As a Planet Fitness member, there might come a time when you need to transfer your membership for one reason or another. Whether it is because you are moving to a new town, have found another gym that suits your needs better, or simply want to change locations within the same fitness club chain; transferring your Planet Fitness membership can be quick and easy if you know what steps to take.

In this article we will provide you with comprehensive information on how to transfer your Planet Fitness membership so that the process can proceed seamlessly.

1. Understand the Transfer Policy of the Gym:

1. Understand the Transfer Policy of the Gym:

The first step in transferring a Planet Fitness Membership is understanding their policies regarding transfers as well as cancelations. This information can be easily accessed by logging into your Planet Fitness account and looking through their terms and conditions section under ‘Membership Policies’. There are two ways in which you can transfer your membership – either online or at a physical branch location.

2. Decide Where You Want To Transfer Your Membership:

2. Decide Where You Want To Transfer Your Membership:

Before initiating any procedure, ensure that there is an active Planet Fitness branch where you would like to transfer to wherever it may be convenient for you so that it saves time, travel cost & other expenses.

3. Gather Relevant Information For Verification:

Everytime downloading forms together with filling them out accurately & completely makes everything professional throughout & saves both yours and PF’s time since all necessary details required by their verification team such as full name (written correctly), date of birth , memberId number should all match up hence quicker updating/transfer processes.. While sorting through paperwork & requirements upfront undoubtedly takes additional effort and attention from our schedules- its worth paying attention since during actuality actual procedure just takes few minutes using carefully compiled documentations which prove identity accuracy thus saving countless hours later down line whether at front desk staff requests more appointments where fresh proof documents demanded in person or elsewhere

4a) Online Process For Membership Transfer

Step 1: Login Into Account

Once logged into the Planet Fitness account, go to ‘Membership’ section and select “Transfer Membership” option. This will take you to a new screen with transfer options.

Step 2: Fill out Transfer Form

Here, you will be required to fill in some information including your full name , contact details along with identifying information such as birthday , home address or phone number in order to locate existing membership record & link it up with your prospective outlet location.

Step 3: Confirm The Details

Double-check if all of the entered details are accurate and then click on submit . A confirmation message shall display verifying that process has been initiated successfully.There may be a waiting period before further verification by PF team is carried out hence patience is needed.

4b) Physically Visit Planet Fitness Location For Membership Transfer:

This process would normally involve visiting one’s preferred location during working hours as per branch operating schedules & seeking assistance from front desk staff management involved..

Step 1: Talk To Staff At Front Desk:
Speak with their front desk staff member present at physical gym outlet who can guide them through entire procedure.. You need to carry photo ID for identity proof & any documentation related to previous membership like payment receipts membertship card so they have everything verified upfront well before any actual steps undertaken ahead post their review checking everything against corporate policies .

Step 2: Complete Needed Paperwork
The official needs basic personal information such as name, date of birth,email etc along wth PROOF documentations that verify identity/address/phone numbers closeby/at proposed new Gym facility (such as driving license,voter id pan card or electricity bill.

5. Cancellation Of Old Subscription Is Required During Transfer Process

Ensure Cancellation takes place only after the website displays successful transfer message after which billing stops immediately..Joining fee might be waived off under certain circumstances like families relocating countries due work permit/nature work buy mostly fees aren’t liable for refunds either while transferring branches.


Transferring a Planet Fitness membership is easy, but it requires you to follow specific steps , provide accurate details of person agreeing undergo transfer along with clear instructions.Plan ahead by thoroughly reviewing website first or asking staff for help where needed & displaying total cooperation benefits everyone involved. Whether online form submission or in-person visitations – providing all required supporting documentation saves time(proof address/identity), frustration & effort down the line! So invest adequate time upfront so that actual process can be completed with ease and satisfaction at optimum level.