials such as your local library branch, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million etcetera.

2. Check for age rating

While Room on the Broom movie 2 is aimed at young viewers like the original film; it does contain some scenes that could scare or overwhelm certain kids especially if watching alone without parental guidance. As per MPAA rates this animation suitable for ages 4 and above but parents should always use their discretion when picking what kind of movies to expose their children to.

3. Set up a cozy space

One of the best things about watching Room on the Broom Movie 2 (or any family-friendly movie) is creating a warm atmosphere and bonding together as you share in all its whimsical moments. So gather your loved ones (human or pets), dim the lights while leaving enough illumination to prevent eye strain, pop some popcorn or grab some afternoon snacks ,and snuggle under blankets.

4.Learn more about Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

If you have not yet read any books by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler then prepare yourself for an enlightening experience! These authors combine delightful storytelling with vivid illustrations which make reading feel like traveling worlds while staying within comfort of own home.. Here are few interesting facts about them;

Donaldson has written over 200 books both fiction/non-fiction including The Gruffalo series, Stick Man, Tiddler: The Storytelling Fish and many others.
Scheffler born In Germany but now resides UK with his family where he has illustrated tons of literature in addition being acclaimed artist
Both creators also collaborated previously on something known as “Songbirds Phonics” series designed specifically teaching phonemic awareness skills early learners making learning fun!.

5.Appreciate its messages

Finally, after watching Room on the Broom Movie 2, take some time to reflect on its themes and values. The story of Snail and The Whale talks about cultural exchange, making friends with people from different backgrounds ,and taking care of planet in simple way that even toddlers can grasp while Room on the Broom promotes cooperation among different animals who share space on broomstick hence functioning better with help each other than alone or separated.
This animated film also touches upon importance being brave sticking together when times get tough like witch’s resilience towards dragon when her friends were taken by him.

In conclusion, watching Room on the Broom Movie 2 is a magical experience that combines great storytelling, artistry, humor,and educational value for all ages. Make sure you find a suitable platform where it’s available for streaming or rent/own physical copy if possible. Set up your viewing environment as comfortable and engaging as possible; share this experience with those closest to you over treats/snacks. Take time after to learn more about Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler crafts while appreciating messages it delivers through adorable characters brought alive through impeccable animation.Watch this movie today!!