As an Amazon Prime user, you may have noticed that the “Continue Watching” section on the homepage keeps a record of all the movies and TV shows you’ve recently watched. While this feature can be quite helpful in keeping track of what you were watching, it can also be a nuisance for some users who want to remove titles from their continue watching list.

If you’re someone who wants to learn how to remove movies from your continue watching list on Prime Video, read on. This expert guide will walk you through different methods to get rid of unwanted items from your viewing history.

Method 1: Remove Titles from Recent Activity

Method 1: Remove Titles from Recent Activity

The first method involves removing titles directly from your Recent Activity page. Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Go to Your Account

Step 1 – Go to Your Account

Open up Amazon’s website in your browser and log into your account using your email address and password. Once logged in, click on “Account & Lists” located at the top right corner of the main page.

Step 2 – Navigate Your Browsing History

On the next screen, scroll down until you see “Your Browsing History.” Clicking this tab takes you straight to all activities linked with any item or title viewed under this account.

Step 3 – Locate Items You Want To Remove

Scroll down again until you see “Prime Video Recently Watched,” which shows every movie or TV show episode previously viewed by users under their account name stated at top right of product title given below each thumbnail image displayed here.
Hover over any item that needs deleting; a drop-down menu displaying three options appears below: hide (this video), not interested in recommendations (on my home screen) or feedback about videos similar (to watch).

Step 4 – Choose Removal Option

Choose ‘Hide’ option provided under respective video stills/excerpt headings as per whichever ones are being removed and immediately disappear after selection is confirmed with tick-box checked indicating success. Confirm removal permanently by clicking on the pop-up “Yes, Hide this Video” message.

Step 5 – Check Your Continue Watching List

Once all unwanted titles are removed from your browsing history, go back to your Amazon Prime homepage and see if they have been successfully removed from your Continue Watching list. Alternatively, check by starting playback of another video then quickly stopping it causing “Continue Watching” banner again appearing.

Method 2: Delete Watched Titles From Your Viewing History

Another way to remove movies or TV shows from your “Continue Watching” list is through deleting them from your viewing history. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Go To Viewing History

Log into your Amazon account and navigate to Your Account page. Look for the section titled “Your Browsing History” and click on it. Once you’re on that page, scroll down until you find the section labeled “Prime Video Recently Watched.”

Step 2 – Select Remove Option

Hover over a title that you want to delete until an icon appears showing three vertical dots at right side of each item listing which triggers more options dropping down below displaying last viewed time as well as “Remove this show or movie” option.

Choose “Remove This Show or Movie” option provided followed by confirmation prompt with final removal action clicked to permanently get rid of respective titles’ associated data including thumbnail image shown at top of line listing.

Step 3 – Confirm Deletion Process

Confirm deletion process progresses smoothly via clear messaging indicating success after selection(s) made including an intuitive warning alerting users what will happen next!

If there are multiple items that need removing using same method for just one apply exact order same as described here for every item separately selected while viewing main watchlist contents so that individual browse records can be cleared completely according preferences set under user account settings management area itself!

Method #3: Use Third-Party Apps That Block Netflix Or Prime From Recording Information About You

There exist some third-party apps such as “Flix Assist” or extensions that can prevent Prime Video, Netflix and other streaming platforms, learning any details about what you’re watching. These are usually add-ons to your web browser so look for available compatible plugins online, install one on your device if suitable there.

Some of these tools work by masking browsing activity anonymous simply turn this feature on/off with a few clicks removing all traces including viewing history from each site visited while others may offer more advanced capabilities around tracking blocking too matching user preferences filtering expectations maybe only allowing certain sites access private data e.g. social media platforms or video streaming services.

Final Thoughts

Removing movies and TV shows from your continue watching list in Amazon Prime is achievable using any of the above methods. While the first two ways provided in this guide take only a few steps to complete uncomplicatedly utilizing inherent tools present under user account settings management area itself; third option suggested provides additional protection concerning privacy rights but comes at some extra costs associated depending upon choice made between different security/privacy-focused solutions. The choices ultimately rest with individual users themselves according to their unique needs/preferences which hopefully has been satisfied via effective tips step-by-step instructions provided here thereby firmly establishing trust building endeavors overall within customer base aiming ahead!