As more people turn to YouTube for their entertainment and news needs, the platform has continually evolved to meet users’ demands. One of the latest features on YouTube is Shorts, a new way for creators to make short-form videos that are up to 60 seconds long. However, despite being a relatively new feature on the platform, it is gaining popularity rapidly, making it essential to know how you can save your favorite shorts into playlists.

Creating playlists on YouTube is one of the easiest ways that you could curate and organize all your favorite content in one place. With just a few clicks, you can group related videos together according to specific themes or topics in any genre of interest – from cooking tutorials and workout routines through product reviews and makeup tutorials.

In this article, we will delve into how easy it is to save shorts on YouTube by exploring different methods with an intuitive combination of screenshots and descriptions – Here’s all you need!

Method 1: Add Shorts To Playlist From The Watch Page

Method 1: Add Shorts To Playlist From The Watch Page

The first way that you can add Shorts directly into a playlist would be from the watch page.

The first way that you can add Shorts directly into a playlist would be from the watch page.
To do this;

Step 1: Access Your Favorite Short

On your phone’s screen or computer browser navigate through or go through any video channels where shorts are published daily.

Step 2: Click On The Save Button By Choosing A Playlist Option

Once You Are On The Video Playing Screen;
Click The ‘Save’ Button Located Below Or Above The Video Player Else ’+save below blank’. An options menu should appear giving several alternatives like ‘Watch Later’, ‘Create New Playlist,’ And ‘Add To Existing Playlists.’

Shorts Act As Regular Videos Also In These Options Hence Choose Create A New Playlist Or Choose Which Old List It Goes Into Thus Navigating Carefully Rather Than Choosing Random Alternatives Works Best In This Context

However there exists another method if Yours Happens Of Having No Network
Method 2: Save Shorts In Gallery or Camera Roll

Take Advantage of Two-Way Accessibility By Simply Saving As Video First Then To The Playlist.

Step 1: Download the desired Short from YouTube to your device

Once you open then scroll through and select whatever catches your eye that would like added into a playlist. Once you find it, download the video clip using any available download service such as ‘VidMate,’ ‘NewPipe’ amongst many others, this allows easy access offline storage from gallery or camera roll considering services are avoided time-to-time in poor network areas; hence being able to save them directly and keep watching later becomes an advantage.

Step 2. Add pre-saved shorts to Playlists

After successfully downloading shorts into your preferred video format (MP4, AVI), navigate through phone storage where downloads were saved initially, locate the folder containing downloaded files & tap on the three dots located beside each file selected (*one at a time*); select “Add to playlist.” Alternatively double-tap anywhere within screen space with no prior selection.Then From There
Select New Playlist Or Update An Existing One If Available Under Chosen File(s) And Finally Confirm Subsequent Changes In Each File Individually While Setting Every Particular Preference Until Concluded.

Method 3: Adding An Entire Channel Of Shorts Onto A Playlist

With This Method It’s Possible To Add All Videos Relevant Rather Than Selectively And Reducing Probability Of Losing Any Videos That Are Crucial:

Step 1: Search for Your Desired Channel’s Latest Uploaded Short

Depending on which channel you may want shorts retrieved or its latest content updates acknowledged then search accordingly by either searching an individual creator’s page or set their username title equipped with all relative keywords plus content web filters installed on browsers before doing so will bring up relevant results faster plus expediting process;

Step Two (Optional):

Analyse-In-Depth What You Would Like To Add:

For instance, on the channel page with a variety of shorts from different genres, one might want to watch all vlogs uploaded by the channel rather than just picking randomly each time you wish. In such cases then copying or noting down its URL somewhere is mandatory because it will act as a reference code when adding respective contents into playlists hence shortcuts makes process not boring especially for multiple videos/hours’ compilations.

Step Three – Including The Channel’s Shorts Into A Playlist
With The Copied /noted Down Url Fof Generating Shortcode Which Can Be Inserted When Features Prompts You;
Simply select “Add All To Playlist.” Proceed and choose whether you would like to add everything in an old playlist that already exists on your YouTube account or create an entirely new playlist dedicated to that particular channel.
Any Time You Save Changes Or Refresh Your Device These Changes Take Effect Instantly Making It Convenient For Later Usage

In Conclusion:

YouTube has become the go-to entertainment platform for millions across the globe, providing endless hours of intriguing content before our eyes. With features like Shorts, this trend continues only more comfortably than ever! By creating playlists containing your favorite clips organised according to specific themes or topics (and sharing them with friends), it becomes even more enjoyable- after all consistency is key! Thankfully There Is More Than One Way To Do This Saving On Different Devices Therefore Even Offering Flexibility And Also Making It Easy-To-Find Content; hopefully, these methods will help you easily save shorts onto any playlist – be they new releases or cherished classics – so we can enjoy them anytime we please!