Subaru owners often have questions about how to play music via USB on their vehicles’ sound systems. Fortunately, the process is relatively straightforward and can provide an enjoyable listening experience.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about playing music from a USB drive in your Subaru vehicle. We’ll cover which file formats are compatible with Subaru audio systems, how to properly format your USB drive for use in your car, and tips for selecting the best quality songs and organizing your playlists.

First, let’s take a quick look at why playing music via USB might be preferable to other methods like Bluetooth or AUX cables.

Benefits of Using USB for Playing Music

Benefits of Using USB for Playing Music

Using a USB drive has several advantages over other methods of connecting your smartphone or media player to your car’s sound system:

– Higher-quality audio: Bluetooth can compress audio files before sending them wirelessly to your car’s receiver. This compression can reduce the quality of the sound you hear in some cases. However, audio played through a directly connected device (like a USB drive) tends not to suffer from these issues.
– More control: When you use a direct connection like USB instead of streaming music over Bluetooth or using an AUX cable, you have more control over playback settings like volume level.
– No battery drain: Streaming music wirelessly over Bluetooth can drain your phone’s battery quickly if it isn’t plugged into power. A direct connection won’t cause this problem because the device is getting its power from the car’s electrical system.

Now that we’ve covered some reasons why using a direct connection like USB might be preferable let’s dive into how Subaru owners can get started playing songs this way.

Step-by-Step Guide for Playing Music Via USB on Your Subaru

Step-by-Step Guide for Playing Music Via USB on Your Subaru

Before inserting any storage device into your vehicle’s console make sure there is no software update required on the head unit/firmware as older firmware versions may not include compatibility with newer version flash drives.There are various ways to determine the firmware version of your head unit but one way is to folow steps below.

* Press and hold Home button for several seconds
* In Settings go to System Information – press Enter
* Scroll down until you see “ MCU or Head Unit” option. This will show what version is installed in your car

1. Choose a compatible USB drive

The first step in playing music over USB in your Subaru audio system is selecting an appropriate flash drive.Typically this means choosing a high-quality thumb Drive with sufficient memory capacity.(preferably between 32 and 128GB) The brand of the drive might also play a role, as some people have found that certain brands (such as SanDisk) work more reliably than others.

2 . Format Your Flash Drive Properly

Formatting the flash Drive properly on your operating system before copying songs onto it is essential as incompatible file types/formats may cause errors when trying to read/ playback songs through Usb Audio plugged into Subaru’s Infotainment Unit.In addition, formatting can help make sure there are no corrupted files on the drive that could interfere with playback.Although Subaru accepts both FAT16, FAT32,ExtFATNTFS file formats,Fat32 remains most widely used among them due since it offers highest level compatibility across vehicles.Here’s how:

a.Insert your USB b.Format Device(Select format type- Fat32 if other options(pop up window)are offered )
c.Wait for format process completion.
d.Select Safely Remove drives/eject device from menu/computer icon

Note:You’ll want to be careful not to accidentally overwrite any important data while doing formatting. Take time to verify that all important files are safely backed up before proceeding.

3.Load Your Music Onto The Flash Drive

Now that you’ve got a well-formatted and appropriately-sized USB storage device let’s talk about adding music from some popular sources like iTunes or Amazon music.

a.Make sure your operating system recognizes the flash drive by inserting it into a USB port and waiting for your computer to display an alert that the new device has been connected.
b.Open the relevant media player (iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.) where you keep your music files.
c.Select all of the songs or playlists you want to copy onto the USB drive.
d.Simply drag-and-drop these files onto your flash Drive.

Note: You might want to organize them in folders within their Genre/Artists category.This way you’ll be able to easily navigate through each song without having search every each time .

4. Insert Drive into Your Subaru’s Infotainment System

With everything loaded up on a well-formatted flash drive, you’re ready to start playing back audio from it in your Subaru vehicle.infotainment So let’s discuss how this is done:

a.Insert Flash custom made Audiodevice into one of the available usb ports located usually around either side of dashboard depending on Model and year.When inserted correctly,the head unit will respond notifying drivers that a external Audio device has been detected

b.Navigate over to “Media” option on home menu.Update firmware if prompted as older versions may not have compatibility with newer drives.File format error notifications concerning unsupported file type could also indicated outdated software version

c.Once in Media module,follow prompts till prompt asking selection between iPod/Music Player.This ensures Subaru uses multimedia protocol designed for playback media ,starting with mp3/AAC formats.Press YES after selecting preferred input source i.e.Auxiliary or Usb

5. Start Playing Music From Your USB Drive

After following above steps,you should now be listening car/van/bus/truck stereo radio playing back digital musics stored within any selected folder.With streaming quality over connecting phone’s hotspots,you would experience clear sounds.You can use vehicle’s touch screen interface,navigation panel/knobs,volume dials,steering wheel mounted audio/control buttons to manage audio playback.Resume playback where last activity stopped or hit play to commence music shuffle.

Additional Tips for Playing Music Via USB in Your Subaru

– Choose your file types carefully. Stick with common formats like MP3 and M4A if you want the best compatibility across different devices/brands.
– Use a Quality USB Drive. Sony , Samsung,SanDisk,Kinston,Cruzer Glide are reputable choice
– Select higher-bit-rate recordings when Possible:Higher bit rates generally translate into higher-quality sound so if you have a choice between two files at different bit rates choose the one that’s highest quality.It however implies,if it’s an extremely low bitrate files,unfortunately there’s no way to really make them sound much better since lost information is simply gone forever!
– Keep folders/tree structure neat : Arrange & label are important.A well organized flash drive -with song names,genre labels embedded will be easier for drivers during navigation than poorly labelled ones.Additionally by putting songs in separate folder and labelling each genre respectively irrespective of their album info,you won’t get lost listening favorite tracks on long distance drives.
Use Power Source Provided By Stereo Head Unit:A few years ago ,most cars required car chargers(flame adapters) specifically designed for smart phones but now many Subarus do provide power through usb ports .This saves users from worrying about running out of batteries while enjoying their playlists.

Playing music via USB in your Subaru is both an easy and enjoyable process when done right! With little practice behind wheels and organizational discipline powering up road trips journeys couldn’t be more thrilling.Enjoy those groovy tunes while safely navigating roads ahead.