As a fashion lover, the thought of returning your favorite outfit or accessory might seem daunting. But when the fit isn’t quite right or you changed your mind about that chic piece you ordered from Fashion Nova 2, it’s important to know how to return items hassle-free.

In this article, we’ll break down the steps on how to return merchandise for Fashion Nova 2 and provide tips on making sure your returns are successful.

Return Policy

Return Policy

Before jumping into the process itself, it’s essential to understand Fashion Nova 2’s return policy. The company has made some changes over time with its policy. The current guidelines include:

- Returns must be received within 30 days of delivery.

– Returns must be received within 30 days of delivery.
– Items must have all original tags attached and be in brand new condition – unworn, unaltered (including no perfume scents), and free from damages.
– Many intimate garments are not eligible for refunds due to hygiene concerns.
– Any items purchased using Sezzle as a payment method cannot be returned superseding their terms of service.
– If an item is ineligible for credit card chargeback/claims per our multiple website warning statements through sign-up disclosures.

If you opt for a refund instead of exchange, it can take up to ten business days after receiving and processing your return box before seeing funds back into your account.

Returning In store Vs Online

Fashion Nova understands that there may be some confusion when it comes to whether you should make online returns or in-store only ones. Here’s what you need to know:

Online orders: To process returns via mail only at this moment because of COVID19 following strict health standards and safety protocols; essentially carefully unwrapping each package by staffs wearing masks/gloves followed up disinfecting the contents inside where necessary but if one has any issues upon receipt reach out immediately so they could help resolve concerns such as faulty/damaged goods during transit.

In-store purchases: You can always bring your merchandise and return to the physical store. You will not pay any shipping or handling fees with this option.

The Return Process: Online

After deciding whether you want a refund or an exchange, it’s time to start the process itself:

1. Locate Your Order Information
Find your order slip located inside of the package box (or via email confirmation) as it contains necessary information such as returning address which is shared below in case one misplaces their order slip.

2. Initiate Return Request
Visit, enter your email address and order number following up by selecting items that you intend on returning/exchanging soon.

3. Review Your Order Once More Time
Take some time reiterate over each item to make sure all details are correct regarding the purchases intended on returning, including quantities, brand names and manual entry if needed.

4. Include All Required Information On The Slip
Fill out Returns Form enclosed in package thoroughly for clear instructions and customer support if required because fashion nova representative may reach out for clarification purposes where necessary.

5. Package & Ship Your Item(s)
Using an appropriately sized shipping box allows enough space while ensuring no damage occurs during transit — this ensures safe delivery back into warehouse facilities without extras getting lost within transportation channels.

6.Track Your Package (Optional)
For additional peace of mind post-office drop-off keeps records carefully tracking each step towards final destinations so that updates can be monitored through registry services.

Fashion Nova 2 also offers a expedited shipping procedure granting shoppers priority status upon payment for speedier returns.

Returning In person At Store

If visiting a store rather than mailing back seems better option there few things need taking care of before proceeding with steps mentioned earlier. For instance:

– Check ahead of time that store locations accept in-store returns.
– Bring along photo identification which matches primary account ID.
– Ensure returned items in clean unworn state containing original tags intact.

Next, customers who live near a store can request returns directly to the address by physically carrying items within 30 days of purchase.

Store Associates will inspect your returned item(s) and provide an immediate refund (for eligible orders), or immediately initiate the exchange process which favors all parties since one doesn’t have to wait extended periods for refunds or extra charges associated with this online procedure.

Tips For Issuing Successful Returns

Returning merchandise to Fashion Nova is generally easy if you follow their guidelines closely. However, keep these tips in mind during the process:

– Keep original packaging handy when sending returns
– Ensure all products shipped are unworn and still bearing tags clearly visible attached.
– To expedite return processing-time, try labeling boxes with “Return Service” stickers that alert staffs for faster handling times.
– Following up any problems delays affecting refunds/exchanges should be reported promptly through submit-ticket centre as they possess latest customer-support technology.


The ultimate success of returning goods purchased from Fashion Nova heavily depends on several factors. Still, regardless of method chosen there always ways making sure expectations exceed anyone’s standards hence taking proactive steps helps ensure smooth transitions between both parties involved benefiting everyone involved towards sharing fashion-love worldwide.