Do you have an extensive collection of YouTube playlists that you’d like to transfer over to Spotify for easy accessibility and on-the-go listening? Switching from one music streaming platform to another can be a hassle, especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of songs saved in your YouTube library. However, with the right tools and guidance, transferring your favorite songs and playlists from YouTube to Spotify can be done smoothly.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to transfer your YouTube playlist over to Spotify.

Step 1: Create A Free Soundiiz Account

Step 1: Create A Free Soundiiz Account

To start the process of transferring your Youtube playlist over to spotify, you need a third-party tool called “Soundizz”. This is an online service that allows users to move their music library between different platforms including Spotify.You will need an account on Soundiiz before getting started. Follow these simple steps:

1. Visit

1. Visit
2. Enter your email address
3. Choose a password (preferably a strong one)
4.Check the boxes next as agreed
5.Click “Sign up”, You’ll then receive an email asking you to confirm and activate your account.

Click on the link provided by Soundiiz Team via mail.

Step 2: Connect Your Youtube And Spotify Account To Soundiiz

After activating your account successfully connect both Youtube And Spotift accounts on . As soon as it gets connected it fetches all available public Playlists which are available at youtube end & Ready for importing into spotify.Then select “YouTube” under sources shown there .

You’ll now be taken through additional prompts; connect each respective account by clicking ‘Authorize.’ Here are a few examples:

– Authenticate with Google account

Log in using Your Google credentials so that subsequrnetly

authenticate with Api token

– Authenticate With Faecbook or Apple Signin

Choose Either Facebook or Apple Signin to Verify

– Authenticate with Spotify

On the following page, click ‘Authorize.’
Log in to your Spotifty account using your login credentials.

Step 3: Select A Youtube Playlist To Transfer Over To spotify

With everything properly connected and authenticated successfully. Now Select a preset playlist you’d like to trasfer from YouTube over to Spotify.This may take some time depending on the size of your Youtube playlist so be patient. Soundiiz will do all matching tracks either by analysing Meta data or MusicID etc and start creating a new playlist into Your selected spotify library.

Step 4: Check for duplicates
There’s a chance that you might have saved some songs on both platforms. In this case, you want to avoid duplicating them as that would render it confusing as they are common when using tranferring tool. You need not worry about this with Soundiiz.It is equipped enough expecially build Matching algorthms which easily cross checks eliminates redundant songs thereby transfer only new ones.

Step 5: Review And Save New Imported PlaylistContents

After transferring completes, it’s advised going through each song on the newly imported Spotify playlists from youtube just to ensure nothing failed in transfer process(from video removced at source by creator).Some possible ways are provided here:

– One easy way is to scroll down yur new Playlists file ,listen thoroughly..its also mportant atssess your perception whether quality remains same orelse look for degraded Quality items if any.

– Another one can involve hitting setting options shown right below transferred youtube Playlist > then EXPORT>Open now.

Once clicked go inside and check exported list correctly matches with original youtube Party.

Once checked & Confirmed… don’t forget saving these changes.

After following these steps accordingly,you’re all set! By using Soundiiz, you can easily transfer your YouTube playlists over to Spotify without much effort. You will enjoy having all your favorite songs and playlists on the same platform that is easy to access whenever you need it.


Transferring YouTube playlists to Spotify may seem like an arduous task, but with the right tools and guidance, you can do it smoothly. By following these steps accurately,you’ll successfully be able to move & match content from Youtube playlists directly into spotify at a click of button.Enjoy listening anytime anywhere thereafter.
In conclusion, if you’re someone who has an extensive collection of YouTube playlists that you’d like to transfer over to Spotify for easy accessibility and on-the-go listening, Soundiiz is the solution. It offers a simple process of connecting your accounts and transferring your playlist from YouTube to Spotify without any hassle, duplication or loss in quality.

Following these steps will help you transfer all your favorite songs seamlessly so that you can enjoy them on the go!