The Instant Pot is a versatile and useful kitchen appliance that can greatly simplify your cooking routine. One of its many features is the delay start function, which allows you to postpone the start of a cooking cycle for up to 24 hours. This feature comes in handy when you need to have dinner ready at a specific time but don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen.

Delay Start Basics

Delay Start Basics

To use the Delay Start function on an Instant Pot, you must first select a cooking program as usual by pressing one of the pre-set buttons such as Soup/Broth, Meat/Stew, or Rice. Once you’ve selected your desired program, press “Pressure Level” to choose either high or low pressure (if available). Next, adjust the cook time using the “+” and “-” buttons until it matches your recipe’s specified cook time.

Now that you’ve set up your cooking cycle normally, it’s time to activate Delay Start mode! Press “Delay Start” and then use “+/-” keys again until you reach the desired number of hours before your meal should be cooked and ready.

Once everything is programmed correctly using these steps above, press “Start” button now so that cooker will begin after few seconds once countdown timer begins so do not worry about manual controlling it later during delay start process.

What Can You Cook With The Delayed Start Feature?

What Can You Cook With The Delayed Start Feature?

With this feature on instant pot,you can make almost anything except may be some recipes involving fresh fruits.You
can easily prep dinner ingredients late at night or first thing in morning with only few minutes left from busy schedule.
Here are some examples:

1-Steel Cut Oats: Overnight oats are popular because they allow people grab healthy breakfast in morning without any rush.But sometimes there isn’t enough room in refrigerator depending upon family size.So if someone wants them warm straight off pressure cooker,it’s ideal option.Just add water,milk,oat mixture into bowl along with lid cover and set delay start timer for 6-8 hours.

2-Soups or Stews: Whether its vegetable soup, tomato bisque,chicken chili or beef stew,it’s easy to have delicious, homemade meal waiting patiently after a long day at work with this time-saving feature.Simply add ingredients in liner of Instant Pot and program delayed cooking process at desired hour.

3-Pasta Dishes:Ideal option for families who don’t have enough time to cook each night. Just put all ingredients including water,pasta,sauce,tomatoes etc.into pot.Start pressure cooker using delay feature before leaving house in morning.

4-Yogurt: Making yogurt is easy with Instant Pot,but it requires little bit of patience.By setting timer up to 10-12 hours,you can get fresh ,homemade yogurt early next morning! Simply add milk,starter culture mixture as per recipe guidelines.Set the lid on and let Delay Start mode do its magic!

Benefits Of Using Delayed Start On Instant Pots

There are many benefits to using the Delay Start function on your Instant Pot:

1-Cook meals overnight or whilst you’re away from home
Perfect solution for those people whose schedule require them leaving their home early.Other family members can easily enjoy healthy dinner without any hassle,by simply following instructions provided in manual.Cooking this way saves times,and eliminates need for anyone rushing about trying to prepare food when they arrive home .

2-Keep Food Safe
Prepping meals ahead of time means that you don’t have to worry about hanging around till dishes are cooked.This also reduces risk of undercooked food because instant pot will begin heating when programmed.So there’s no chance food may become dangerous breeding ground during preparation stages if left out too long .

3-Fewer Dish To Wash
Prepping one-pot-meals makes everything easier-setting up pots,pans,bowls a little less daunting.While making use of the timed function, all ingredients will be cooked ,mixed in same pot.Highlights point here is that cooking a meal on high pressure typically takes much less time than conventional methods,highlighting even more why instant pots are so useful.

Tips To Remember When Using Delayed Start

Here are some tips to remember when using the Delay Start function on your Instant Pot:

1-Food spoilage can occur if you set delay long enough for food sitting inside liner without refrigeration.So it’s important to use this feature thoughtfully. Do not plan more than 12 hours ahead of eating time..

2-Be sure to have correct amount water added it into liners.Don’t put too much or too little water and always refer recipe book for required details.

3-If possible,avoid meat dishes while using delayed start option.They tend to reheat poorly,and their texture may not come out perfect due to excess heat exposure.

4-Check timer frequently during last minutes.This way,you’ll never miss end timing instruction provided by cooker.It’s better if someone is available who can turn off appliance (manually) once ready signal appear on its screen.

In conclusion…

The Instant Pot is an excellent investment for anyone looking for ways of simplifying daily routine.The addition of the Delay Start function makes it easier than ever before,allowing people spend fewer hours in kitchen yet enjoy homemade healthy meals.Contact manufacturer or dealer with any other queries regarding your Instant Pot machine.Enjoy!