As a fashion model, there are plenty of brands out there hoping to work with you. From high-end luxury labels to fast-fashion houses, models can be found on runways and in advertisements everywhere.

One of the most popular companies for up-and-coming models is Fashion Nova. Founded in 2006 by Richard Saghian, this LA-based brand has become well-known for its affordable clothing options and incredible social media presence.

Fashion Nova has undoubtedly taken off in recent years thanks to its collaborations with some of the hottest influencers and celebrities today. As a result, many aspiring models aspire to join their roster of talent.

If you’re keen on carving your way into the fashion industry, here’s what you need to know about modeling for Fashion Nova:

1. Build an Engaged & Authentic Social Media Presence

1. Build an Engaged & Authentic Social Media Presence

Like any good agency or influencer network knows, growing an engaged audience on platforms such as Instagram is key when it comes to launching your modeling career these days – particularly if you want attention from Fashion Novas casting department team once-to make yourself stand out among thousands trying to get noticed!

With that said; authenticity needs no introduction – every individual’s brand should reflect personality traits and characteristics they’ll take with them throughout all projects they participate in life indefinitely beyond just their time spent promoting clothes online. No one wants someone portraying themselves as something they’re not day-in-day-out after being hired solely because of paid followers rather than being comfortable within yourself which will ultimately lead customers tired less engagement rates so avoid sponsored posts or bot support at all costs!

2. Stay aware and ready for Open Casting events

2. Stay aware and ready for Open Casting events

By checking their social media channels regularly or subscribing through newsletters/email alerts about upcoming auditions/open calls held physically at various locations across different parts worldwide like Miami-Dade County Area -Los Ángeles riverside-Sacramento-Brooklyn-chicago etc.; Better yet set reminders ahead time so don’t miss any important dates and make sure to bring all necessary documents like headshots, portfolio, previous work experience photos or even a resume!

3. Ensure you have the right Measurements

As an online-only retailer that regularly creates size-inclusive designs, Fashion Nova has specific measurements in place for clothing made products with close attention paid durability so they need models who fit this criteria perfectly – A general guideline to go off of is typically:

– Height: 5’2″ – 5’9”
– Weight : No more than ~145 lbs
– Hips Circumference: Between 34″-42″
– Waist Circumference: Between 24″-32″

Note* These are just approximate ranges – therefore be sure your body type is appropriate as per recommended clothing sizes before applying.

That doesn’t mean you should alter yourself or starve yourself down to these exact figures! Instead take pride in your body strictly max out range limits lest being criticized about inability or ill future health prospects.

4. Create & Collect high-quality Portfolio shots

After ensuring any rescheduling conflicts won’t get into way of potential bookings try gathering appealing model shots while building up digital archive for them featuring your persona via multiple avenues and angles (e.g full-body). Use natural lighting at various times of day and wear clothes that match the vibe/styles inspired by Fashion Novas catalogue; also polish poses/angles/movements over time til a flawless posing confidence level occurs.

It’s good to keep different types/clothing categories separated within own organized folders for easy referencing we will hopefully be submitting onlines resumes/portfolios consistently looking forwards towards gaining reliability dependability trustworthiness #positive_attention_spots #potential_contract_signings !

5. Stay prepared but ultimately patient when it comes to wait-times

Please understand that although fashion nova may contact promptly after Online submission applications containing all necessary materials mentioned above after Open Casting Calls ends registering hundreds each event worldwide en masse can take a while process – sometimes weeks to months depending on current industry demand/client needs.

Remember being contacted is usually positive news! So keep spirits up and maintain professionalism when replying discussing potential bookings held inside reasonable times frames you’ll be able ease yourself into the mix soon enough.

Are You Ready To Model For Fashion Nova?

If modeling for Fashion Nova piques your interest, start building your career with steps listed above! From ensuring accurate measurements are in place to presenting an authentic social media presence, following these five tips can lead towards greater opportunities for successful posing performance.
Models: Make sure to focus more on developing skill sets that will make you appear confident,cultivate consistent self-care behaviors like healthy eating habits/rest time/self-mental awareness sense making exercise regime etc and do away toxic substances present plus regular medical check ups so won’t face any unwanted breakouts on ‘BIG DAY’ fashion shoots or catwalks let us know any other useful tips down below!