AIS SIM2Fly is a prepaid mobile data sim card that allows users to access fast and reliable internet service while travelling abroad. It offers low rates for data usage in over 40 countries around the world, making it an excellent choice for travellers looking to stay connected on their journeys. One of the most convenient ways to load AIS SIM2Fly credits is by using Gcash, a popular mobile wallet app available in the Philippines. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of loading AIS SIM2Fly using Gcash.

What is Gcash?

What is Gcash?

Before we proceed with the instructions on how to use Gcash to load your AIS SIM2fly prepaid card, let us first understand what Gcash is all about. GCash is a digital wallet platform developed in partnership with Globe Telecom and operated by Mynt – a fintech company headed by Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. It enables users to do cashless transactions such as sending/receiving money, purchasing goods online or offline, paying bills like electricity, water or insurance premiums as well as buying phone load credits and other E-wallet necessities without leaving their home.

How To Load AIS SIM2fly Using GCash?

Step 1: Download GCash app

The first thing you need before loading your AIS Sim2fly account using GCash is to have an active GCash account installed on your device (Android/iPhone). You can either download it from Google Play Store for Android phones or App Store for IOS devices.

Step 2: Create Your Account

Once downloaded and installed successfully, open up the application select “sign up” if you don’t have any existing account yet inside it fills out every required information until everything was done correctly . Now you can enjoy effortless payment experience with just one click away!

Step 3: Load Money into Your GCASH Wallet

To start loading your prepaid credit via GCASH app, you should load up your digital wallet first. You can easily do this by depositing money through various access points including over-the-counter (any Globe/SM Store), online banking (BDO/BPI/Metrobank), and through other payment partners.

Step 4: Save the AIS SIM2Fly Recharge Number

Once you have sufficient funds in your GCash Wallet, you are now ready to purchase an AIS SIM2fly voucher. Go to the nearest store authorized to sell such product or simply call their customer service hotline and ask for assistance.

Upon purchasing, make sure that they provide a 16 digit code or “recharge number” which will be used later on when applying credits into your mobile data account. Be sure to save this somewhere safe as it will not be retrievable once lost or damaged so writing it down on a piece of paper is highly recommended just in case!

Step 5: Open Your GCASH APP And Choose “Buy Load”

Now go back to your GCash app dashboard where there’s menu option labeled “buy load” tap on that and look for “others” section then scroll down until you find “AIS Sim2fly”. Input the voucher code either manually type or copy-paste using clipboard feature right before hitting the final confirmation button.

That’s it! You’re successfully loaded-up with unlimited internet surfing by just using Gcash without any additional transaction fees attached! Enjoy seamless browsing experience while making new memories abroad without having to worry about normal sky-high prices associated with roaming charges nowadays.


In conclusion , loading up prepaid offers like AIS Sim2fly has never been easier thanks largely due innovative technology offered by companies like Globe Telecoms’ Mynt Inc.’s Gcash app platform. By following these step-by-step instructions detailed above there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t take advantage of all benefits starting from easy registration process followed by hassle-free top-ups ending all being rewarded with unlimited data usage around the world every time !
As technology continues to innovate, our needs as consumers are constantly changing. One of the biggest wants for travellers is staying connected while exploring foreign countries without breaking the bank. The AIS SIM2Fly card and Gcash app partnership make it possible to achieve that seamless online experience through fast and affordable internet service.

With these step-by-step instructions on how to load your AIS SIM2fly prepaid account using Gcash, you can easily purchase data credits from any convenient location globally in over 40 countries. This offers so much more than traditional roaming services provided by local carriers which can be quite expensive due to high charges.

Gcash’s hassle-free top-ups feature also eliminates annoying hidden surcharges or forced mandatory payment options from long-term agreements that could lead unwarranted extra fees at checkout.

In conclusion, by following the simple procedures above using innovative digital wallet platforms like GCash securing a better travel experience has never been more accessible. With unlimited internet browsing and seamless transactions pay with ease anywhere anytime without worrying about additional transaction fees attached! Plus all this convenience will only add positive memories when making new friends abroad. Happy travelling!