When it comes to ordering a drink at a bar, the options can be overwhelming. From specialty cocktails to wine and beer selections, there’s no shortage of choices. One option that is often overlooked is the well drink. A well drink is made with lower-priced liquor or spirits that are not labeled as premium or top-shelf brands but still provide great taste and quality experience.

Ordering a well drink can be a great way to save some money while still enjoying your favorite cocktail. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to order a well drink for yourself.

What Is A Well Drink?

What Is A Well Drink?

A well drink typically refers to any alcoholic beverage made with “well” liquors – which are generally the cheapest spirits available at bars or restaurants use for mixing cocktails but don’t compromise on taste when prepared right by an experienced bartender.

These lquiqurs broadly range in flavor from light rums such as Bacardi white or Captain Morgan spiced rum, whisky like Jim Beam Bourbon & Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey up-to Gin like Tanqueray Dry Gin etc.,

Well drinks make up most of the drinks served in bars worldwide because they use low-cost ingredients making them easily accessible for everyone.

Tips On Ordering A Well Drink

Tips On Ordering A Well Drink

1. Know What You Want: The first step in ordering any type of alcoholic beverage is knowing what you want before heading into the bar/restaurant- otherwise it could take some time just deciding what kind of cocktail you feel like having without any idea about variant options available – nothing wrong with trying something new though!

2. Don’t Be Shy: Many people shy away from ordering well drinks thinking they might come across cheap if they do so – dodging opinionated customers sitting around them on bars who sometimes look down upon others ordgering ‘more affordable’ professional liqours/cocktails – however, that should not deter you! Bartenders are there to concoct all kinds of drinks for you, at any budget level you feel comfortable with. Some High-end branded cocktails may cost too much for no reason – after all the choice solely relies on your preference and taste.

3. Specify Your Request: Be specific about how you’d like to have your drink prepared . For example, if gin is what you need in a cocktail then specify its brand as well if necessary which is crucial for the bartender( especially expert bartenders would appreciate clarity). This helps to avoid confusion or wrong orders from being served since there are many types of gins/whiskeys/rums/vodkas to choose from when considering the brands available locally.

4. Consider The Best Time To Order A Well Drink: Since some bars might be more crowded during their “happy hours” (or other events) it’s not a bad idea to consider going earlier or later than expected rush hour rather than waiting in a long queue or getting squished between two people just because the barmaid/bartender looks nice! It also provides ample opportunity for an experienced bartender’s attention when time permits whilst witnessing first-hand their magic mixology skills!

5. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions: Ordering a well drink should never be complicated but always ask questions whenever uncertain- properly trained staff will always answer all your queries attentively until satisfied with whatever answers given- afetr this ,order that requested variety without hessitation!

6. Take Extra Care When Placing An Order In Loud Or Crowded Spaces: Sometimes, it’s hard to hear over loud music or chatter-making voicing clear instructions around such spaces difficuilt Luckily however those seated/standing beside front near open bar counter usually do get some priority; however speaking clearly can minimize potential errors and misinterpretations that cause delays altering anticipated plans unnecessarily

Advantages Of A Well Drink:

1) Price Range :The most significant benefit of ordering well-drink over premium liquor cocktails is that they cost less. Most airlines also serve primarily well-drink options while on board domestic flights.

2) Same Taste: Sometimes premium drinks go through processes that slightly alter their tastes, For example, a vodka whiskey made out of potato undergoes advanced procedures to avoid the burned-taste so it’s more expensive as compared to well-made brand whiskies; therefore may not have any difference in taste sometimes from Well Drink equivalents- making them worth trying at least once or twice!

3) Quantity Over Quality Offered: Bar owners prefer stocking up on mostly ingredients for low-priced drinks since most orders met by customers are for those anyway rather than wishing they’d remembered an order specifically made of rare brands/sub-types – making Well drinks a reasonable option to choose.

Always remember that enjoying your drink no matter its budget doesn’t necessarily need someone else’s approval or judgemental criticism-if you appreciate what you’re drinking and feel fantastic about every sip taken then altogether all is good!