As an AI language model, I can provide expert advice on how to stop Apple Music’s auto-play feature. This is a common issue for users who find it frustrating when Apple Music starts playing the next song after their playlist has ended.

Fortunately, there are several ways to disable this feature and take back control of your music listening experience. In this article, we will delve into these methods in detail and help you turn off auto-play for good.

1. Disable Auto-play Using Control Center

1. Disable Auto-play Using Control Center

The most straightforward way to disable auto-play is by using Control Center on your iOS device. Open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen (or down from the top-right corner if you have an iPhone X or later) and press the Music button.

This will bring up playback controls and show you what’s currently playing in Apple Music. To turn off auto-play, simply tap the “Up Next” bar at the bottom of the screen, which shows a list of songs that will be played next.

A new window pops up with more options – including Shuffle and Repeat modes – but all you need to do is toggle off “Auto-Play” at the top of this menu panel.

2. Disable Auto-play Through Settings

2. Disable Auto-play Through Settings

Another method to stop Apple Music’s auto-play feature is through settings on your iOS device or Mac computer as follows:

On iPhone/iPad:

• Open Settings > Music
• Scroll down until you see Playback section.
• Toggle off “Autoplay” under Playback Options

On Mac:
• Open iTunes app > Preferences (Command + ,)
• Click “Playback”
• Uncheck “Play Audio CD Tracks” & “Automatically Play After Importing”

3. Turn-off Suggestions on For You Tab

Apple uses algorithms built-in software that suggests playlists once one ends due to personal preferences set by its user behavior analysis data provided by each person’s usage report logged onto their server. But here’s how to turn it off:

On iPhone/iPad:
• Launch the Music app.
• Select the For You tab
-> Tap on your profile icon located in the top-right corner of the screen
-> select “View Apple ID” & enter your password
> Scroll down, and you will see an option “Subscription.”
-> Tap on it, then toggle off “Use Listening History.”

4. Disable Auto-play using Shortcuts App

iOS devices have a feature for creating custom shortcuts through APIs that can be created specifically for disabling auto-play on Apple Music.

Here are steps to set up this shortcut:

• Open Shortcuts app >
• Click ‘Create Shortcut’
> Search songs (or Albums)
Tap ‘OK’ again.’


In conclusion today’s article covered four methods by which one can stop apple music auto-play. The first was via Control Centre by toggling Off Up Next Bar, followed by Settings where users must find Playback options and disable Autoplay On iPad or disable both Play Audio and Automatic playback replacement on Macs.

Users could also opt-out of suggestions seen on their ‘Spotify-like’ For You page under Subscriptions setting option after signing into personal settings or finally use iOS device capabilities capable of Customizing Proxie(APIS) with compatible software – enabling complete control over any application Installed in such fashionably efficient consumption sequences that suit our desired goals across different mediums!
The article has provided readers with a comprehensive guide on how to disable Apple Music’s auto-play feature through different methods. By doing so, users can take back control of their music listening experience and avoid the frustration caused by unexpected songs playing after playlist ends.

The first method is to toggle off auto-play using the Control Center on your iOS device. It is the most straightforward way, and it takes only a few simple steps; all you have to do tap the up-next bar or scroll down in track-list until you see Auto-Play switch.

Secondly, users can utilize Settings on their iOS devices or Mac computers by navigating to Playback section under their Music settings and toggling-off Autoplay if enabled for Apple Music playlists.

Furthermore, users who find suggestions in For You tab annoying may opt-out by turning off ‘Use Listening History’ located in Subscription Setting option within profile’s Account details under User page once logged into account/settings.
In case these two standard methods interfere with natural user behavior preferences like Shuffle mode – a third alternative lets one download Shortcuts app , which allows customizing buttons able sidestep any auto-playing limitations influencing apple-native applications planted onto our operating systems ecosystem today!

Finally, this piece highlights that customized software capable of controlling APIs for media streaming platforms such as Apple Music offer limitless possibilities regarding personalized consumption sequences- satisfying any particular demand logically possible from a programmed perspective.