As a popular franchise worldwide, Pokémon games have been enjoyed by generations of gamers. With the release of Pokémon Sword for Nintendo Switch, there is no doubt that fans are excited to explore the brand-new Galar region and catch more pocket monsters. However, starting a new game on Pokémon Sword can be a daunting task even if you’re an experienced player.

If it’s your first time playing Pokémon or you want to refresh your memory before diving into the Galar region’s adventure, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide on how to start a new game on Pokémon Sword.

Before You Start

Before You Start

Make sure that your Nintendo Switch is charged, and there are no other games running in the background of the console. You’ll also need an internet connection as several features of this Pokemon game require online connectivity.

Create A New Profile or Delete Old Data

Create A New Profile or Delete Old Data

Every Nintendo Switch gaming account has ten different save slots available so anyone who wants to play can create their unique profiles rather than having all accounts sharing one ongoing file.

Before starting another game in Pokemon Sword or Shield make sure you either delete data from previous accounts or create a new profile dedicated explicitly for Pokemon games. If you decide to start off again; head over to ‘System Settings’, tap ‘Data Management’.

Here under ‘Delete Save-data’ select ’Pokemon sword’ which would delete progress immediately by choosing individual slot numbers so make sure before proceeding and check twice whether all saved data is already backed up?

Choose Language And Sound Options:

After completing those preliminary steps mentioned above, choose your language preference- English, Japanese etc., then proceed with sound settings while following instructions provided on screen guiding through various options until players find configuration most preferred according their choice like audio quality level adjustment as well loudness level controls present within said Audio option menu.

Select Your Avatar:

Once language preferences set up and sound option selected now heads towards selecting avatar after entering character name (the name will be used to address the lead protagonist “You” throughout the game) and this process is great for expressing a sense of individuality or style, as it can be customized.

Players have three outfit choices available at pokemon Sword’s start, such as rebel look with denim and leather; there’s a smart option that includes braces -perfect for trainers who want to battle in formal attire- and athletic wear which could help you blend in quickly within communities while exploring Galar region on first playthrough.

Choose A Starter Pokémon:

The most iconic aspect of any Pokemon game is selecting our starter partner. We got 3 options named Scorbunny, Sobble & Grookey within ‘the Galar region’, all offering unique skills to trainers opting differently; It’s essential to consider their moveset depending on your preferred playstyle preferences before making this crucial decision.

Grookey: This cute Grass type Pocket Monster will throw tantrums if its stick ever gets lost. Grooky has high attack power but low defensive ability along with agility-based movements like Pound or Branch poke abilities developing later stages of evolution transforming into Rillaboom. Rillaboom sporting tree-and-drum-themed giving trainer an added extra sprint ability at appropriate situations needed getting away from dangers lurking around corners meant for advanced level gaming.

Scorbunny: When it comes speed or agility based attacks alongside average defence powers according many gamers out there, Scorbunny is one of perfect starting selections battling through gyms onwards upgrading into Raboot reaching Final Evolution called Cinderace having either Blaze Kick (a fiery kick aimed at opponents’ face) or Pyro Ball (launching destructive balls fire ) skill having upwards number amount reaches those required hitting gradually harder enemies galling upon players crossing obstacle barriers followed by unexpected battles against Wild monsters wishing defeat not far off beast aura levels ramped up even higher beyond human understanding capabilities.
Sobble: This water-type pocket monster is popular among many trainers. Sobble has mesmerizing blue eyes with a slight pink tinge that can make opponents pity him in battle but striking at the right moment, soaking into nearby water sources camouflaged perfectly to get away unscathed after striking back winning battles like Water Gun or Bubble. However, evolving becoming into later stages becomes defensive/pacy-based momentum opening up options facing different challenges lying ahead while getting dependent closer level ups reaching final evolution form Intelleon allowing using razor sharp fingers out of its paws making opponents shred among targeting swift moves.

Introducing The Game:

When you have completed your avatar selection and chosen starter Pokémon then done dialogue speeches with friends initiating overall gameplay followed by learning about locations within Galar region via map accumulated in due course give valuable info essential for successful ‘starting off from scratch’ playing experience exploring Galar Region battling gyms while catching some pocket monsters along with collecting resources scattered across throughout game world offering rewards which could vary depending upon rarity levels obtainable items present therein

How To Save Your Progress In Pokemon Sword?

Players can save their progress anytime anywhere through quickly accessible auto-save system occurring on checkpoints distributed sporadically throughout landscape providing emergency exit points granting players safety locks against unexpected ending.

You may also save manually to increase your safeguarding measures further by visiting ‘menu’ located either as an icon banner button on home screen direct switch-screen interface linking designated regions within game where such option labelled under Name to Meet Locations Section; click there followed upon next stage walking down towards ‘Hurt Lombre Inn’, selecting Yes/No Commands allow adjustments going through whenever necessary careful not clicking wrong menus unintentionally leading losing significant amount recent battle-record and receiving no manual backup saves available except more tedious ways using ingenuity needing stronger problem-solving capabilities.

Wrapping Up:

Starting anew game pokemon sword might seem complicated initially; however it’s straightforward once everything discussed here applied properly keeps gamers entertained providing long-lasting thrilling gaming memories accompanied by challenging tasks, admirable storylines and ending up unlocking secrets uncovering gradually hidden aspects while learnings as new trainer among pokemon world.