As a frequent traveler, one of the challenges I face is watching movies during flights. Often times, airlines provide in-flight entertainment systems that allow you to access a variety of movies and TV shows. However, what do you do when the flight doesn’t offer such luxuries or if you want to watch something on your own device? The solution: airplane mode.

Airplane mode is a setting on smartphones and tablets that turns off all radio frequencies coming from the device. This includes cellular networks, Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth connections, and GPS (Global Positioning System) connections. In short – no more data will be transmitted between your phone or tablet and other devices.

If you’re wondering how to watch movies on airplane mode while travelling, then this article is for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to enjoy movies during flights without being connected to any network:

Step One: Download Your Movies Or Shows Beforehand

Step One: Download Your Movies Or Shows Beforehand

If there are certain movies or shows that you’re planning on watching during your flight make sure to download them beforehand. Make use of apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime where they let their subscribers download content offline so that users can have easy access even without an internet connection.

You wouldn’t want any technical issues while downloading either; therefore ensure sufficient storage space before getting started with downloading.

Some apps may restrict access once disconnected from an internet source unless its premium user has downloaded it ahead of time for offline viewing.
Once downloaded just open up these streaming services within app playlists.To play them again only requires starting playback at the beginning as once completely watched they delete automatically upon closing app menus.

Several applications support downloads available outside mobiles too. These devices help storing hours worth of favourite recordings e.g., iPads/iPhones et cetera.These streamline processes compared using little memory which prevents smartphone usage limits also boosts video quality since on larger screen sizes thus negating reflection instances throughout darker contents scenes too.For ultimate privacy, earphones may help cut distractions such as conversation from other passengers and any loud or crying children.

Step Two: Charge Up Your Devices

Step Two: Charge Up Your Devices

Another important aspect of watching movies on airplane mode is battery life. Before you board the flight make sure that your device has enough battery to last throughout your journey preferably upto 70-80% full.
It’s easy to lose track of time while enthralled in a gripping movie and so having access to portable power banks can save further headaches too when looking for sockets on flights where facilities might be lacking.

Step Three: Put Your Device In Airplane Mode
Once it’s time to take off, you will need to switch your phone or tablet into airplane mode. To do this manually:

For IOS:
1. click settings Flight mode/ Airplane / Aircraft Mode
3.flip towards turn on slider(faded green bar)

For Android devices:
1.slide down top menu then locate “settings”
2.”network & internet” featuring icons related managing wifi, Bluetooth et cetera. cellular network (bottom right) which leads directly toggle button shift changes towards grey instead usual blue indicating connection lost

By doing this all functioning electronic signals would now cease along with other communications sent individually via notifications linked up any messaging systems installed onto various smartphones (such as messages through WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger).

Step Four: Turn On WIFI accessibility

After completing Step Three If desired for continued usage during flight communication services — including Wi-Fi networks—can be removed also.In the same place cell option located in earlier stages by pressing three dots arranged vertically located upper right corner activating airplane or Aeroplane/WLAN functions amongst listings found within displayed subsequent menu tabs comprising additional connections like mobile hotspot tethering too.This ensures only safe information is transmitted potentially creating just less interference whilst maximising resources both used internally/internet service quota concerning airlines own internal signal protocols!

Note – keep phone calls disabled at all times during a flight since the US Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) prohibits this action.

Step Five: Grab Your Headphones & Press Play

Now that you have ensured the downloads have happened, phone has been put into airplane mode and finished picking up audio companion or equipment? You can now easily press start watch movie worry free!Headphones work better than just listening to sound from device’s speakers which might be devoid of clear words or lyrics especially when loud engine sounds are present. Adding noise-cancelling headphones will also boost immersion by nullifying effects whirring engines or crying babies can cause.With these on there should now nothing holding back experiencing own personal entertainment providing wholesome relief for what could be an arduous journey.


Watching movies while travelling is possible using airplane mode; it takes only requires having enough storage space to download your favourites ahead of time preparations before boarding plane whilst ensuring good battery levels too.Otherwise keep eye out alternatives pre-installed offerings onboard airline services perhaps even purchasing premium in-flight Wi-Fi service to watch shows online.You’re then readyto sit back relax connect earphones – hitting play button on long-awaited film choice —a very simple task made simpler and without distractions encountered throughout modern air travel!